10 Things You Should Do to Move On After a Heartbreak

10 Things You Should Do to Move On After a Heartbreak
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There’s no better time to rebrand yourself into the best version of yourself than after a breakup. We can all agree on that, right?

You wonder, “How do you move on after a heartbreak?” Well, the question is itself sucking and so is losing someone who has been in your life consistently. Most people find it brutal and agonizing especially if it’s their first time to experience a heartbreak.

But dwelling on the breakup is a sure great way to expose yourself to an insurmountable agony, and yet still, you can cash in on the good it may bring to rejuvenate yourself. Accepting and recollecting yourself is what to do after a breakup.

Here is a thing to keep in mind about a heartbreaking breakup: the pain does not fade away just because you refused to acknowledge it. This means that the more you avoid it, the more it tries to find a way into your heart and mind. Such faulty beliefs become part of you if you fail to challenge them as soon as possible.

But let us get more concrete and discuss how the best things to do after a breakup.

10 Things You Should Do to Move On After a Heartbreak


Things to Do After a Breakup

In this list, we are going to look at tested and proven ways to get over a heartbreaking breakup within no time at all, and in the right way. Move on after a heartbreak. So, if you are wondering what to do after a breakup with a boyfriend, don’t worry as this article has got you covered. It also covers things to do after a breakup for guys.


1. Don’t Take Things Personal

This is where most people error. Yes, there is a natural tendency to feel personal once a breakup has occurred. You ask, how to move on after a heartbreak “What is the best thing to do after a breakup?” Well, avoid the thought that you were not good enough, that should you have done something, things would not have turned out this way.

At times, the timing is not right, or you two weren’t a match, probably. Yes, you may have done mistakes, but this is not necessarily why your relationship ended. One fact you should be aware of is that love is not an event but a process, right?

Right now, you may be suffering from the destructive belief that you weren’t good enough, and this a false and disastrous belief you should dispose of as early as possible. Every person has a list of qualities they want in their dream partner, you know. Perhaps this guy did not like your over-ambitiousness, and this quality may be what the right guy will want in you more than any other thing.


2. Accept That It Happened

This is certainly the hardest hurdle when it comes to getting over a breakup, but it should happen because it is one of the best things to do after a breakup. Most guys are created with a hardened heart, unlike ladies. You may wonder, men how do you move on after a broken heart? Whatever you are feeling, don’t hide nor ignore it. Instead, mourn the loss as this way, you will be opening acceptance to become part of you.

Accept that things didn’t pan out the way you had intended. Even though it may feel like death accepting that someone who was once part of your life is no longer in it, you need to accept it that way. What this means is that as long as you will continue living, you must handle things gently, and life must move on whether you feel agonized or not.

Pick up the pieces as soon as possible.



3. Go On a Retreat and Meditate

There is no better and healthier way to heal a loss (a heartbreak is a loss) than to give yourself ample time to think. You can consider going on a holiday vacation you have been dreaming of all your life, even if it’s by yourself. We are talking about self-care here. Travel to a cool, exotic and peaceful destination, as such places are potent sources of distraction.

As we said earlier on, despite the brutality that a breakup can mete out on your heart, doing some reflection and performing some inner work on yourself is the best thing to do after a breakup. Rather than cooking yourself in feelings of pain and hurt, you should try to figure out what you got out of your failed relationship. Ask yourself questions such as:

● What did I learn that I can apply in my next engagement?
● What should I not do in my next relationship?
● What traits do I need in my next partner?
● What gave me the energy to stick to a failing relationship?

● What lessons have I learned about myself during the time I have been with my ex?


4. Create A Space for New Memories

Nobody cares about how you will dispose of those photos that depict your best moments together, but you should rid your home of them right away. It is almost impossible to move even a single step if you keep looking at those bad memories.

Rearrange your house once again. This way, you will be done with old memories and will be creating enough space for new ones.


5. Surround Yourself with Love

Are you wondering what to do after a heartbreaking breakup? Well, it is natural to feel at a loss, as this is someone you shared your love with, so it’s fine to wonder a bit. At a time when you feel that there’s an empty void left behind by your ex, surrounding yourself with good friends and family friends is a sure great way to combat that feeling.

Don’t isolate yourself from the world but instead spend a good time with people who care about you and your feelings. You can also indulge yourself in self-love and self-indulgent activities such as going on window shopping or getting a facial. Or massage.



6. Write Hate Mail to Ex

Does this sound weird? Well, write a hate mail to your ex but don’t send it. And tell people close to you not to send it either. So, what does this mean? The deal is to not mail the letter but to rid yourself of the toxic energy from your failed relationship.

Write Hate Mail to Ex


7. ‘’Block’’ Them and Don’t Trash Talk Them

The temptation to see if your ex is paying too much attention to your stories on Instagram may be too much, but you need to overcome it. Move on after a heartbreak. Blocking them from accessing your social media stories is likely to be followed by trash-talking about them, another thing you should try to avoid as much as possible.

Yes, it may be difficult to resist the urge to talk ill of your ex, but you should not draw consolation, happiness, and health from backbiting, someone, you once dedicated all your love. Remember that you were with them at one point, so calling them a ‘dog’ could mean that you were the chief associate of that ‘dog’.


8. Rely On Your Friends, It’s Okay

Move On After a Heartbreak

We can all agree that breakups can make even the strongest person feel weak, worthless, and not good enough (It is okay as we are humans after all). Breeding positivity in yourself calls for hanging out with positive people and dumping those who try to instill negativity in you. You should spend your time with people who understand your current predicaments, appreciate you, and those who often remind you of the good person you are.

Do you get the idea? You know, strong social networks are the best medicine for emotional sickness. Good friends will always show you that you still belong and matter in life, which effectively enhances your self-esteem when it’s at its lowest.


9. Plan to Get Yourself Back

Don’t scheme to win them back, plan to get yourself back instead. You can pick up any sport, go on trips and hikes. Or you can join the local martial arts club. Move on after a heartbreak. This way, you will be able to rid yourself of any negative energy and win yourself back. That’s the point.


10. Use Your Lessons in a Better Relationship

Swear that your next relationship must flourish no matter what. Once you have rejuvenated yourself and learned your lessons, get excited about using them in an even better relationship.

It may be difficult to dive back into dating, but make sure to focus your positive side on the positive side of dating only. If you have started dating someone else, just take things slow.


Best Thing to Do After a Breakup: Get Over Your Breakup Now!

Even though getting over a breakup can be difficult, using the tips move on after a heartbreak above is the surest way to heal the wound, because after all, life must move on. Just because things didn’t work out as planned doesn’t mean that you wasted your time. Pick up the pieces and go slowly to the next engagement.


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