Want to Grow Spiritually? Here are 30 Crystals to Help

Want to Grow Spiritually? Here are 30 Crystals to Help
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Healing crystals are prized stones that control and channel Earth’s energy. They’ve been used since the dawn of time in various cultures across the globe to promote healing, wellness, creativity, and clear to blocked energy.

You can also use healing crystals as a means to manifest your intentions, and you can wear them as jewelry that amplifies positive thoughts.

Healing crystals improve your life spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. They’ve been revered and used since ancient times to create balance, to give energy, and to protect.

Crystals embody a unique physical structure and chemical structure that shaped in Earth’s crust for millions of years. Stable energy is what shapes our wellbeing as it interacts with our energy.

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Here are the best crystals for spirit growth:


1. Moonstone

Moonstone – the stabilizer – fosters harmony, intention, and potential. The classic stone for lunar energy, and feminine spirit, moonstone is soft and has a pearly luster, which makes excellent in creating harmony within, strengthening intuition, and enhancing feminine virtues.

It’s linked with empathy, fertility, flow, release, growth, and balance.


2. Aventurine

Also known as the opportunity stone, Aventurine promotes optimism, confidence, and vitality. The stone encourages a positive outlook while increasing abundance, luck, and prosperity.

Besides, Aventurine increases tranquility, stabilizes, and soothes emotions, promotes gratitude and spiritual growth, all of which attract luck and help you capitalize on new opportunities. All this makes it one of the best crystals to wear every day.


3. Crystal Quartz

Also known as the spirit stone, crystal quartz provides an opening into the metaphysical sphere besides offering immense healing properties. It strengthens and amplifies the aura, and shifts and cleans energy. Besides, it brings calm and releases constrained emotions, increases the sharpness of perception and clarity of thought, and fosters spiritual peace.

Crystal quartz also helps you to focus on and clarify your desires and dreams.


4. Citrine

Citrine, which is a variety of quartz with a golden yellow hue, is linked with gold, wealth, and money. This money stone embodies the sun’s power; it brings comfort, warmth, and the kind of energy that stirs you into action. It rouses positivity, creativity, and imagination and helps you transform your dreams into reality.

It attracts prosperity, success, and everything that’s good about life. All these qualities make citrine the best crystals.


5. Agate

This inner stability stone comes in almost all colors. It embodies all the states of our inner world. Agate balances your physical, mental, and emotional energy. It balances the universe’s negative and positive energies and your yin and yang.


6. Black Tourmaline

This grounding stone provides a psychic barrier that protects you against EMFs, radiation, and any other environmental pollutants as well as stops negative entities from entering your energy field.


7. Rose Quartz

Also known as the love stone, this gorgeous pink quartz is associated with unconditional love to others, self, and the Earth, as well as feminine energies of tenderness, comfort, compassion, and healing.

Rose Quartz alleviates your fears, resentments, and emotional wounds, and replaces them with the divine energy that brings a sense of fulfillment and contentment. It thus enables you to love and receive love fully.


8. Turquoise

This stone of protection bolsters intuition, and wisdom, as well as protects you. Besides, Turquoise encourages you to live an honorable life.



9. Fluorite

Fluorite is a stone of positivity. Its calming stable frequency brings order to chaos and calms discordant energy. Fluorite also supports spirituality, concentration, focus, thoughts, and stability in all aspects of life.


10. Lapis Lazuli

This arresting blue crystal has ancient roots, and it’s one of the most sought after and vibrant gems on Earth. It symbolizes vision, spirit, honor, and nobility.

Besides, Lapis Lazuri fosters intellectual analysis, good judgment, wisdom, and courage. This truth teller’s stone also encourages honesty in spirit, and in written and word.


11. Hematite

Hematite is iron-rich and thus profoundly grounding. It conveys power and protects you from harm. It also helps you attain your highest potential by absorbing negative emotions and keeping you sharp and steady.


12. Jade

Jade is universally known for its healing properties. It’s also vital when it comes to the protection of ancestral spirits and the dead.


13. Amethyst

This intuition stone encourages spirituality and clarity of mind and prevents overindulgence and drunkenness.

Besides, Amethyst stills the mind and promotes equilibrium and thus gets you into a meditative state. Throughout history, Amethyst has been known for its ability to refine the intellectual process and expand the mind.


