8 Powerful Crystals for Shamanic Journeying and Inner Work

8 Powerful Crystals for Shamanic Journeying and Inner Work
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Shamanism is the oldest practice in the world; It is one of the first religions in the world.

Various communities in the world used similar stones and crystals for rituals and healing. Shamans are known to use the most powerful crystals in the world for shamanic journeying and inner work.

A shaman is capable of setting the soul free and journey into the spiritual realm. They use powerful crystals for shamanic journeying, which help them to stay grounded and direct their paths in different realms. The crystals also help them to return from the spiritual realms.

Experts recommend that you should not use crystals for journeying if you are not adequately grounded. You can use crystals such as obsidian and quartz, which facilitate grounding.

Successful crystal journeying requires you to be in a calm place, free from all kinds of distractions, and clear intentions.

Many crystals are used for inner work. However, in this article, we shall concentrate on the powerful crystals for shamanic journeying.



1. Clear Quartz

When we mention crystals, many people envision the quartz crystals. Quartz crystals are available in all corners of the world. Mother Nature gifted the world with this powerful crystal that has diverse uses.

As a Shaman beginner, you may be asking ‘what are the most powerful crystals?’ I can confirm that you will never go wrong with quartz. Clear quartz can receive, store, activate, transmit and amplify vibrations (which are also known as energies). A clear quartz crystal will help you balance energies around you. You will have focus and clear conscience. Therefore, you can journey effectively through realms.

Clear quartz crystals are powerful crystals for manifestation. It will take to higher spiritual realms by clearing energy pathways. It knocks off all negative energy, hence providing an ample atmosphere for meditation. It is also known to be one of the most powerful crystal for wealth. Its availability all over the world makes it the favorite crystal.



2. Master Shamanite Crystal

The master Shamanite crystal is associated with all chakras. It has a combination of zircon, quartz marcasite, chlorite, pyrite and strontianite. All these elements have a composition of pure carbon.

Master Shamanite will strengthen your personal and will, power. It will ground and focus you on one intention until you get answers or healing. It is a beneficial stone for soul retrieval, communication with your spirit animal and spiritual wars. In ancient times, it was a medium to communicate with the departed souls. You can use the Master Shamanite for spiritual protection.

How do you know when you need a master Shamanite stone? If you are troubled by negative thoughts, nightmares, addictions, or bad memories, this crystal will purify and clear all those negative radiations. You will attain calm and balance in all the vibrations.

The most important aspect of this stone is its carbon property. Our bodies are made of carbon; hence this carbonic master Shamanite can extract all impurities embedded in us, leaving our soul body pure.


3. Amethyst

Amethysts are the most powerful crystals that aid a shaman’s body to levitate its vibrations. It opens the gateway to the pre-birth state. At this point, you can access your soul’s purpose on earth.

Due to its ability to clarify a soul’s purpose on earth, Shamans use the amethyst crystal to strengthen sobriety and self-control. Amethyst possesses protective qualities. It enhances intuition and other psychic abilities as well as opening the third eye.

Using amethyst crystals in your living room will clear all the negative vibrations in the room. It also helps you connect with higher spiritual realms.

Over time, traditional healers choose to wear amethyst as it helps them focus the healing energy in a precise direction. They use the crystal to heal addictions, insect bites, asthma, as well as ease physical pain and migraine. Other cultures used amethyst on pregnant women to ease childbirth and prevent miscarriages.



4. Lodolite

Lodolite is also known as Shaman Quartz. It has various names such as inclusion Quartz, Garden Quartz, Scenic Quarts, and Landscape Quartz. It is a transparent form of quartz with inclusions of other minerals which gives it features that resemble landscapes and underwater scenery.

It is among the known powerful crystals for manifestation as it opens the gates to the past lives. As a shaman, use the Lodolite crystal to traverse various worlds and connect with higher beings.

When using a Lodolite, you will be able to travel deep within your soul and understand your inner self. You will feel your spiritual energies rising. A Lodolite will help you overcome personal hurdles, fill you with loving energies and heal your body and soul. Lodolite is known to improve the immunity of organs such as thyroid glands and pineal. It will also help you improve your communication skills.


