The 9 Major Types of Extrasensory Perception Explained

The 9 Major Types of Extrasensory Perception Explained
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Almost every one of us has had a vision about something before it actually happened, right? Though it may appear  strange to some of us, it’s without a doubt the work of the sixth common sense. You see, besides the five senses, there’s the sixth one which is known as the extrasensory perception. So, what is extrasensory perception?

Literally speaking, extrasensory perception means, “extra the senses we have”. It’s the natural gift to discern data and information without having to use the other five senses. Undeniably, you also have a sixth and seventh sense that you just can’t explain, right? Well, this takes us to…


Types of Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

Oftentimes, some of us have been accused of reading someone else’s mind. Or had a vision or dream about something only for it to happen a few hours later. If this rings true for you or a person you know, then extrasensory perception is definitely at play. The basic assumption behind this sense is that humans have the ability to experience things beyond the capabilities of the senses we know.

Since the popularization of the concept in 1934 by Duke University’s Professor Rhine Banks, many theories have been coined as to what results in extrasensory perception. It’s widely believed that all humans have a certain degree of extrasensory perception and that we often experience this sense, albeit involuntarily.

Others believe that only a few individuals are created with this unique gift, which they can easily access when they’re in some mental state. In real terms, most humans are aware of their unique abilities than others.

Now, on to extrasensory perception types.

The 9 Major Types of Extrasensory Perception Explained


1. Precognition

The first type of ESP we’re going to delve into is the precognition. In simpler terms, this term means that some people can foresee what will happen in future.

The human subconscious mind has the ability to predict what will happen in future. The mind can make predictions by reviewing the present situations to make projections for the future situations. When these predictions eventually come to pass, then we can say that they’re linked to precognition.

One of the most popular individuals famed for their precognitive abilities and capacities is Nostradamus. This guy made lots of predictions throughout his life, all of which came to historical fruition even long after he passed away.


2. Retro-cognition

Now, this one is the ability to look into the past.

An individual with this ability and capacity can discern other people, places, or past events that they have no link to in any way. A common example of when this sense manifests itself is when you feel a déjà vu that you experience when you feel as if you’ve experienced something before.

Someone with this ability can actually tell you in the present what it felt like living through the events of say, the 1912 Titanic tragedy!



3. Telepathy

Figure out this: you became so close to a person until it became possible for you to actually tell what is going on in their mind. Or have you ever said the same words as another person at the same time? Does this ring true for you?

While you may not be a full telepath, you at least have an idea of what telepathy is. In simpler terms, telepathy is the ability to discern other people’s thoughts.  Telepaths can communicate with other people using only their mind and no other sensory organs.

Of all other extrasensory perception types, telepathy is the most popular and the most researched ESP.


4. Telekinesis or Psychokinesis

Undoubtedly, you could be familiar with this type of extrasensory perception, especially if you fancy watching superhero movies and films.

Psychokinesis is the ability of an individual’s mind to have an effect on other objects without the influence of physical energy. The word id drawn from two words, “Psyche” which means mind, and “kinesis” which means “motion” or “movement”. Psychokinesis is the alleged ability to influence physical systems, mentally without any physical effort. Basically, this concept relies on fiction and fantasy, as found in films. For instance, you may have seen a person stare at another person’s house and it disappears, or such, right?

The 9 Major Types of Extrasensory Perception Explained


5. Mediumship

This is yet another common type of extrasensory perception. It’s the ESP that gives people the “heebie jeebies”.

Essentially, mediums are individuals who have the ability to reconnect with spirits of departed souls. Thus, mediumship can be said to be the ability to communicate with the dead. This ability can be utilized in a range of ways, and it combines several types of extrasensory perception to channel the spirits of the dead.


6. Clairvoyance

The term clairvoyance is derived from two terms, “clair” which in French means “clear”, and “voyant” which refers to “seeing”. Clairvoyance is the ability or capacity to get information about an object, even, scenario, or even location by means of extrasensory perception. Clairvoyants are individuals who allegedly are created with this ability.

Self-proclaimed clairvoyants including Steiner Rudolf and Sylvia Brown are known to have the ability to transmit signals and images to remote locations.

This type of extrasensory perception is said to be at its strongest when clairvoyants are meditating, though it can also happen without your knowledge.

Also, this type of ESP has different variations in terms of senses, with each focusing on a different sense as explained below:


7. Clairsentience

Clairsentience is the ability to experience the emotions and sensations of another person without external stimulation. Oftentimes, this is coupled with paranormal activities such as the ability to feel the coldness of the ghosts.

If someone has this ability, then it means that they’ve a feeling that permeates their whole body without the influence of any external stimuli. Also, such a person is thought to be clairempaths because they can discern what animals, people and even locations are experiencing.

Clairsentience is a type of extrasensory perception that resembles telepathy, in which a psychic reader can detect and feel the emotions of fellow humans, animals and places as well. In real terms, clairsentients can connect with nature’s vibrations and sense the surrounding of different realms of life to make accurate psychic readings.



8. Clairaudience

Clairaudience is the capability to receive information through hearing and psychic senses.

Essentially, it’s a gift of ESP that allows psychics to hear scenarios that are happening to other people, but without any other sensory input. As with clairvoyants, it’s widely believed that clairaudience becomes most effective when a person is meditating. However, clairaudients can glean information in any environment even when they’re not meditating.


●  Clairalience

This refers to the ability to pick up on information through smell. This one is yet another type of heightened extrasensory perception, though it’s less common as compared to several other types. While all humans can smell, clairalience can detect smells that the “ordinary” human can’t. These mysterious smells are thought to emanate from the spiritual world which are released into the physical aura by spiritual beings.


●  Clairgustance

Clairgustance is the ability to receive external information through taste, though without actually putting anything in the mouth.

While we can all taste, individuals with the gift of clairgustance don’t have to taste to gleam information. What they do is spiritually “taste” things to detect essences. Do you get the idea?


9. Forecasting

The 9 Major Types of Extrasensory Perception Explained

Forecasting is the ability to predict future events accurately, for example, who will win a lottery or a race.

Now, what is associated with extrasensory perception?

Most psychics allege to have spiritual powers that enable them to look into the past and future. This way, they can easily see what happened in the past or predict the future.

Extrasensory perception is a general term for the many hypothetical spiritual and mental abilities that some people have.

Another telepathic ability is “Psychometry”- this is the ability to gleam information about an object, person or even place by feeling a physical object through touch. Extrasensory perception is based on the concept that human beings, or do we say some, have the ability to perceive things beyond what the known senses can.

Extrasensory perception has been with us and many other indigenous cultures of the world for many centuries since the beginning of civilization. However, this journey has not been without ups and downs. For example, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the practice of extrasensory perception, where most people believe that several of its aspects are not scientifically backed.


Do You Have Extrasensory Perception?

The ten types of ESP we’ve talked about above are also referred to as the types of extrasensory perception in psychology. Parapsychologists say that psychics are overly creative, super-sensitive to the energy within and around them, have great instincts, are highly imaginative, may recall past events, love animals, and extremely compassionate. If this rings true for you, then you could be a psychic in waiting.


Now You Know the Extrasensory Perception

There’s still a lot to research on extrasensory perception, but we can all agree that every one of us has the ability and capacity to see more than what our senses can see, right?


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