Seeing Repeated Numbers? Discover What They Mean (Angel Numbers)

Seeing Repeated Numbers?  Discover What They Mean (Angel Numbers)
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Every one of us has angels around us at all times. Although, our guardian angels do not communicate with us efficiently to understand or interpret. Our angels do talk to us in mysterious ways, either in mysterious signs, symbols, or uncanny synchronistic occurrences that one must be in alignment with to understand them.

Angels are said to be celestial messengers from God. They represent truth and they are, in fact, our highest truth. Angels are governed by the laws of God, and this limits them from interfering in our lives without our consent.

This is the reason why our angels have to send their messages to us through mysterious signs, wonders, symbols, and some uncanny synchronistic occurrences.

We have to understand that being surrounded by angels of God is a definite blessing from God, most especially when they try to reach out to us with the angel numbers. The use of the angel numbers to communicate some spiritual messages is quite easy to interpret. We will discuss the angelic numbers and their meanings extensively later in this article.

Before we proceed to discuss the types of numbers that our guardian angels use to communicate to us, we need to understand the meaning of angel numbers.


What are angel numbers?

One of the most exciting ways in which our angels communicate and send their divine guidance and wisdom is with the angel numbers.

Angel numbers are a sequence of numbers that carries the divine messages and sacred guidance by referring to some specific numerological meanings.

In numerology, the science of numbers, it is understood that each number carries a divine meaning that goes beyond being a simple quantity only. These numbers carry a series of vibrational meanings.

The vibrational frequencies which align with our natural vibrational frequencies of thoughts are similar to the frequencies in which our guardian angels and other celestial beings resonate.

Whenever our guardian angels want to get our attention, they do send us a specific series of numbers, which appears in our everyday experiences concurrently.

The recurrent natures of these sequences are the ones that seem so uncanny and mysterious, and could make you look wherever you can to find meaning in them.

Having defined the angelic numbers, we need to know how these angel numbers work.



How the angel numbers work

The angel numbers generally work through some meaningful coincidence or synchronicity.

“Synchronicity” is a term referred by a psychologist as a coincidence that tends to be extremely meaningful and uncanny. These events are like nudges from some unseen guiding forces, which we can understand to be the messages from the sacred or divine angelic realm.

How does it feel to have a meaningful coincidence?

Let us consider a case scenario where you have seen the number 333 reoccur in several cases. You wake up in the morning at about 3:33 am for no particular reason. You went shopping the next day, and the total cost of items you purchased was $333. Later that day, you stopped to buy fuel at the gas station, and it cost you $33.30. At about 3:33 pm, you got a phone call from your dad asking if you would be available for the family Thanksgiving feast at about 3:33 pm the next day.

At some point, you may take a break, only to realize something strange has been occurring for some days now. Then you discover it is number 333 that has been recurring at various events, and you start to feel anxious and curious to find out what that has to do with your life.

Perhaps, if there was an emergency, the signs may have been a warning sign from your guardian angel. Otherwise, there may be a hidden message embedded deeply in the symptoms. This is the moment when the numerological meaning of numbers plays in.

The number 3 signifies Trinity, which is the symbolic representation of self-expression, spiritual growth, and creativity. Through this angelic number 333, your guardian angel may be leading you towards the path of spirituality and will provide you with the in-depth meaning of life that you have been seeking.



Why do the angels speak to us with these numbers?

Angels are pure celestial beings. They are created by God to operate at a very high vibrational frequency. The physical realm has a much slower vibrational frequency for them to communicate with us, and they have to do so through our minds. We, humans, are the only thing in the spiritual realm that is capable of understanding and successfully interpreting the information from the higher, spiritual realm.

The angelic numbers have a vibrational nature that is similar to the vibrational frequency of the divine angelic realm. Each digit of the number has its vibrational meaning that will only allow you to interpret the messages you receive from the sacred source.

So be mindful that, whenever you see a repetitive series of numbers, they carry with them some specific information about your situation and how you can improve your life.



