The Top 7 Archangels and What They Do

The Top 7 Archangels and What They Do
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Angels have always been part of human culture. Regardless of the underlying belief systems or religions, tales of angels are intertwined with narratives and mythologies that undergird humanity. Studies show that about 85 percent of Americans believe in angels.

Often, stories of angles reference archangels. In Greek, ‘arch’ means chief or ruling. Religious texts imply that archangels rank at the top end of the heavenly hierarchy.

Many faiths and traditions mention seven archangels; however, their precise count is not clear. There is debate on who these seven archangels are; they vary across the faiths. What isn’t in dispute, though, is that archangels have exceptional abilities as guides and healers. They intervene when you’re in difficult situations.



Here is a list of the seven archangels and their jobs:


1. Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael’s name means ‘the one who’s like God. He’s also known as the most powerful angel and the angel of protection. He’s also seen as a leader in the angelic realm and the patron of justice, mercy, and righteousness.

Scriptural artwork, therefore, depicts Michael as a warrior wielding a sword. Archangel Michael comes to your aid when you’re confused, afraid, or fearing for your safety. He alleviates your doubt and fear and supports you in making life decisions and changes.

Archangel Michael also works closely with spiritual teachers and healers. He can fix electrical and mechanical issues, too. Michael also assists in energy, courage, direction, vitality, life purpose, self-esteem, and motivation.


2. Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael’s name means ‘God is a healer.’ He’s the archangel in charge of emotional and physical healing. “Rophe” means ‘heal’ in Hebrew. Raphael helps heal individuals as well as assists healers in their practice.

Archangel Raphael can help you manage cravings and addictions, in addition to healing other illnesses and injuries. With him, cures often occur instantaneously.

He also helps restore and maintain peace and harmony. Besides, he is the benefactor of travelers; he watches over them and ensures they have harmonious and safe journeys. Archangel Raphael also works with Archangel Michael to clear stressors and fears that may be hurting your health.



3. Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel’s name translates to ‘God is my source of strength.’ She’s the only female in the archangel realm who is specifically mentioned in the New and Old Testament.

In scriptural artwork, Archangel Gabriel is depicted holding a trumpet. This is because she’s the patron of communicators, and she’s the messenger of God. Gabriel helps artists, writers, journalists, and teachers to express their message adequately, to be confident and motivated, and to promote their skills,

She can also help alleviate your procrastination and fear when it comes to how you communicate as well in areas relating to children like child-rearing, childbirth, pregnancy, and conception.


4. Archangel Jophiel

Archangel  Jophiel is the patron of artists; her name means ‘the beauty of God’ She helps humanity see and maintain beauty. Jophiel also helps us stay positive and cultivate beautiful thoughts as well as create and manifest beauty in our hearts and surroundings.

As the patron saint of artists, she supports them in creating remarkable art, assists them in slowing down, and brings calm into their lives. He also heals chaos and negativity, tames the ego, and brings organization to a situation or a place.

Besides, when seeking a shift in perspective and wisdom, you should call to archangel Jophiel, she will help you perceive things from various points of view.


5. Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel is the patron of the environment and animals; her name translates to, ‘the lion/lioness of God.’ Ariel protects the earth, its ecosystems, natural resources, and wildlife. So she guides and supports anyone involved in environmental conservation and in protecting, maintaining, or healing our environment.

Besides, Archangel Ariel, in collaboration with Archangel Michael, helps heal injured animals. She’s also believed to be an overseer of the physical universe order; this includes the stars, planets, and moons.

If you’re seeking to connect with nature deeply through exploring and hiking, Ariel will help you find opportunities and insights to expand your experience and awareness. Given she keeps an eye on earth’s natural resources, Archangel Ariel can also help you meet your needs of water, food, shelter, and supplies.


6. Archangel Azrael

The Top 7 Archangels and What They Do

Archangel Azrael’s name translates to ‘whom God helps.’ He’s, however, known as an angel of death. Azrael welcomes souls after death and guides them through their transition as well as helps newly arrived souls adjust.

Archangel Azrael also helps the loved ones left on earth to deal with and process the grief and loss. He also aids spiritual teachers and ministers of all religions and belief systems in their administration of spiritual therapy. Azrael also shields grief counselors from the pain and sorrow of their clients and guides their actions and words.

This archangel plays a role in all sorts of endings and transitions, not just those that entail death and loss. For instance, he also assists in transitions related to addictions, career, relationship, etc.; he helps us navigate life’s changes smoothly.


7. Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel’s name translates to ‘the one God sees.’ Throughout history, Chamuel has been referred to by many names, and thus he’s often confused with other archangels.

His assignment is to foster peace in the world. Archangel Chamuel also protects us from fear and negative energy. He’s also known to see the universal connectedness of all things. He helps us find courage and strength even when faced with adversity or when the situation seems hopeless.

He can also assist you in finding lost items and in uncovering critical aspects of your life like a love relationship, supportive friendships, a new job, and life purpose. Besides, Chamuel also helps repair relationships, resolve misunderstandings, bring peace, and heal anxiety.

Various belief systems, cultures, and religions have other archangels besides these seven, each with a unique mission.

Angles are an intriguing part of our belief system. Whether you’re a skeptic or an ardent believer, archangels will come to your aid if you ask them for assistance. Angels are an extension of God’s power; they help carry out messages, fulfill our prayers, and assist us when we’re stuck.

Also, angels understand your purpose in life and strive to help you attain it. A lot of people have found that when they connect with the archangel whose mission is aligned with their life purpose, their life vastly improves, and the journey towards their goals is accelerated.


How to Ask for Help from Archangels


1. I am Ready

For archangels to come to your aid, you must be absolutely ready for what you want. “I am ready” is a powerful manifestation statement. You can use it to ask any kind of help from angels, but it’s especially useful when you’re striving to make positive transformations in your life.

After you’ve made this request for help, pay attention to the opportunities and ideas that open up and follow them; often, angels speak to us through our intuition, especially when they’re giving us information that will help us achieve our goals.


2. Resources and People Request

For us to achieve our dreams, we often need others’ help, especially when it comes to our life purpose or business. Archangels are always ready to help us in all our endeavors. So, clarify what you need and directly ask for help from them. This is an amazing way to get new opportunities, new ideas, and new clients.



3. Inspiration and Ideas Request

Are you feeling uninspired or lost? You can explicitly ask your archangels to reignite your mind and imagination so that you find clarity. This intention is especially useful when you’re unsure about your purpose and what you want in life. It’s also fantastic for creative activities like art or writing.


4. I surrender

Surrender is potent. This does not imply waving a white flag and giving up, as you might imagine when you hear that phrase. Submission is about faith – it’s saying that you trust your archangel, and your higher self will work together to create the best possible outcome – without setting expectations and limitations.

This intention is fantastic when you need assistance in communication (especially in a conflict situation), performing, presenting, or whenever you feel nervous. The archangels will help you remain to come and to recall everything you and help articulate your thoughts and feelings effectively so that interactions are pleasant, successful, and for the greatest good.

I surrender


Which Archangel should you Ask for Help?

Archangels are divine beings; they don’t care whether you name them or not. If you need help, all you need to do is ask. But, humans like specificity and names. Archangels understand our nature, and that’s why they have names and specific missions; this helps create a stronger bond between us. But you don’t always have to call them by name when asking for help; just do what feels great for you.

Archangels not only watch over us but also over various facets of the universe. We can all learn to commune with these beings and tap into their power during times of need. An archangel can lead you towards higher levels of spirituality and knowledge!


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