10 Tips to Make Your Partner Happy

10 Tips to Make Your Partner Happy
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Reading a partner’s minds is a mystery most people struggle with. Fortunately, there are hacks around your struggles. Keeping him or her happy is simpler than you may realize. Good quotes for him and a few other things is what it takes to live in a happy relationship with your man. Ladies are also not complicated as most men might think.

You should know that unlike girls, guys have few relationship essential needs, and if you can fulfill those needs, they will certainly have no complaints. And, a happy man in a relationship will love and cherish you back.

Similarly, knowing how to make your girlfriend happy is one way to get the most out of your relationship. Ladies are mostly mental, so show her love by getting cramming a few affection quotes for her. You may wonder if this will keep your partner interested and happy forever, but then life does not come with guarantees. Certainly, knowing how to keep your partner happy will naturally bend things in your favor.

Make Your Partner Happy


Here are 10 Tips to make your partner happy.


1. Explore New Things in Bed with Your Partner

This is number one because, seriously, it commands a large part of the human mind (for most people). Out of the many things to make your partner happy, having sex and exploring new ways to spice the same will get you the most mileage.

Men will especially be happy with this even if you do away with the rest. If ‘how to make my partner happy in bed’ is your concern, it helps to embrace variety, right? Perhaps that impractical lingerie is a real turn-on for him.

And since variety is key, you can check out new things to try in bed with your boyfriend. This way, there are high chances that things will become more interesting and he will maintain his attention on you.

Similarly, ladies value sex. It is one thing they like but won’t ask for. If you can give her what she wants in bed, then you are 80% of the route there. So, sex is to be done with overt enthusiasm if you are to make your partner happy. Even when other things are missing from the equation, the availability of sex (and note: good sex) will make your partner give you more attention pretty quickly. If that part isn’t there, their interest in you will fade away bigtime.


2. Respect Private Moments of Your Partner

It is fine and natural to always want to be around your partner. She loves you very much but she needs her space and time. What this means is that giving her ample time to meditate on her issues is one ingredient to the meal that is how to make your girlfriend happy in a relationship. She will naturally be glad to have a guy that allows her space when she needs it most.

Men need space as well. He wants to spend a good time with buddies and do what the stuff guys do, you know. There are things he wants to do alone, so you should respect that.

Do not be worried about how much time your partner is going to spend along; you can still lay down a plan of when to see each other. As simple as that.


3. Give Your Partner Real Compliments

Now, this is how to make a man feel loved and respected: compliment him in a great yet very effective way. And remember that no one wants fake compliments, anyway. For example, telling your partner that their hair looks great just when they are from the salon is an effective complement. Think about the compliments you are about to throw at your partner as telling them that their hair is great when they just got out of bed is a bland obvious lie.

We don’t want compliments that won’t work, so be honest with what you say, even if it means they are to be simple. It is worthwhile noting that even though guys can do without compliments, that does not imply that they do not need them at all. Give him a real compliment and brighten his day by putting a smile on his face. And do that every day. Compliments are magic!



4. Hug and Kiss for No Reason

This is yet another sure way to give your partner countless moments of happiness when you are together. Just like a smile, hugs and kisses are usually infectious and he will hug or kiss back if you start it. Yes, it may not be easy to do such little things especially if you have been together for a longer time, but you need to show your vulnerability now and then. Do you get the idea?

Nothing says ‘I care’ and ‘Thank you’ more than kissing your partner, for no reason at all. Walk up behind him, throw your arms around him, let him know how much you love him (remind him what made him fall for you- good hair, kindness, sexiness, etc.), and kiss his cheek. You probably would like it if he kissed back, right? Well, he will likely return the favor and kiss or hug you.

See your partner smile, knowing that you are making both of you happy.


5. Help Your Partner with House Chores

This is how to make your girlfriend happy- help her with cooking. If she were to be honest, ladies like it when a guy is supportive in almost everything, from helping with cooking to support her ambitions.

Similarly, men appreciate when they are helped with small things such as washing. Know that he does not feel good when the laundry and house are dirty, only that he feels lazy to do the cleaning. Helping him with the mess will certainly make him remember you, and he will forever be grateful. Surprise him one day and wash his carpet and clothes while he is at work.


6. Buy Them a Material They Love Reading

Your partner must not be an avid writer or passionate reader for you to give them a good book as Valentine’s Day present.

You know, there is what triggered you to get them that particular book and not the other one. If he is a sports enthusiast, get him an athletic magazine from the streets; or a computer engineering book if that is where his interests. We know that ladies love feminine things, so get her a fashion, interior design, or cuisines magazine.

Buy Them a Material They Love Reading


7. Cram Some Good Quotes for Him or Her

Arming yourself with a few affection quotes for her will go a long way to make her feel loved. You can post one on a small paper and pin it on the mirror so that she sees it when she will be doing makeup. Spicing up a relationship to make your partner happy goes down to top-notch creativity.

Men appreciate affection quotes as well, so have some good quotes for him. Get creative with your love quotes and how you present them to your partner, and you will start seeing appreciation within no time at all. Who knows? Maybe your partner will start returning the favor to you. It all goes down to the simple things you do.

Try throwing make your partner happy quotes such as:

● “You are my world”

● “You are my joy”

Add more.



8. Remember to Always Say ‘I Love You’

10 Tips to Make Your Partner Happy

Of all the deep things to say to your boyfriend, saying a simple ‘I love you’ statement is the surest way to make both of you happy. It is a great way to make yourselves smile and to strengthen the bond that exists already. Additionally, it also lights up the spark that would otherwise fade away as you stay in a relationship for a longer time.

You may have realized that the longer you stay in a relationship, the more likely you are to forget those three words that brought you together. Whether said loudly in bed or whispered to the partner when they are heading to work, ‘I love you’ is a quick way to make both of you happy and maintain the romance in your relationship.


9. Send Him Texts to Make Him Miss You

As regards happiness between partners, text messages are in their unique way stimulating. Don’t feel inhibited to send him dirty messages that will make him feel like leaving the workplace and return home for you. Tell him you are horny and that you would enjoy making love with him when he returns in the evening.

In relationships, love texts make partners happier every day, so don’t forget to pile a heap of such texts on your partner’s phone.


10. Learn to Appreciate What Your Partner Does

There are chances that both of you have different passions, interests, hobbies, ambitions, jobs, etc. It is even easy to dismiss something your partner does as boring, but try to view things using a different lens, from your partner’s perspective.

Try new things with your partner as who knows? You may realize that you also like it.


How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy: There’s No Magic

At the end of it all, using the tips appearing above will go a long way to keep your love bond stronger, and probably make your partner happy. Still, if you do not attain that despite these efforts, then there’s a likelihood that something worse is lurking underneath.

Keeping a partner happy and interested must not be that hard. If it is, then there’s certainly no chemistry between you. However, you should enjoy your relationship for what it is.


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