What Are Light Codes and How Can They Help In Your Spirituality?

What Are Light Codes and How Can They Help In Your Spirituality?
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What are light codes in spirituality? Light codes are sacred geometries, energy patterns, sound waves, colors, frequencies, and light patterns emitted by the entire creation. We can access them in various dimensions and octaves through light language, among other forms of modalities.

Some people carry light codes from higher realms and can activate them in other people. A significant number of people communicate in the coded dialects of councils or star systems where they participate.

Each code entails information, such as planetary coordination and how it works. The knowledge of codes does not, however, make sense to the rational mind. They’re only perceived, acknowledged, and understood by a higher mind. It’s only the higher minds that can initiate some particular triggers in the subconscious realm. The progress is all portrayed in the light codes energy patterns.


Light Codes Carriers

You can be a light code carrier and trigger the light language within you. While it’s fun and exciting, you almost certainly need help. You should also ask questions to understand and manage the new sounds that you’re making. You can initiate light codes and excel in your uplifting journey. Here are other benefits why you should engage light codes in spirituality:

● A high vibration pattern is triggered to open into the multi-dimensions

● Drastically transforms you

● Raises your vibration frequencies

● Upgrades your DNA

● Links you with the unity consciousness

● You receive deep meditation

● You upgrade your instinct

What Are Light Codes and How Can They Help In Your Spirituality?


How Do I Activate Light Codes?

This is the initiation process when someone starts the upgrade process in the higher spiritual body. While light is information, it’s not the type of information that is common here on earth. But this is on a more intuitive and spiritual level.

As the higher light frequencies start to incorporate and meet with this specific energy field, dormant codes start activating. These include codes of stored energy, light, knowledge, or intelligence. The stored knowledge gives out more light and enlarges the spiritual body. When this procedure starts, our spiritual gifts become increasingly clear in our lives. Thus, we start operating from a higher frequency or vibration.

Spiritual enactment is the realization and advancement of spiritual growth, enlightenment, inner peace, and awareness. By segregating from the self-sense, individual needs, and wants, you get ready for the spiritual activation. The process can start when an individual receives at their evolutionary point on their journey. It’s at this point they can give up their lives to the higher and divine powers.

You can accomplish spiritual activation through different methods that have been used over the years. The process incorporates transmissions or meditation of the higher light frequencies.



Light Codes, Transmissions, and DNA Activation

With matters of spiritual awakening, people have different paths. But we receive similar “spiritual achievements” during our spiritual exercises. We also have one shared denominator above everything: love. The spiritual tour is frequently activated when an individual is prepared to acknowledge the truth. That’s the multi-dimensional actuality where our souls originate.

With this higher comprehension, people set off on this tour and showcase layer by layer. They put into consideration our real nature, the place we originated from, and the reason we live in this world.


Ascension & DNA Activation

Ascension is a significant piece of spiritual awakening, which means “go up.” There are various sorts of methods that help a craving person to arrive at higher levels of understanding. Some people are called by an inside voice to burrow; further, others are driven by those who ascended to a multidimensional domain.

When there’s the activation of Kundalini energy, the uplifting journey is also activated. The involved energy is usually a response to an emotional, physical, or mental trauma or near-death experience. This is perhaps the reason we hear about people telling surprising stories that prompted their spiritual enlightenment.

The Kundalini energy starts activating the dormant DNA pieces, which scientists in earlier days regarded as “junk DNA.” The current science didn’t find its purpose. It’s this that shifts your DNA and changes how you think and feel. Noticeable and significant symptoms can be experienced in this season of activating DNA. Some people call it Light Body Activation.

What Are Light Codes and How Can They Help In Your Spirituality?


Light Language

But what exactly is light language? We learn that vibration or light frequencies of light are what constitute our DNA. Light alludes to vibration frequencies that carry the creation codes. DNA is initiated through spiritual arousing, and the goal is to build a light body.

The higher consciousness level ultimately exceeds those human-based dialects, which are based on vocabulary. When a person is tapped into higher consciousness, the language is extended to hand gestures (referred to as mudras), tones, and geometry, among others. The language of light speaks in universal compatibility, as though it’s the mother of other existing languages.

The natural teachings show us that the concepts are just foreign. In light codes energy patterns, it’s not the words that form the communication and language base. This concept comes clear whenever we observe plants, animals, and other forms of life apart from human beings. Animals use sounds to communicate while plants use scents, whereby they release fragrant pollen. Therefore, our light body and DNA cannot communicate using the standard dialect that we were taught.




Light Language is the used dialect when communicating from higher dimensional domains. That is why they usually sound similar to the ordinary words we use. Light Language is also specific to the individuals that it’s intended to reach. So, two light languages cannot be the same. But the channeling light languages use the same words. The language can as well be in the form of drawings, gestures, symbols, and tones.

In light codes transmission, there are those specific words, sounds, and phrases that can trigger DNA activation or Kundalini through listening. It’s the same process healing practitioners use to heal people. All they do is to apply the in-depth soul knowledge that you must’ve heard about. While not every person resonates with similar light language transmission, when it comes to DNA receivers, the outcomes are usually immense.

Recipients usually encounter a deep knowing feeling, desire to know more, and radical perspective shift. The experience enables the transmission through a particular channeling light language.


Receiving Light Codes

What Are Light Codes and How Can They Help In Your Spirituality?

As you climb the steps of spiritual awakening, additionally called ascension, you start seeing colors, patterns, and shapes during your meditations. The patterns are usually the initial signs of clairvoyance. The shapes can be elements of divine consciousness or sacred knowledge being downloaded or given to us.

To view a medication symbol is not the same as allowing your mind to roam. Symbols regularly show up in repeated patterns and smack in the middle of the mind’s eye. Light symbols or light codes can show in the following three forms:

● Shapes

● Series

● Patterns

Sometimes, you may receive the name of the codes that you get. Not every person gets light codes. Those who do so are called light code carriers.

For people with other capacities to receive, they might absorb the light codes from the carriers. Such gifts are given through the Universe and take place through specific people since our potentials are not the same. Some can see symbols but not distinguish scenes, and that’s understood.


What to Do With Light Codes

Symbols in light codes can become a portion of healing modality or a segment of light language. The majority of people utilize these shapes, codes, and symbols for healing purposes.

For instance, Reiki, a Japanese type of healing energy, is entirely based on the transmission of divine light codes. The symbols are envisioned through an individual’s body and into someone else for physical, thought-form, and emotional healing.


Working With Light Codes

Some choose to reflect on a couple of light codes through the code activation. Light code activation can as well take place through a different person. During the process, a person reflects on the code and, at the same time, visualizes it entering your spiritual body.

The second method above is enjoyable. Thus, if you can get a chance, you might try it. The technique provides information, emotions, and energy into every code to initiate and root inside your spiritual body.

On winding up about light codes, know they can be collected and shared. There are those who choose to save them for personal use. You will feel guided on how to manage them. Do you feel like you’re getting the light codes? Record the symbols in the best possible way, inquire for additional information, and create a meditation room to ensure you collect all of them. People view different things during meditation.

These people can take advantage of and reap the benefits of light codes. They can receive a healing light code or meditate on a specific code. They can also visualize on a light code when they’re doing something, for instance, when cleaning the house. Do you want to engage the light code in spirituality? The above tips will show you insights into some benefits to experience.


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