A Step by Step Guide to Recharge Your Spiritual Energy Using Your Hands

A Step by Step Guide to Recharge Your Spiritual Energy Using Your Hands
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We all have the ability to heal ourselves.

When you cut yourself, your body mends the wound. When you’re overwhelmed by emotions, your mind and heart start to comfort and calm you.  Besides, you can also recharge spiritual energy.  We all have the power to heal our physical and spiritual selves; we just need to tap into these innate healing abilities.

Our bodies are unbelievably complex pieces of art. Even when you’re sitting passively, a massive amount of processes are going on in the body to keep you alive and functioning.

Such a sophisticated machine needs protection, care, and nourishment, which is why it’s vital to exercise, have a good diet, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and breathe fresh air. Conversely, we have a spiritual side that needs care and nourishment too, and thus you need a regular spiritual recharge.

In fact, even if you exercise every day and eat the healthiest foods, if you don’t address your spirituality, you’ll never be truly healthy.

Your body generates spiritual energy, which gives you a healthy aura.  You may have seen the aura or glow on others or yourself. Or you may have felt its brilliance emanate from your body into the world.

You should protect, nourish, and care for your spiritual energy just as you do for your physical body. Unfortunately, spirituality is often ignored or neglected. We often fail to tap into or recharge spirituality.

Our spiritual energy is our internal compass, and it shapes our intuition. It helps us make prudent decisions and connects us to our purpose.

If you feel worn out despite having adequate sleep, if you feel unhappy even though you’re thriving in all aspects of your life, it may be that you need spiritual recharge –  you need to replenish your spiritual energy.

Here are the signs that you need to recharge spiritual energy:

● You feel like you’re out of place or you lack a sense of belonging

● You lack enthusiasm for life despite attaining all your goals

● You’ve lost your sense of purpose

● You want to explore and understand life on a more profound and deeper level

● You always feel anxious and stressed

recharge spiritual energy


You can, however, restore your spiritual energy by sending yourself healing. We can all do this, here is how to recharge your spiritual energy using your hands:


Step 1

Find a tranquil spot where you won’t be interrupted. Sit straight in a chair or lie down. Press your eyes closed and then take five deep breaths. Breath deep until your belly extends outward and not just your chest.


Step 2

Just as if you’re in prayer, put your hands together, and gently press your palms and fingertips together. Raise your hand higher and touch your third eye (the middle of the forehead) and then lower them and touch your heart. Your chest and forehead host two potent chakras (the heart and the third eye chakra). This movement helps activate them.


Step 3

Gently rub your palms until the friction generates some heat. Then rest your right palm on your heart and your left palm on your belly button. Through these movements, you’ll recharge these two powerful chakras through your hands.



Step 4

Close your eyes and visualize healing beams of white lights emanating from your hands and streaming into your body. Envisage the nourishing light gushing through your body and recharging, restoring and healing your spiritual energy centers.

See the light streaming up the tips of your hair and down to the edges of your toes. Then picture the light radiating from every pore of your skin and forming a glowing shield all around you.


Step 5

Once you feel that enough of the healing white light has swept through you and thus you’ve had a nice spiritual recharge, gently wiggle your fingers, shake your hands and then open your eyes. Stand and do light aerobic exercises and stretches to get your heart pumping and blood moving.


Step 6

Drink a glass of water and ensure you’re hydrated throughout the day.

This is an easy and effective way of channeling healing energy into your body and refilling your spiritual energy reservoirs.

If you’re seeking more ways to recharge spiritual energy, here are more suggestions:

spiritual energy


Daily Moments to Recharge your Spiritual Energy


When you Wake up in the Morning

What’s the first thought that pops up in your mind when you wake up? Instead of impulsively going for the snooze button, first set a quote, an intention, or a prayer. There is power when we move beyond our ego and tap into something greater than ourselves. This a reinvigorating way to start your day.


When you’re Writing your To-do List

Even when you start your day with a clear intention to remain grateful and connected, you can quickly forget about it once you walk out of the door. Unfortunately, our habitual tendencies take over. The key is to identify things that trigger you during the day.

So, even when you’re triggered, be grateful for everything (including the challenges), do acts of service both in your workplace and at home, or recharge spiritual energy using your hands. When you’re relating with others all through the day, ask yourself, “I’m I being driven by fear or love?”

Your daily interactions with others can be deflating or uplifting. Cultivating your spirituality and learning how to recharge your spiritual energy enables you to develop a more tolerant and softer mindset which helps you navigate challenging encounters.



How to Ensure your Spiritual Reservoir is Always Full:


Be Disciplined

Discipline is the bedrock of spiritual recharge. The fast pace of our lives is draining. And so you need to make it clear that “something must change today.” You need the discipline to make that declaration and make the actual changes.


Have a Plan

Discipline is the bedrock. But crafting a clear plan is also vital in ensuring your spiritual batteries remain full.  Success is a product of good plans. Commit to studying and reflecting on spiritual themes (love, forgiveness, tolerance, etc.) that you want to improve on and add to the positive affirmations you already have in your spiritual depository. Think about how you will manage your spiritual challenges and then craft a plan that you need to follow.


Explore Aspects of Spirituality that don’t Come to you Intuitively

A Step by Step Guide to Recharge Your Spiritual Energy Using Your Hands

When you feel spiritually drained, you should try to address the weaknesses in your spiritual life.

If you’re a knowledge-driven and analytical personality who’s not instinctively inclined to emotive aspects of spirituality, recharging your spirituality may mean focusing on your ‘heart.’ Evaluate your emotional life and be more contemplative of the happenings around you. This will awaken a part of your spiritual life you have been neglecting.

Conversely, if you’re a heart-driven and an emotional type of personality, recharging your spirituality may mean diving into the more analytical side of spirituality. This sounds counterintuitive, but you’ll be amazed that exploring aspects of spirituality that don’t come intuitively to you actually recharges your spiritual energy.



Nothing bolsters your spirituality like serving. Doing acts of service without expecting anything in return is an excellent spiritual energy recharger. This is especially true if the act is something out of the norm.



Unplug from daily hustles and allow your mind to rest. Both our brains and spirits need a break, downtime when they’re not being fed or stimulated.

If you need a spiritual recharge, having a few moments of silence (in the morning before everyone else wakes up or in your car before you set off to work) is invaluable. Besides, your spiritual guide or the universe might be sending you a given message,  but you can only hear such messages when you regularly have quiet moments.


Have a Conversation with Someone who Can Relate

Grab lunch with a friend, family member, or work colleague who’s much more spiritually grounded than you. Seek out someone who’s been cultivating their spirituality for years. Find out what they do remain spiritually grounded. Find out the spiritual recharge methods they’ve found useful over the years.


We all Need to Recharge Spiritual Energy

Think back to those dreadful moments when you take a look at your phone and find a low-battery warning staring back at you. I’m pretty sure you immediately plug it, and you’re always relieved when you know it is charging once again. We should be as responsive when it comes to our spiritual batteries – when we feel we’ve lost our sense of purpose and our connection with ourselves.

Taking even a few minutes per day to recharge spiritual energy can boost your effectiveness exponentially, way more than maintaining a to-do list or using the right day-planner.

In a nutshell, the above six steps sum up how to recharge your spiritual energy. On top of reenergizing you spiritually, these sessions also heal your body. So find a tranquil spot, relax, take a praying pose, stroke your palms against each other, envision how you can improve your life, and then stay hydrated throughout your day.


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