Discover the 6 Sex Mistakes You Might Be Making

Discover the 6 Sex Mistakes You Might Be Making
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Is your sexual relationship with your spouse what you hoped it would be? Are you still clueless? Well, it’s fine. Men and women are totally different humans when it comes to issues sex, and they must strive to please each other. Even in advanced age, you should at least try to learn a few new things.

See, truth be told- we run things and not the other way around. And there’s nothing under the sun will ever stop us from believing it, right? We would be lying to ourselves that everything in life is perfect, and that there are no ‘’oopsies’’ that keep happening.

The same way it’s normal to have a few glitches here and there in life, it’s okay for them to happen in bed as well. However, we all look forward to have flawless sex, right everyone? Which is why it helps to find out the common sex mistakes you might be making in bed. You deserve to know how to get better in bed. Be guaranteed that you will perform better in bed if you correct avoid mistakes during sex.

Discover the 6 Sex Mistakes You Might Be Making


Common Mistakes During Sex


1. Having Intercourse When the Woman Is Not Ready

There’s no bigger mistake in bed than having sex when the woman is not yet aroused. It happens all the time, but only a few couples will pay attention to it, right?

It’s worthwhile noting that while it’s obvious for a man to get aroused and ready for intercourse, it’s not necessarily obvious that the woman is aroused. When this happens, the wife is not ready for sex and she’ll definitely find it difficult to reach climax before the man has ejaculated. Couples that have the habit of having sex before the woman is ready for it certainly find the need to use lubricants to ease penetration.

Tip: If the woman is fully ready, she will likely not need lubricants.

When she’s fully aroused, there are some physiological changes that take place in her body, which allows for the elongation of the vagina. Additionally, the body also produces a natural lubrication, which makes penetration less painful. This is better than buying oils you see on shelves.

So, how do you ensure that she’s ready for intercourse? Engage in adequate foreplay. Men, use your hands gently, or yet still, allow her to do it herself. This way, her body will open up endless possibilities, such as a great penetrative pleasure for both you, and of course, a happy ending for her as well.



2. Sticking to The Missionary Position Even When It Doesn’t Work

Most of us had our first intercourse in the missionary position. That’s a fact. It is in real terms the toughest position for any man looking to delay ejaculation until the woman reaches a happy ending. It’s even tougher for beginners, so we can include it in the list of beginner sex mistakes.

Now, if this style does not work for you, try out something else. You need to learn the needs of both of you, because we can’t conclude that either of you knows better. Learn together, which is, in fact, an awesome thing by itself. You can actually use your own imagination, or choose from the four most popular sex styles. It all goes down to what works best for you, unless you are a gymnast.

Discover the 6 Sex Mistakes You Might Be Making


3. Fake Moans, Fake Orgasms

One reason among 90,000 that renders explicit videos awful and horrendous is the fact it portrays women responding to sexual pleasure in unrealistic ways. Men, those are not real orgasms. They don’t look like that. How on earth could someone carry on moaning like a fool? Why?

Many couples have been in happy marriages with great sex, enjoying themselves thoroughly minus writhing. So, brothers, if you are in a sinful relationship where your woman fakes moan and orgasms, she’s doing to probably enhance your ego.

For ladies engaging in such misguided attempts, there is a likelihood that they’ll end up in unsatisfying sexual relationships. And they will have themselves to blame. However, you have a chance to confess and repent, because making sex mistakes is not punishable by law or even in heaven (we’re not sure). It can be a huge blow to his ego, but a caring man takes constructive criticism positively, and he will, without doubt, get back to the drawing board and figure out how to please you.

Sow lies, reap a huge lie. Faking is lying, you know?

Hint: When she’s experiencing sexual pleasure, or orgasms, the body is going through some physiological changes. Orgasms can’t be faked, so you will see and feel such feelings if you’re keen enough.


4. Believing That Pornographic Materials Can Revive Your Sex Life

Have you heard about people who are addicted to pornography? If you haven’t raise your hand. Now, there are many people who are already battling addiction to pornographic videos, audio, and print. What started off as mere curiosity could easily turn into compulsion, and you will find it difficult to abandon them. In simpler terms, if pornography hooks its roots in you, you will reap destruction.

But sex toys are a better way to spice up a sexual relationship with your partner. They not only boost intimacy and keep your libido charged, but also they keep your kegel muscles toned. You have just got to learn how to please your partner sexually, so be keen on the idea of sex toys. Learn to use your natural skills skillfully for the benefit of both of you, as sex toys are not a magic pill.



5. Feeling Shy About Our Looks

Men and women make a lot of mistakes during sex, but worrying about looks is one of the most common of all. And it affects women more than men. You know, when a guy is having sex with a woman, he doesn’t care about how the looks. So, if you are constantly concerned with your look, you could be doing it wrong. It is the highest time you changed. You look great and that’s why he loved you, right?

Come on now, don’t feel shy when you are having sex with your partner. You are already at it and you know it because you have done it previously. Unless you were plucked directly from the ‘virgins’ empire, you have no reason to shy off when having a good time together. How will you even learn something new if you cover your face with hands?


6. Thinking That It Will Work for Your Wife Because It Worked with Someone Else

Discover the 6 Sex Mistakes You Might Be Making

For men, it does not require much effort to reach ejaculation. But for a woman to achieve orgasm, the man has to know how to do it the right way. If you are a man, you must know how to please your wife. No one cares about how experienced you are when it comes to doing it, but you should that knowledge is unfortunately not automatic- truth be told. Do not assume that all women are the same. They have different needs, and you will rely on her feedback to improve how you do it.

Hey ladies, this is how to make a man addicted to you in bed.

● Take control. Your man will like you more if you can go out of your comfort zone. Yes, it feels awesome to have him woo you and take control, but you shouldn’t let him take control every time you want to make love. Don’t submit too easily.

● Go down on him. You definitely like it when he goes down on you, right? It is now your turn to return that favor. Make him orgasms using your mouth only! Needless to say, most guys love it.

● Be hygienic. Hygiene is important to both men and women. But ladies need to clean their sexual organs often, and before and after sex. Guys like clean ladies.


You ask, “How Long Does an Average Man Last in Bed?”

This topic has been an endless debate among men and women. Misinformation about how long should a man last during sex has also been rampant. Some say it should be between 4 to 6 minutes, others 30 minutes, and there’s also this lot that believes a man should last for an hour in bed. Which is which? You are left wondering.

What is more fascinating about the debate is that most men actually tend to overestimate the duration their sex lasts.

Now, naturally, an average man should last about six minutes in sex. That is the average time before he can achieve orgasm. But the majority of men last between 4 and 11 minutes. Anyone who lasts more than 21 minutes is an outlier.


Avoid Common Mistakes During Sex: It’s Easy and Possible

Thinking that you are ‘’experienced’’ in sex matters is the biggest among 10k sex mistakes. You are clueless until the time you decide to learn a few new things to try out in bed. The list of the common sex mistakes above is by no means exhaustive, as we all are different. You just need to be creative in figuring out what can work for you and your needs, and with time and lots of practice, you’ll improve. That is how to get better in bed.


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