How to Become a Positive Thinker?

How to Become a Positive Thinker?
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Are you struggling with bad emotions and negative feelings? Well, it is now time to change and become a positive thinker for good.

Yes, such emotions can spiral big time, if you won’t stop preventing yourself from seeing the light. Can you remember the famous quote by Buddha that it is thoughts that shape us? Now, don’t let that happen to you because as usual, it is only through expanding your comfort zone that you can start experiencing growth. You should first of all practice and be willing to say goodbye to all that has been pulling you back to negativity.

You can choose to start small, by making small changes as you grow. This way, you’ll be surprised by the changes you have achieved.

Some good news for you: With positivity, life starts changing for the better.  “How can I be a positive person?” Check the answer from the tips in this article.

Fortunately, this article has got you covered on matters positivity and how to become a positive thinker.

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What Does It Take to Become a Positive Thinker?


Smile All Day Long

Finding your bright side is certainly the best thing you can to your feelings. When you start smiling more, your brain will produce neural codes that will make you feel better and more positive. You cannot expect someone to brighten up your day if you are unable to do that.

Smiling does not only make you positive, but it also makes people around you to feel better as well. There is nothing better as putting a good mood on others.

Is it possible to smile even when you are not in the mood? Yes. Always crying about your inability to smile won’t change things, right? So, force yourself and it will gradually become your second nature.



Learn to Use Positive

Often, we accidentally utter words that bring us down. Unlike saying negative words, positive words have been found to enhance your attitude and mood.

What we are trying to mean here is that you should never let people identify you with your moods. Do you make sense out of this? Well, never say “I’m sad”. Say: “John’s sickness has made me sad”. This way, you will have directed negativity into its place.


Spread Positivity by Doing Nice Things to Others

There are times when you feel as if you are not having a great day. But should you act like it? You should not. It helps to do nice things to people around you, or friends, even when you don’t feel like. The smiles on their faces will, without doubt, make you lively and full of spirit- a great return on your investment.

Maybe you can greet and compliment a stranger on the streets, clean up the house for your spouse, or yet still, help your neighbor to tend to his chicken. Or yet still, you can pick up coffee for your fellow staff at the workplace. Try that and tell us if it works- and it should.

Spread Positivity by Doing Nice Things to Others


Surround Yourself with Positive People

If you want to be a positive thinker within no time at all, ensure that you stay with other positive thinkers. This way, you will get to discover the best in you, because this group of people is created with the urge to bring out your potentials. Additionally, they will also appreciate you for who you are.

Similarly, avoid spending your precious time with people who can’t help you, or those that put you in a bad mood. Remember that such decisions are difficult to make, but they are a sure way to get out of negativity.

How do I think positively? Find a Positive Thinker Book

Reading positive thinker books is yet another sure way to make your outlook bright. On top of books, there are also tons of positive thinker quotes both online and offline, so you can keep little of those in your pocket, or in your mind as you carry on with daily activities.

On social media, you can subscribe to feeds that impact your life positively. This way, you will achieve positive social networking as well. Try this out.


Write Down What Went Well, and Went Wrong

It helps to keep a day-to-day personal journal, which should be updated daily. At times, you will end your day on a sour note while on other days, you will find the day pleasing. When things don’t go the way you intended, it is important to turn that around. Get yourself a cup of tea and sit down with a record-book, and write it out. Just write about everything that happened during the day, what went right, what went wrong, and why all that had to happen.

Now, read aloud what you have just written. Was it worth all that negativity?



Focus on Positive Things, No Matter How Small They Are

You should try to adopt the mindset of giving more attention to positive things, whether they are big or small. That is how optimists are created. Whenever they fail at certain things, they encourage themselves that they are going to improve next time. Make sure to remind yourself about the many things you have achieved while forgetting where you failed at.

This way, you will start realizing that a few achievements can outweigh a million failures. To wrap this up, just focus on what can build you and deal away with what can potentially pull you back.


Visualize It If You Want It

There is no better way to reinforce what you want to be in life than to visualize it. It might take a lot of your valuable time trying to figure out what you want, but it pays off in the end. This way, you will start denying what you don’t want your time and conscious effort. Only after doing that will you start to see it happen within no time at all.

In real terms, it is all about developing positive energy and visualizing what you crave for in life.


Realize the Power of Gratitude

How to Become a Positive Thinker?

If you want to be a positive person, it is important to start appreciating yourself for what you have so far. Often, it is much easier to shift focus from what is going right to what is going wrong. But you should know that when you practice expressing gratitude as early as now, you will start becoming more effective, healthier, happier and extremely positive.

Learning to express gratitude is an art, a process but not an event. What this implies is that you should start looking for things you can be thankful for. Commit yourself to do that daily and you will start experiencing a shift towards positivity.


Listen to Good Music

This is a reminder because you already know that uplifting music, for example, Reggae can inspire you in a bigger way than many other things can. Music can cause you to smile, sway, dance, groove, and dance.

You can listen to music that emanates from your radio, car, MP3 player or cellphone. Get energized, empowered and encouraged by any inspiring music, every day, and see the magic happen.


Practice Meditation

Meditation is not for yogis only. You can also teach yourself to meditate as a sure practical way to achieve peace, consciousness, and tranquility while easing depression, insomnia, anger, anxiety, or stress.

Yoga and other physical exercises can help to put you in a meditative process. If you are not a fan of yoga, maybe running or walking for a cool 15 minutes can do wonders for you. Yes, even one minute of your time can seriously work for you.


Take On Something You Love

It could be a hobby or passion, but taking on something you can enjoy doing is yet another great way to help you become a positive thinker.

Always remember to enjoy yourself to the fullest, as you can’t afford to work all the time anyway. You have just read one of the best-kept secrets to a happy life. Put work and all other daily obligations aside and enjoy yourself.


Take Care of Yourself, Mentally and Physically

Medical experts say that taking care of yourself both mentally and physically enhances your level of thinking and positivity.

For example, eating fruits and healthy foods can boost your spirits, which in turn makes you think positively.

Similarly, exercising for a few minutes daily helps your body release endorphins, which boost your mindfulness and mood. This way, you are sure to achieve inner healing, because our subconscious and positivity are both mental processes.


Now, Think Positive

As you have realized, the tips above are things you have heard time and again. The only obstacle could be that you failed to practice them. This article has already answered brought along one simple solution on how to be positive and happy. In conclusion, positivity is the foundation for life improvement, so it would help if you practiced being a positive thinker today.


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