Is the Spirit World Trying to Help You? Here are Ways to Find Out

Is the Spirit World Trying to Help You? Here are Ways to Find Out
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Each one of us has psychic abilities. And we can all learn to tap into the spirit world.

You might not believe it, but you have innate intuitiveness. That said, as much as we can all learn to play the piano competently, we can’t all be Mozart.

However, learning how to sense Warning signs from the spirits or Signs of a spirit visiting you is not about trying to become a psychic or a medium. Instead, it’s about spiritual advancement and growth and self-actualization.

The ability to commune with the spirit world is muscle-like. If you don’t use it, it atrophies, if you use it, it gets stronger.


Rules of Connecting to the Spirit World

1. Everyone’s journey is unique.

2. Be open about your experience. Some students avoid saying what they see or refuse to accept it as truth. This leads to them losing meaningful and valuable information. Whatever you receive has meaning, and often it’s the spirit world trying to help you.

3. As you open the door to the spirit world, trust what’s churned out first. That is what’s most accurate.

Whereas you may not see your spiritual guides, be sure that they are around you 24/7, and they are there to help you. You can sense the spirit guides’ presence by looking out for their signs.

Connecting to the Spirit World


Signs a Spirit Guide is Around You:


1. Validate the Spirit Guide’s Name

To build a stronger bond with your spirit guide, you first need to know their name.

Meditate and tell your spirit guide that you want to know them and build a stronger relationship. Then ask them about their name. Note the first name that comes to mind.

Once you’ve ‘heard’ the name in your mind, you’ll start noticing it in weird times and places.

For instance, if the name is Peter, you’ll start seeing it multiple times, in everyday situations or unusual circumstances. In some cases, yo u might even see Saint Peter.

Signs like these show that your spirit guide is around and ready to help you.


2. Ringing in One of Your Ears

If while deep in thought or meditation, you experience a high-pitched ringing reverberation in your ear, this is an indicator that your spirit guide is around.

Typically, the ringing happens when you’re experiencing strong emotions like love, delight, or happiness. You may hear the sound when you’re deep in contemplation, too. The ringing sound is a sign that your spirit guide is trying to draw your attention.

During the ringing, your spirit guide may convey to you a message from the spirit world. The message could be insights, guidance, or answers to your prayers.

While you may not explicitly understand the messages, the information is encoded to your subconscious from where it guides your actions and decision making.

Keep your ears open to the information your spirit guide is sending you. Our spirit guides always want to reassure us that they have our backs at all times.


3. A Sudden Blue Flash

While you’re engrossed in prayer, blue light may suddenly flash from the edge of your eye. The light many momentarily remain there so that you become aware of your spirit guide’s presence.

The light may also appear when you’re experiencing huge waves of thoughts and emotions. You shouldn’t, however, see that light as invasive or disturbing as it’s emanating from your kind and gentle spirit guides.



4. Continually Seeing Sets of Three

Three symbolizes trinity. So whenever you start seeing three sets, take notice.

The ‘three sets’ can be manifested in the following ways: Continually seeing a set of three identical numbers on your digital devices, or seeing a set of three similar types of birds together.

For instance, as you drive around and you continually spot three crows perched on power lines. Or as you check the time on your phone, you see 3:33 on the screen. This is a sign that someone from the spirit world is trying to reach you.


5. Feeling a Presence Even When Alone

This may occur when you’re engrossed in creating something, or when you’re relaxing. Through that feeling of presence, your spirit guides are saying that they’re with you, even though you’re alone.

When you sense that someone is lurking, even when you’re alone, that could be your deceased loved one, your spirit guide or your guardian angel; this is one the key signs that a spirit is around you.


6. Visions During Meditation or Vivid Dreams

During the day, we’re inundated by our daily tasks and activities which make it hard for one to meditate. But when you’re consciously meditating or asleep, your mind relaxes, and you’re carefree.

During these tranquil times, it’s easier for spirit guides to catch your attention and reveal some things to you because you’re not preoccupied.

When spirit guides make revelations to you through visions and dreams, write those messages and insights down because you’ll certainly need them in the future.


7. An Impulse to Write Something

When you feel the itch to jot something down, do it; that’s spirit guide trying to convey a message to you.

Guides from the spirit world can help you resolve a problem you’re facing, or generate ideas for business or career advancement. So write down your thoughts and contemplate on their significance.


8. Hearing Your Name

Have you ever had your name called, only to look up and realize no one is around you? If this happens, your spirit guide is likely trying to draw your attention.

Typically, this happens when you’re immersed in thought. For clues on what your guide is trying to communicate with you, try recalling your train of thought before you heard your name.

Hearing Your Name


9. An Impulse to Highlight a Certain Section of a Magazine or Book

This happens when you’re reading, and then a particular paragraph stirs something in you.

You then impulsively highlight the passage, dog-ear the page, or share it on social media. This is one of the most exciting ways in which your spirit guide tries to help you.

Words are ultra-powerful. They can build you or destroy you. That’s why your spirit guides use them to catch your attention and make you ruminate on certain issues.


10. Unexplained Scents and Odors

While driving around, you may suddenly smell a scent your favorite preschool teacher used to wear. Or you could be sitting on your porch, and suddenly you catch a whiff of your departed dad’s aftershave.

That’s the spirit world trying to help you, gently reminding you to make certain decisions, or guiding you away from harm.


11. A Sudden Shift in Temperature

If you’re in a closed room and then suddenly there is a rapid drop or rise in temperature, those are your spirit guides signaling their arrival or reminding you of their presence.

Spirit guides comprise of pure energy. Their presence, therefore, shifts the room’s energy and thus the temperature.



12. Tingly Feel on Your Cranium

Whenever you feel a prickly sensation, tingling, or itching on your crown, or up your spine, you should know that your spirit guides are trying to catch your attention.

This is similar to when ears ring. Your guides encode guidance and information through your crown.


13. Pressure on the Third Eye

Is the Spirit World Trying to Help You

This type of spiritual manifestation is similar to having a prickly sensation in your crown. Sometimes spirits penetrate the center of instincts in your brain. When this happens, you feel pressure in the center of your forehead.


14. Sudden Flashes of Emotions or Thoughts

This is when you’re thinking about a particular thing, and then you suddenly receive overwhelming emotions and thoughts about totally different situations.

This is your spirit signaling you. Whenever the flashes are different from your typical flashes, your spirit guides are showing you their distinctive style.


15. Pets Behaving Differently

If your cat suddenly becomes restless, or if your dog starts barking in a corner, this is a sign that your spirit guide is around. Animals are much more sensitive to the spirit world than humans. When pets start acting weird, use that opportunity to converse with your spirit angel.


16. Meeting the Same Individual Over and Over

Have you ever had the weird experience of spotting the same individual in different or unusual circumstances, over and over? You don’t know this person well, but they somehow always appear in your vicinity.

If this experience keeps recurring, approach that person boldly and find out what they’re up to, they may have a  message for you from the spirit world.

Our spirit guides often reach out to us. The signals are manifested through our pets, tingling sensations on our heads, or a combination of all the above.

Be sensitive to the emotional and physical shifts that happen around you; the spirit world is always trying to help you, and your spirit guide will always be there for you when you need help.


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