How to Discover and Listen to Your Spirit Animal

How to Discover and Listen to Your Spirit Animal
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If there’s a sure great way to make a radical change in your life, then it has to be discovering your spirit animal. You see, finding your spirit animal has the potential to boost your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual abilities. How? Well, the moment you will find your spirit animal, either ignore its messages and walk away accept its messages and of course act on them. It’s only through accepting and acting on them that you’re guaranteed of a complete life transformation.


When you finally find out what your spirit animal is, you’ll also learn to integrate its “medicine” and “energy” into your existence for spiritual awakening. This way, you’ll realize that careers, relationships, tastes, thought patterns, and such jokes which no longer serve you best will start fading away.

When you find your spirit animal, you start developing an understanding of the different realms of life beyond the physical one in which we live. Ideally, getting to find spirit animals sharpens your six senses so that you’re able to start embracing the power of natural instincts when thinking. This can seem overwhelming especially if you weren’t ready for the journey. Fortunately, this find your spirit animal guide has got you covered. Read on.

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How to Find Your Spirit Animal?

Before embarking on how to find spirit animals and connect, It’s fundamental to ask yourself this question, “What does it mean to have a spirit animal?” Let’s start from there.

As we have just said, finding your spirit animal means that your life will be transformed or good. For example, find your spirit animal and you’ll develop:

● The ability to know the truth and communicate effectively than before.

● The courage to face tough real life issues such as being able to leave toxic engagements.

● The strength to deal with mental issues such as depression, addiction, and alcoholism. You’ll for sure find joy.

● Wisdom to handle the most delicate decisions.

Additionally, you’ll discover the path to find your self-intuitiveness.

Truth be told, we all have times in our lives when we need help. That being said, spirit animals can help us big-time. They can help you when you’re:

● Sad- your pretty playful Otter can have you giggling all day long, even when you’re feeling that you’re extremely down.

● Angry- See the power of the peaceful Panda that can easily talk you down off the ledge.

● Fearful- some spirit animals such as the Tiger can make it easier for you to find courage when you’re engulfed in fear. Get to know the Tiger and you’ll definitely not have to worry about your fears henceforth.

Now, let’s look at how to find your spirit animal.

There are a number of methods you can use to discover your spirit animal as early as after you’re done reading through this guide.



Pay Attention to Dreams to Find Your Spirit Animal

Interestingly, almost all shamans and shamans-to-be rely on dreams a whole lot. You see, dreams are believed to be the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual realms. Also, our dreams are interconnected to walking lives. What this means is that every time you see an animal in your dream, pay attention to it. Write it down when you wake up the next morning. Whether the animals you see keep changing dream after dream, pay attention to all of them. See whether there’s any particular animal that keeps popping up in your dreams. That could be your spirit animal.


Figure Out All Your Past Connections with Animals

Think about all of your past connections with animals. Chances are that your spirit animal is that favorite feline friend you have always crossed paths with since your childhood. Or it could be any of your beloved pets. Yet still, it could be your favorite wild animal, maybe the Tiger.

Your Past Connections with Animals


Meditate with Your Spirit Animal

Now you ask, “how do you meditate with your spirit animal?” Well, one way to connect with your spirit animal is through meditation with it. This means that you’ve to sit down and do a few minutes of meditation. This way, you’ll be creating room for self-intuition, which will allow you to think about an animal that is of great significance to you. Call yourself to a meeting and ask yourself such questions as, “If this pet were my guardian angel, what could it be trying to teach me about my inner strength and personal power?” Now spend a few minutes journaling on that-the answers.

After answering questions about one animal, move on to another and repeat the procedure as many times as you please. Then, return to your journal a few days later and see which among the animals resonates most with you.

You can now see that discovering your spirit animal is, in fact, easier than you think, right? Well, after discovering your spirit animal, what should you do?

Before anything, learn how to listen to it. But you ask, “How?” Thank you for that question. Let’s explore that as well.


How Do You Listen to Your Spirit Animal?

Spirit animals are of great significance to our lives. In real terms, they emanate the strength and traits that every one of us should be honoring day in day out. For example, if the crow is your spirit animal, you can benefit from adopting its “hunter’s strength” to your inner you. Do you get the idea? Well, they’re a physical representation of the traits you should adopt to transform your life. So, every time your spirit animal touches you, make sure to use that gesture as a reminder of the significance of its qualities to you.



Be More Available

As part of getting more guidance from the spirit animal you’ve already identified, start by recognizing the message they have for you. What this means is that you should be more present in your daily life. Often, the messages our spirit animals bring us get lost because our minds are too busy. Or we’re too busy to listen to such messages.

Make sure to create some time in your busy schedule. You see, when you’re more available, there are chances that you’ll get more messages from your spirit animal. That’s why we talked meditating with your spirit animal.


Look Out for Messages from Your Spirit Animal

Always stay on the lookout for signs from your spirit animal. In simpler terms, learn how to recognize the messages they bring you. The moment your guide notices that you’re indeed aware of them, the more the messages they’ll start to send. So, maybe you can always remind yourself of the messages your spirit animal could be sending before and during bedtime or morning coffee. The thing is, their messages can offer you great help when you’re facing challenges. Expert their help to be useful while you navigate through situations.


Keep a Journal

How to Discover and Listen to Your Spirit Animal

Devote a special journal to your spirit animal. This will help you to learn and increase communication between you and the animal. Consider it a sacred book through which you can ask for guidance from your animal. Make sure to keep a record of all the signs they send you. If you feel that their messages have helped you somewhere, write a gratitude note to them and preserve it for reference.


Know and Name Them

Give your spirit animal a name that you’ve always loved. Maybe Teddy. Or Emily. Or you could be reading about your beloved pet in a magazine, and then it appears that the author of the book gave the pet a name, say Javier, and that becomes the name. Look, giving your guide a name makes it feel more real, and that’s how you connect with it regularly.


Do More Research

These days, there is a lot of information both online and offline about different spiritual guides. Just doing some extra homework about your spirit animal can enhance how you communicate with it. Look for expert information about your spirit animal. We’re talking about attending workshops and reading a book or two.


Send Your Spirit a Message

This may sound like the easiest and quickest way to connect with your spirit animal. Simply send your spirit animal a message in your thoughts. For example, you can briefly send them blessings or a formal prayer. A sentence or two can do.


It’s Now Time to Summon Your Spirit Animal

Up to this end, you now know how to find your spirit animal, right? Well, this guide is by no means exhaustive as still there are many other ways you can employ to summon your spirit animal to your life today. Alternatively, you can use divination tools at your disposal. We’re talking about tarot and oracle cards, runes… they’re so many. It’s important to try out different methods and go with the one that works best for you. It all goes down to finding ways to ensure that your spirit animal remains very close to you. This way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of messages you’ll get from it.


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