5. Labradorite

Shamans believe that a Labradorite crystal awakens the magical powers within you. The ancient people of Labrador, Canadas, where the crystal was first discovered, believed it was from extraterrestrial origin.

A Labradorite will resonate well with all chakras above the heart; they include the third eye, crown, throat and soul star chakras. If you want to experience more synchronicities and coincidences, use Labradorite for your daily meditations. You can also wear Labradorite jewelry to enhance protection.  It will allow you to have the courage to go for adventures in unfamiliar territories.

To achieve a successful shamanic journeying, hold a Labradorite on both hands while smokey quartz is securely between the feet for grounding. It awakens your inner consciousness and creativity. Therefore, you will always be positive and courageous. You will see the light in all aspects of your life.

A Labradorite will strengthen your self-trust, clarify illusions, relieve stress and anxiety as it grounds your spiritual energies.


6. Lapis Lazuli

8 Powerful Crystals for Shamanic Journeying and Inner Work

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth, royalty and inner vision. The pharaohs of Egypt used it for spiritual transformation and insights. It resonates with the throat chakra and the third eye chakra.

The royalties use it to open the third eye, enhance intuition and illuminate the soul. It helped them rule their territories with great wisdom.

As a shaman, when you use it for meditation, it will enable you to retrieve information from past lives. The crystal will help you clear your illusions, enhance mental clarity, increase your spiritual growth as well as align you with the truth.

In the modern world, you can use Lapis Lazuli crystal to boost your confidence in public speaking. Holding the crystal as you speak to the masses will help ease anxiety. It is also used as an intelligence booster.

Lapis Lazuli is a wisdom keeper. It will illuminate your soul to show your divine purpose and true destiny.


7. Nuummite

Nuummite is also known as Magician’s or sorcerer’s stone. It is one of the oldest volcanic rocks on the surface of the earth. It is approximately 3.8 billion years old. Due to its age, it draws energies from the ancient earth.

It is one of the powerful crystals for shamanic journeying. It is useful during the soul retrieval process.

Nuummite is known to strengthen personal energy fields as well as increase personal power. It will ground you spiritually as you traverse the unconscious mind. It increases intuition and clairvoyance as well as luck and synchronicities.

A Nuummite will shield you from negative energies, environmental pollutants and all kinds of manipulations.Using a Nuummite for any ill intentions will make the ill intentions bounce back to you.



8. Moqui Marble

The Moqui marbles are named after the Moqui Indians, the original inhabitants of Navajo Desert. They are very rare shaman stones as it is now illegal to collect them.

Moqui Indians believed that the departed souls would play with the marbles at night and leave a message to the living.

Shamans used the Moqui marbles for healing and elevating spirits. A shaman would throw a Moqui marble in the fire so as it explodes to release its energies. When used in pairs of male and female, they bring about life balance. Meditating using a male and female Moqui marble helps you ground your thoughts, hence elevating focus and eliminating daydreaming.

Moqui marbles are also useful in joint pain relief, releasing stress, and protection from negative energies and evil spirits.


What is the Best Crystal to Wear?

There is no definite answer to this. You can wear any crystal depending on the intentions you have. For protection, you can wear Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Black Obsidian and other gems with protection properties.

For healing, you can use amethyst, Master shaman, obsidian and other crystals not mentioned in this article, but have healing properties. Use the most powerful crystals resonating with different chakras as pendants or jewelry to manifest your intentions.


What is the Most Powerful Metaphysical Stone?

The word powerful is relative and subjective; however, when people ask this question, they are probably looking for a crystal that possesses most of the qualities that are present in all crystals.

The crystal can levitate your energies, clear all negative energies, protect you from evil spirits, attract love radiations and bring balance and calmness in your life. The only type of crystal that met all these qualities is quartz. Quartzite crystals are available in all parts of the word. Mother Nature provided it to the world to increase healing and positivity all around the world.


Use the Crystals Now

The above powerful crystal and stones make shamanic journeying easy and smooth. The crystals will help you connect with your inner soul, spiritual realms and past lives. You will get answers for your immediate problems and ease suffering. Make clear your intentions and ground yourself the go for your spiritual adventure.


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