Are You an Earth Angel? 10 Clear Signs

Are You an Earth Angel? 10 Clear Signs
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We are all human, subject to the joys and sorrows that come with being conscious beings on earth, but some of us have much more going on for them – they are Earth Angels.

Some people who mingle with us are angels, but some may not even be aware of it. You might be one of them, but how do you know you are an angel here on earth?

Angles are souls who dedicate themselves to giving hope, support, inspiration, and healing. They either come into our lives randomly or when we desperately need help. They are here to put us on the right trajectory and to spread love, peace, and positive vibes.

As such, there are known by several different names like lightworkers, spirit guides, and healers. Regardless of how you know them, Earth Angel’s souls seemingly exist on a higher dimension. At their heart, they are passionate and selfless. Their presence is calming and reassuring.

Earth Angels


Are you an angel on earth? If you think you or someone you know is an earth angel, here are the signs you should look out for:


1. You’re Very Empathetic

Do you feel deeply moved by the emotion of others? Do you want to help people around you resolve their issues? Then you might be an earth angel.

Earth Angles are deeply attuned to the energy and vibrations of others and would do everything to help alleviate the suffering of anyone who is hurting. Lightworkers understand how scary and confusing the world often seems with the uncertainty we continuously face. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but angels strive to make positive changes every day.


2. You’re an Old Soul

Do a lot of people remark about your wisdom and awareness, which is way beyond your age? As an Earth Angel, you radiate a vibe that gives people an intuitive feeling that you are a wise and old soul.

Your awareness enables you to see accurately the struggles, atrocities, and challenges facing humanity and the planet.

You see beyond the smoke and mirrors; you see the underbelly, the vulnerabilities, and the duality. Awareness is essential as it helps you zero in on areas you can help transform.


3. You Love your Alone Time

If you don’t get enough alone time, you start feeling drained and frail both physically and emotionally. You find comfort in solitude; this is when you dig deep into your psyche and process your feelings. The time you spend alone restores your emotional and physical balance and preps you for your next encounters.

Earth angels know that creating change in the world starts from within, and so they continually work hard to be better and to do better.


4. You’re Drawn to a Higher Purpose

You’re not drawn to worldly desires like money, fame, and fortune. You don’t want to follow a structured and pre programmed path. You want a career that’s in line with your passion and purpose.

A lot of earth angels have a deep desire to help and heal others. So they end up in callings as nurses, EMTs, doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, teachers, social workers acupuncturists, and so forth.



5. You’re Super-Sensitive

Often, you feel overwhelmed by all the problems and suffering that is always going on in the world.  They affect you immensely, and they’re a source of anxiety and frustration. It almost feels like you’re carrying the world’s problems on your shoulders.

But, sensitivity is the spur that gets you to try and create change, because it allows you to develop deep understanding and empathy for others struggles and challenges.


6. People Seek Advice from You

People always approach you with their issues because they intuitively know that you will listen and help them resolve or process their conundrums.

Even strangers are instinctively drawn to you and often engage you unexpectedly about their trouble. And you have the patience to listen and respond. In fact, you enjoy being able to help everyone with their issues.


7. You Loath Suffering and Violence

Whether it’s brutish physical violence, poverty, pain, starvation, evilness, emotion hurt, or suffering and violence of any form, you hate it. Watching others’ suffering affects you deeply. As an empath, you feel other’s hurt and pain.

You Loath Suffering and Violence


8. You have Strong Intuition

You probably don’t hinge most life decisions on logic; instead, you rely on your intuitions and emotions. Earth angles are deeply emotional and don’t resonate with the right-brained ways of doing things in today’s society.

You resonate with things that encapsulate emotions like music, art, storytelling, and bonding with others in meaningful ways. Your intuition informs your decision making.

Earth angels rely on their inner voices because they know that those are messages from the Divine. They trust the universe to lead them to the right path and the right people and understand their intuition is their communication link to the universe.

They also frequently seek their spirit guide’s assistance and engage in some form of spiritual practice.


9. Reject Modern Ideals

Earth angels disprove a lot of what’s going on in the world today. Why spend your whole life in jobs you hate so that you can afford things you don’t need?  Why buy something to impress people who don’t care about you?

Why are we continuing to pollute our only home, the earth? Why do we consume power that we give? Why do we fight and discriminate against each other? Why aren’t we a more civilized and kinder society? These questions often run in earth angels’ minds. And based on the answers they receive, they reject what’s touted as the norm in today’s society.


10. In tune with a Higher Power

Do you feel like you’re connected to something divine – a higher power?

Earth angels are connected to a guidance spirit. The connection may not be conscious, but deep down, you’re sure that you’re not alone in the world, there is a higher intelligence guiding you.

As an earth angel, you may also have a liking for angles. You may have an angelic encounter, spiritual or celestial experiences, or deep inside you may feel that an angel is guiding you, loving you and supporting you in all that you do.



Other signs you’re an earth angel include:


You often Daydream and Have Vivid Dreams

When your dreams are intense and life-like, and if you usually space out and fantasize about awesomely weird, magical, or metaphysical things, you might be an earth angel.


Love for Nature

Earth angels love spending time in nature; they feel most comfortable when they’re out in the natural world. They value nature and avoid materialism and greed.

If this resonates with you, you’re probably a lightworker. It can be a lonely path, but it’s gratifying at the end. Whenever you’re weighed down or feel lost and frustrated, just remember your purpose. Remember, you aren’t here to reduce yourself to what society is pushing you to become. You are here to create an impact in the world; you’re here to shine vibrantly.


You Feel like You don’t Belong

Are You an Earth Angel - 10 Clear Signs

Do you feel like you don’t belong? You could feel that you don’t fit into your family, into most of humanity, or at times you might feel like an alien.

You may feel like everyone is happily falling in line with the status quo, while you, on the other hand, is seeing that there is something wrong – that there is a better way of being.

Growing up and in school, a lot of earth angels struggle to fit. This brings a longing of wanting to go home, to leave this world, and to find a better place.

But as an earth angel, once you align yourself with your purpose, once you reclaim your power, incredible gifts and opportunities come forth. You’re then able to thrive and make your mark in the world.


Align with Your Purpose

But, how do you align your life with your divine purpose? Well, start with the things that spur your curiosity. What excites you? Where does your passion intersect with serving others?

What is that one thing that you can do today that will add value to other people’s lives, and that will benefit humanity? Being able to serve others is what aligns you with your earth angel purpose.

You don’t need to be perfect to an earth angel, though. Still, we are all human. We have challenges, limitations, lessons to learn, and growth opportunities. But through it all, the overarching mission is to serve, help create positive change, and to show that humanity can live with greater love, joy, and harmony.


Our Right to Happiness, Freedom, Love, and Abundance

Earth angels understand that we can’t go one being isolated and separated from each other; our survival is hinged on us coming together. The Earth angels’ greatest hope is that as a collective, we will unite and claim our right to happiness, freedom, love, and abundance.

The earth has provided us with enough resources for every individual to live fully and happily, but our consciousness hinders us from attaining this truth. Angles strive to wake everyone up to our connectedness.


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