Is Your Pet Visiting You From The Afterlife? 10 Ways to Know

Is Your Pet Visiting You From The Afterlife? 10 Ways to Know
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Do pets have an afterlife? Most pet owners have confirmed receiving signs after their animal friends have died, which prove they have an afterlife. It’s thus usual for your departed pet to communicate back after they die. But what are the most common signs of pet visiting from the afterlife?

You’re not alone when it comes to asking such pet-related questions. Most of these afterlife pet signs were documented from client call experiences, personal experiences, bar talk, family recounts, and roundtable events that involved different mediums, among others. Here are 10 signs your pet is visiting from the afterlife.


1. Feeling Their Presence

The most widely recognized form of this sign occurs during bedtime. Most pets delight staying by your bedside when alife, and even in the afterlife, the same happens. The departed pets continue with these patterns as a way to say goodbye and to inform us they’re alright in the other world.

Since it’s the most noticeable sign, it makes most of the doubters believe there’s communicating with pets after death. Pets understand our feelings better than other animals. Hence, they’re also close to us when we’re lamenting after losing them. Once you start healing, the visitations will gradually begin to cease.

You can feel their whiskers in your entire body, the heat of their breath, or just them touching you inside your room. These forms of sensations regularly occur when you’re about to wake up. During morning hours as you move out of the bed, your body is more sensitive to this form of feeling.


2. Hearing Them Around

You can listen to the voice of your pet while carrying out your chores. This can, however, happen in different ways. For instance, you might hear the paws tapping on the floor, or pitter-pattering all over the stairs. Once in a while, you may hear the familiar sound that your deceased pet used to communicate.

This is known as clairaudient – the capability to hear spirits. The power of clairaudient within us increases when we start searching for something we loved and never exists. Outside our earthly bodies, there’re spiritual antennas that receive signals from the other world.

It’s normal for your pet to keep visiting you when they’re trying to pass some message. Pet visiting from the afterlife is gradually accepted by most people who didn’t know much about the phenomenon. Some people acknowledge it as an influence of a strong bond before the animal passed on. To others, the pet is just helping us to move ahead in life. You just need to understand the ordinary sounds that your pet used to make.

Pet Visiting You From The Afterlife


3. A Peripheral Glimpse

Have you been strolling through your residence, basically moving or cleaning from one room to another, and just saw your pet from the corner of your eye? You are not crazy!

It’s one of the signs your pet is visiting from the afterlife. Your old friend wants to make contact with you. This communication is to often inform you that you’re a clairvoyant.


4. Sudden Change of Thoughts

Did your thoughts suddenly change from sadness to joy or vice versa? It’s difficult to think about anything good when you’re mourning or during a misfortune. However, owners of pets can encounter the unusual shock of positive energy. It comes in the kind of a happy thought or memory.

It’s something that happens suddenly, and they didn’t expect happy moments alongside their pet. The unusual happening is an assurance sign that your pet is attempting to perk you from the afterlife.

It’s also another form of a reminder not to concentrate on the loss. You should rather focus on the good moments that you shared and keep them in your heart. After the pet has died, they look forward to brightening and to comfort you from the other side.



5. Dreaming Of the Afterlife Love

One of the ways the pets on the other side show their wellbeing is during sleep mode visitations. The appearance and dream slightly differ since the former is detailed and comes along with the feeling of peace.

Often, animals communicate through empathy or telepathy during their visits. You may thus sense the love message or get a message in your brain. After waking up, you might feel confused and sad because visitations are personal, and their feelings are real. Some people unconsciously run around their house, searching for the pet that had already died.

Everybody can receive such visits. Just request your pet to visit you in your dream and request your angels to assist you in accomplishing the objective.


6. Smelling Afterlife Love

Our gone pets can show they’re still around through a noticeable, memorable odor. Scents aren’t the most usual ways of showing their heavenly hello, but there are other different forms of smells that pets leave behind. It’s a message to their owners that things are okay in the afterlife.

The scents include the smell of their earthly bedding, pet food, flatulence, breath, wet fur, collar, and shampoo. Most animals have a strong sense of smell. It’s not a big surprise that fragrances are common means of communication by your pet.

Smelling Afterlife Love


7. Seeing Their Afterlife Love

Your departed pet doesn’t want to alarm you but saying they’re doing well. There are various ways they do so, and one of them is via the sense of seeing. The following are some of the messages that you may see with your eyes:

● Recurring numbers
● Seeing an animal that resembles your pet crossing over
●  Signs in nature such as a bird or a butterfly
● Small objects like coins, stones or feathers

It is, however, uncommon for the departed pet to come out in a full nebulous vision, apparition like structure, but it isn’t impossible. Whenever you meet your pet, it’s ordinarily in the dream or visitation state.


8. Their Song Playing On the Radio

This occurrence takes place from a wide range of departed pets. For the most part, it’s the song that used to play in your car after seeing the vet. It can also be the song that you heard immediately your pet left this world.

Some of us settle on signature songs for our pets. In such cases where we identify our departed pet with a certain song, you’re able to recognize the visitation when the song plays easily.



9. Waking Feeling Their Whiskers or Tweets

There is that time you were woken up by the tweets or whiskers of your departed pet. These sorts of signs are clear signs that you’re sensing the presence of your pet.

The signs are common when your consciousness is between waking up and sleeping. During this time, your awareness is the most open and responsive to detect such signs.


10. Sending Of Another Companion

There are those moments when you can meet a strange pet at your doorsteps. In other cases, you meet the person who helped in raising the pet before they departed. You might also end up meeting several new animals.


Has Your Pet Visited From the Afterlife?

Pet Visiting You From The Afterlife

Your deceased pet can send any of the above forms of messages. They would like you to rejoice again, and that’s why they’re forwarding a message. The truth of the matter is; pets are close to us and even adore us more than we think.

It is this love that proceeds into the afterlife. Our pets are the right signs that unconditional love exists. For a significant number of us, pets permit us to act naturally, and they’ll love us in any case.

Pets are among the most prominent trainers in life. While they’re our emotional guides, they keep on doing so in the afterlife as well. They will continue with this responsibility until we join them on the other side.


That’s it On Pet Visitations

The above ten signs are confirmation that your pet is visiting you. Animals are possibly the most flawless hearted creatures on earth. They love us unconditionally, from the time they entered our home until they departed. If yours is visiting you from the other world, then breathe easy whenever you sense their visitation. They’re here to comfort you while you lament. You should not thus fret after getting signs your pet is visiting from the afterlife.

The bond between us and pets is pure. Due to the strong friendship and love, we may experience unbearable grief. But there’s no easy way to grieve. The cure to the lamenting heart is a complex individualized formula. Nothing will cause the hurt to leave. However, the mindfulness that our pets traversed into the afterlife and continue communicating back comforts us.

It’s the same way we address our human friends. When they communicate from the afterworld life, it’s a way of helping us cope with the loss and recover. It also reminds us that they’re doing well wherever they are, and we’re united in love. Besides, they’re waiting for us when our time comes, and we shall unite in the next world!


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