14. Kyanite

Kyanite’s high vibration instantaneously aligns your chakras and thus brings calm and tranquility. It also speeds up the transfer of energy and therefore enables your mind to create new connections, improve communication, and enhance your psychic abilities. Kyanite also transmits healing power.


15. Amazonite

Amazonite helps you temper aggression and channel your anger into positive action. It also brings balance and harmony as well as clams and soothes your soul.

This courage stone also supports self-discovery despite the fear of judgment; it encourages you to live an authentic life full of courage and conviction. It stirs compassion and seeing issues from others’ perspectives.


16. Garnet

Garnet is a stone of creativity and health. It fosters sensuality, intense feelings, and inspires chaos by intensifying the waves of creativity. Besides, garnet brings hope and courage and uplifts your spirits.


17. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger Eye is a prosperity and good fortune stone. It reflects ill intentions into their giver and protects resources. Tiger Eye also helps you clarify and sharpen your vision and inspires the necessary transformation in your life.


18. Pyrite

Pyrite embodies masculine traits. It provides action, vitality, and will power. It also spurs the ideas and efforts needed to create wealth through your own power. Besides, Pyrite protects you against environmental pollutants, negative energies, and any other harm.


19. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a protective and grounding stone. It sets off your survival instincts and cancels out negative energy and thus allows you to pursue your goals and make your dreams come true.



20. Carnelian

This stone embodies boldness; it stimulates courage, leadership, motivation, empowerment, joy, warmth. Carnelian also attracts new resources, good fortune, prosperity, and physical exercise.


21. Selenite

Selenite connects you to the highest plane of consciousness and all that’s unlimited – intuition, spirit guides, and the universe. It conveys you into the spirit world and reminds you where you came from and where you’re heading after this earthly life. Selenite is, therefore, one of the best crystals for spiritual growth.


22. Obsidian

Obsidian enhances your ability to see the world and evaluate various circumstances. Its reflective surface enables you to look into your soul – see your weaknesses and flaws – so that you understand yourself and heal.



23. Blue Topaz

This blue colored creative stone mirrors the mind and stimulates our creative abilities. It helps you learn quickly and retain information that you can tap into many years into the future.

Besides, blue topaz expands our minds, opens our souls, and connects into the spirit realm.


24. Opal

This colorful and brilliant eye stone inspires appreciation, happiness, optimism, and an overall sense of wellbeing.


25. Aquamarine

This stone is connected with water. It’s excellent in calming emotions as well as cultivating clarity, peace, and a sharper intellect.

Besides, aquamarine bolsters your ability to communicate. It’s excellent for meditation, and it expands your spiritual awareness and helps sharpen your intuition.


26. Sodalite

Sodalite unites intuition with logic; it helps you find a balance between your hunches and your mind. It helps you access higher information, calms your mind, and deepens meditation.

Also, sodalite encourages accord with others and promotes truth and clear communication.


27. Ruby

Want to Grow Spiritually? Here are 30 Crystals to Help

Ruby’s striking red color is analogous to its potency. It promotes clear thinking, increases motivation and concentration, and cultivates a sense of self-confidence and power that conquers timidity and pushes you toward prosperity and achievement.

Ruby also stirs sensuality and encourages you to enjoy the physical world. Besides, it bolsters sexual energy and desire and can help you attract new love and overcome sexual dysfunction. This red gemstone will also heal your emotions and help you love others and yourself.


28. Yellow Topaz

Topaz fosters optimism and strengthens your faith. It also helps you recognize your abilities, fuels your drive toward excellence and recognition and helps you attract helpful people. Besides, it inspires confidence, charisma, and pride in one’s abilities.

These yellow healing crystals also help you manage mental health issues. It also helps stabilize hormonal imbalances and aging.


29. Labradorite

Labradorite is a highly protective and mystical stone. It aligns ethereal and physical bodies besides boosting consciousness. It also stimulates your psychic and intuitive gifts. This is a transformative stone that helps you grow spiritually.


30. Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a grounding stone that also shields you from negative energy. Besides, it raises your vibrations and lifts your spirits, even in darkest times.


Bolster Your Spirituality with these Healing Crystals!

Healing crystals are simply magical, which is why, since ancient times, humans have tapped into their healing powers. When used properly, they align you with the spiritual world and help you live a vibrant life.

So healing crystals don’t just look pretty, they’re also exceedingly powerful. It’s time you start using crystals to spiritually grow.

Crystal culture has soared in the last decade, and it’s now vital that you get your crystals from sellers who source crystals ethically and with conscious positive intentions.


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