How Should I End a Relationship?

How Should I End a Relationship?
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It is true of all of us that when we fall in love, we naturally tend to believe that we will be in the relationship forever. We also start believing that this catch is the one, that there will be a huge difference this time around, and that there’s no way anything can ever happen to end your relationship.

However, sometimes things happen and you are left with no option but to decide that it is now time to end a relationship. Truth be told, divorces are happening at an alarming rate all over the globe, which means it is a serious life issue we should ignore at all. You know, breakups are not closely monitored. This implies that the rate could even be higher than 50% if research is anything to go by.

The most common causes of breakups include infidelity, overall relationship dissatisfaction, lack of time together, personality issues, lack of sexual satisfaction, drug abuse, physical abuse, etc. Most of us have had to end relationships, and if you asked them, they will tell you that in real terms, having to end a relationship is a difficult thing to do. Others have had a bad relationship end, something you should hate at all costs.

Yes, you will be losing a figure that has featured prominently in your life together, but you should learn to end a relationship on good terms, at least if you must end yours.

So, you wonder, “how do you end a relationship in a good way?” Well, we call it ‘’right’’ yet in real terms, there is no best or right way to end a relationship. People are different and so are relationships. It all goes down to how both of you feel, your needs and those of your children (if you have some), the chemistry between you, your achievements together, and such jokes, you know?

But no matter the point you are in life, knowing how to end a relationship can make the transition smoother for both of you, and less harmful for children as well.

Is “how do you know if it’s time to end a relationship?” your question? Below is the answer to that question.

How Should I End a Relationship?


Time to End Relationship

You should know it’s time to call it quits if you start seeing signs to end relationship. But no matter how strange ‘’signs’’ may appear, you should strive to end matters in a smooth manner.

Now, let’s look at what to look out for in order to know if it’s time to end a relationship.

Signs to End Relationship


1. You Start Placing Your Engagement in a Hypothetical Future

In simpler terms, you start believing that your relationship will get better ‘’when’’. “I will feel happier when we move in together” “She will appreciate me more when her boyfriends are married” “He’ll start being supportive of my ambitions when we’ve finished college”, and such jokes.

Most people grow in bad relationships hoping that things will change, which is necessarily not true. This is not to mean that things won’t or can’t change, but it is never a guarantee, you know? It helps to base your relationship on the present and not on an uncertain future.


2. You feel undervalued, underappreciated, Disrespected, Lonely, etc.

If any of those feelings are true for you, then it’s the best time to tell him or her to hit the road, at least for you. However, if your partner messes up occasionally but responds remorsefully, that is not enough reason to leave your relationship.



3. Your Partner Has ‘’Hidden’’ You

Has it been months and he or she hasn’t taken you to meet their parents, who live only a few yards away? That is yet another red flag. You should be able to see that your partner has a commitment to your engagement.


4. You Are a Completely Different Person Around Them

Every one of us has this one friend that acts markedly different when they are around their partner. Very much different that it becomes difficult to tell if they are an item or not. For example, when they are eating at the fast-food joint, you can easily spot the disconnection between them. Or one partner walks faster than their ‘’half’’ when they are on a road trip. What does that mean?  Act now.

How Should I End a Relationship?


5. You Feel Loved Only When You’re Happy

Maybe you feel that your partner supports or loves you only when you are on a tour together, or when you are on holiday together. Or when you are doing pizza at the beach mall. But what happens when you are highly stressed at work; when you have a low day? Well, you will find that you are having a hard time maintaining emotional equilibrium. This means that you should feel safe while experiencing uncomfortable emotions. If they can’t support you then, let them hit the road, yeah?



6. You Feel Pressured, Which Makes You Feel Worthless

Are you feeling pressured in this area or the other? Chances are that you’ll start feeling worthless. Maybe your partner keeps pressuring you to get a better job, which is not forthcoming despite efforts to get one. Or he keeps telling you to hit the gym and shed off some pounds when you don’t even know what a gym is. Tell them to talk to a counselor or therapist and let you be.


7. You Dread Telling Your Partner About Your Family

How Should I End a Relationship?

By asking your partner to come to spend time with your family, you feel as if you’re committing suicide. Or requesting to go to a friend’s dinner invitation takes hours of discussion and endless questions. If any of these situations resonate with you, you don’t have to endure unnecessary suffering, right?

Well, he or she doesn’t have to love everyone in your family, but some things just need no protests or discussion. Hey people, we should give our significant others their time and space, and they should be willing to embark on some significant duties together with your family.

The list is endless, but the ones above here are the most common red flags you should look out for in order for you to know that your relationships are heading for the rocks. Your instincts can’t be wrong.

That said, let us look at how to end a relationship on good terms.

As we said earlier, there are a lot of factors to consider before figuring out whether to end your relationship or not. So, read through the tips below and see what to do.

● First of all, understand that there’s no hurt-free way to end a relationship. Once you accept that there will be a pain for both of you after you call it quits, you can certainly be prepared for the aftermath.

● Secondly, do it with dignity and face-to-face. We all have heard horrible tales of a partner who preferred to use end relationship text message, giving very little consideration to the other partner, so much that they even didn’t bother to accord them the dignity of a face-to-face meeting. An end relationship text is arguably not humanly, but if you are worried that your other ‘’half’’ could turn violent, there’s no other option other than to use one that is well-tailored to them specifically. This takes us to the third tip.

● Be truthful and don’t explain a lot. Your partner will, without doubt, want to know why they’re being dumped. Use reflexive statements such as, “I feel that we’re not compatible’’ or ‘’I don’t think we have chemistry’’. While ‘’you lack goals’’ may carry some honesty, it doesn’t accord your partner the dignity they deserve.

● Don’t postpone the inevitable. They might want to protest should you tell them that you’re calling it quits. It is up to you to recall that your relationship is already at a breaking point, and there’s nothing you can do to save the situation. Giving in to arguments will mean that you are pushing the inevitable forward.

● Soften the blow. Breakups are tough for anyone. Yes, even for the strongest human creatures. Now, try to express to your partner that you are indeed sad at the breakup, and also remember to share something good about your time as partners. Maybe you can say, ‘’ you taught me about mixing songs and I’m a better DJ now. Thank you’’, or something like that. Or you can arm yourself with the sweet end of relationship quotes

● Don’t turn them into an evil figure. Now that you are breaking up, you should not view your once significant other as a ‘’bad omen’’. Everyone has their strengths and flaws too; you know? Resolve your issues around the mistake(s) itself, rather than the person they are.

● Finally, allow yourself time to mourn the loss. Deciding to end a relationship can be a very hard task, and once it has happened, we can only equate it to grief- even if you are the one ending things. Subsequently, a period of untold pain, heartbreak and pain follow. That is okay. Cry when you feel like doing so. Then make sure to surround yourself with loving people.


Scared Relationship Will End? Don’t Be Worried

Just like marriage, many relationships are built on the premise that ‘’only death will separate us’’. But remember that a relationship takes two different people, who grew differently, to form the engagement. So, don’t be surprised to discover that the common causes that end a relationship may emerge from thin air and damaging your relationship.

Most people stick to toxic engagements because they aren’t sure whether to work on a relationship or end it. You know, it is entirely up to you to weigh all the factors (and many others) we talked about above and decide if you are ripe enough to end your relationship. If you find it inevitable to end things, remember to be compassionate. Mind your ex’s feelings. We want things to be easy and smooth for everyone. We don’t want to hear painful narratives of how your relationship ended badly.


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