Lunar Cycles: How The Moon Affects Us Women

Lunar Cycles: How The Moon Affects Us Women
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The moon has been linked to human psychology for as far back as the 16th century. This celestial light has deep roots in different cultures, myths, and even theories that pertain to humans. While you might not have heard of the lunar effect, you must have defiantly heard the myth of werewolves turning to full wolves during the full moon. According to some studies conducted by historians, it was discovered that centuries ago, people would come out for social activities during the light of the full moon but when it was dark, they stayed at home to reflect. This practice, with time, became genetically engineered into us that we don’t need the moonlight to see anymore. As women, the moon lunar cycles have a strong effect on our physical and psychological entity. Although we don’t know why that exists, the changes are not the ones that could be waded off. The different forms of the moon have their own ways of attacking us as women; hence the need to know them. If you have always been the one to wave off stuff like this, it’s high time you started looking into getting more knowledge on how the lunar cycle affect you as a lady.

Lunar Cycles: How The Moon Affects Us Women


1. It affects your sleep

According to a study made by Swiss researchers who collected sleep data for 33 people so as to confirm if the lunar cycle truly affects it, it was discovered that it took the people five minutes longer than usual to sleep four days before and after the full moon. They also had a 30% reduction in deep sleep and 20 minutes less of their duration of sleep. Not just this, but there is a lower secretion of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. However, this is not the case at the time of the new moon, when the sky is always dark, as the moon is yet to be visible. Even though no one knows for sure how this comes about, if as a lady you find yourself sleeping more during the time of the new moon or waking early during the full moon, now you know why.



2. Menstrual cycle regulation

The menstrual cycle for ladies is around 28 days which is quite close to the lunar phase of 29 days. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, a study published in 2011 in the journal Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica shed more light on this. The study includes the tracking of the menstrual cycle of about 826 women between the age of 16 and 25 years. Lunar cycles, It was discovered that about 30% of them had their menstruation during the full moon. Another 12.5% of those were studied who had their period during another phase of the moon.

Lunar Cycles: How The Moon Affects Us Women


3. It could affect your energy

The lunar cycle has a way of making us feel. Take, for example, during the new moon we are likely going to be more introspective. This can be likened to the beginning of the new moon phase. There is no visible moonlight on the sky during the new moon, meaning it’s very dark at night and the energy available is quite low. The study has also shown that people get tired and tend to be more introspective during this new moon. Instinctively, we see the new moon as an opportunity for a fresh start. However, during the first half of the lunar cycle, we feel more motivated than before. There you see yourself drawing plans from the previous introspection. The larger the moon becomes the more the feelings of possibility and renewal of energy. Also, people are known to intuitively start new projects during this time.



4. It can cause a rise in childbirth

Yes! You read correctly! The supermoon has been known to contribute significantly to the uprise of childbirth. A research conducted in a private hospital in Koyo, Japan made this known through its study of over 1,000 births, and showed that more babies were recorded to have been given birth to during the time the moon lunar cycles was closer to the earth’s surface than when it was far off. The reason for this is because the gravitational pull was at its strongest. However, this gravitational pull is not seen during the full moon.


5. A full moon can make you hyper

Lunar Cycles

The full moon for ages has always been the time where people are known to observe an uprise in energy. While we cannot be sure, it could be the reason ancient Greeks had different myths and rituals around the full moon, the most popular being that of the lochans. As we have stated earlier, the full moon was well celebrated, as it provided light for the night. Now that we have modern means of generating light, this old practice stayed inherent with us. The full moon comes with lots of energy and this makes us feel more anxious, hyperactive, and emotional. As the common saying goes, “no good deed goes unpunished.” During the time of the full moon, there is a heightening of dreams and nightmares which will make you get very anxious. Also, you might have unstable emotions coursing through your body during the full moon too. So during this time, you can have a misunderstanding from the slightest issue that wouldn’t have caused rancor on a normal day. During this time, you should be careful not to make any lasting damage to your relationship by telling your significant other beforehand what is going on with it. That way you can reduce the rate at which your unstable emotions affect you.


6. Sexual tendencies

Another way ladies are affected by the moon is their sexual influence. Although it varies depending on the lunar phase, the cosmic energy sent by the moon cannot be circumvented. During the first phase of the moon—that is, the new moon—there is little to no sexual energy. While you might prefer to be alone, some exhibit this by just cuddling their significant other.

Even though we see the moon virtually every time, we have little knowledge of how and why we, as women, are so linked to it. But now that you’ve read what the lunar cycles mean to you as a lady, you will not only know why there are some changes in you but how to better prepare for and handle them when they come.


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