How to interpret the angel numbers easily

Our guardian angels are so loving and caring, and they only want the best for you. They send messages to you whenever they try to make you realize your life can be better than what it is at the moment.

Every day in life, you come across different series of numbers and combinations that carry divine vibrational information from the sacred realm you should always take note of. Combinations of numbers also carry spiritual meanings.



Here are some guidelines to understanding the meaning of the angel numbers:


1- This digit represents leadership, originality, and independence. Whenever this digit appears, it could signal the beginning of something new in your life.

2- This number symbolizes association, cooperation, and sensitivity to other people and this could be a sign that you need to cooperate or be more sensitive than you are.

3- This digit represents creativity, spirituality, and self-expression. Our guardian angels may use this number to reveal to us new avenues of creativity and spirituality.

4- This is the number which symbolizes stability, career, and work. When our guardian angel is revealing this number to us, it is a sound of warning to us by our angels concerning our work and career.

5- This number is associated with life adventures, higher consciousness, and excitements. Whenever our guardian angel reveals this to us, it means the angels are giving a sign to us that symbolizes good times are on the way to locate us.

6- This number represents everything that is connected with our home and responsibilities.

7- This number symbolizes a sign that you are in perfect alignment with your sacred or spiritual purpose. Seven is the number of spirits; divine opportunities are bound to open up for you.

8- This number represents abundance and material prosperity. If you come across this number at any point in life, it means the angels are sending you guidance on how you can attract the abundance, while achieving your divine purpose.

9- This number symbolizes that your soul’s deeper purpose has been accomplished. It is a sign from the sacred source that it is time to start working on yourself.

11- The number is a master number and a sacred symbol that instructs you to listen to your more profound intuitions. You may be about to stumble onto something that can raise your vibrational energy to a new height.

22- This is a master builder number that signifies that you can make your dreams come to life.


Repeating angel numbers

The repeating angel numbers are the ones we often encounter in life. These repeating numbers are used to relay spiritual and sacred messages to us by our guardian angels. Here are some repeated numbers and their sacred meaning.


Seeing Repeated Numbers?  Discover What They Mean (Angel Numbers)

111- This number symbolizes that a new spiritual journey awaits you. What this means is that your guardian angel is instructing you to calm your nerves and adopt a less intense approach towards tackling life problems.

222- This number represents work on installing balance and harmony in your life. What this means is that you should always stay truthful and faithful to your benefits.

333- This number signifies that you need to learn how to express yourself. Do not be a coward. The message behind this angelic number is that you should open doors to courage and strength and will give you unlimited persistence and determination that you need to move forward in life.

444- This number symbolizes your angels are encouraging you to reach for the stars. The message behind this angelic number is that you are at a junction in your life where you need to realize and make decisions that are important to your spirituality.

555- This number signifies that significant changes await you, so embrace them! The message behind this divine number is that personal growth, or even physical change, can be anything.

666- This number signifies that you are stuck in the past and you must let go of it. The guardian angels are trying to encourage you when you begin to lose faith.

777- This number symbolizes that you should embrace who you are and explore your hidden treasure. Your angels are trying to congratulate you.

888- This number signifies that something positive is on its way to find you. This message means that the universe will only attract you the kind of energy you pour out to it.

0000- This number represents financial security is around, and your luck will change.

1010- This angelic number signifies that you should stop being complacent.

1111- This number signifies that you should stop being worried about other people’s opinion of you.

999- This number signifies that you need to focus your energy on the bigger picture.

1212- This number instructs you to stay on a positive mentality and focus on the greater good.

1313- This signifies that you should always ride on positive waves.

1144- This number signifies that you can create your reality.

2121- This angelic number signifies that you need to accept yourself for who you truly are.

1414- This number instructs you to concentrate on positive aspects of life.


What happens when you stop seeing angelic numbers?

After subsequent periods of you encountering the angel numbers and the messages they pass, there will be a period when you will not encounter such numbers again. You do not have to worry about it. This is because if you keep getting revelations from your angels at all time, they will become less significant to you. As we said, angels are celestial beings. They are on a high vibrational frequency, much higher than the ordinary.



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