Interpreting The Art Of Palmistry and How It Affects Your Life

Interpreting The Art Of Palmistry and How It Affects Your Life
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Life is one complex subject, and we as humans have for long tried to figure it out. The astonishing thing is that the answer to life lies within us. At least that is the idea that the art of palmistry tries to tell us.

What is palmistry? You may ask. Basically, it is the art of reading the palm part of our hands to give us an insight into who we are and our destiny. Like many more disciplines that try to explain our existence and our role in the universe, palmistry leans more towards pseudoscience.

You may have come across palm readers or have heard about them. Well, if you do not comprehend the art of palm reading, it may be easy to dismiss it as a sham. Far from it, it is among the specific pointers of our destiny once you understand the art or are in the experienced hands of a master palm reader.

Some quarters refer to this practice as chiromancy.


History Of Palm Reading

While it is hard to point out where exactly palm reading originated from, an agreeable notion that it came from the Eurasian continent. India is the suggested birthplace of this art, and up to now, the country boasts of having a significant number of chiromancy practitioners.

The discipline probably spread to surrounding territories such as China, Tibet, and Persia courtesy of the interaction these countries had with India. The gypsies, who had some Indian ancestry, seem to be the possible link with the development of the art in Europe, mostly around Roma and also in Egypt.

In Europe, it morphed quickly, and the witch-hunting conquest of that time led to its growth. Pigmentation and spots on the palm were presumed to be a sign of the pact with the devil, a deal most believed the witches got into at that time.

Its growth went hand in hand with other disciplines that picked ground during medieval times such as alchemy and astrology. They picked up further during the renaissance era but dipped down during the succeeding ages.

The dip in popularity came at the age of enlightenment, where rational and empirical foundations pointing at evidence were the main points of concern. However, it picked up at the end of the 19th century, and at the moment it is receiving the much-needed appreciation it deserves.

At the moment, you will find those keen on mastering the ancient art of palmistry venturing into other pseudoscience fields such as tarot cards and zodiac signs interpretation.



How Can You Read Your Palm?

The palm is the basic unit when it comes to palm reading divination. Even in the medical field, a look at your palm can give the doctor hints of your health condition. Just by staring at your palm, the physician can get an indication of dehydration, low blood circulation or even jaundice. When it comes to the art of chiromancy, another person should handle the reading as it edges out the aspect of bias when reading. It works in the same way that a doctor needs another to diagnose him or her.

When it comes to reading palms, you, first of all, need to have the skill. There are several ways to acquire the ability, but an interest in the discipline is vital to get you on the right path. To get you started, you need to know the purpose of palmistry. The following are some of the uses of this discipline.

Interpreting The Art Of Palmistry and How It Affects Your Life


Purposes Of Palmistry


● Self-Discovery

One of the best things to do for you is discovering who you are. Self –discovery is significant and helps you understand yourself when it comes to your temperament, thought process and your entire personality.  By reading your palms, an experienced palm reader can give you a conclusive hint of your character. Knowing your nature also helps you understand your energy cycle and how to boost your vibrations.


● Knowledge Of Your Destiny

As earlier hinted, the key and answer to our future in life lie within us. The lines on our palm function as prints of what lies before us in life. If you have the ability to read palms, you may tell someone’s destiny and what is ahead of their path in life. The skill is, at times confused with prophecy. Despite both of them having the theme of foresight, they are entirely different subjects.


● For Advisory Purposes

Palmistry has a sense of foresight that you may bank on for advisory purposes. Your destiny is always in your hands, and only you have the chance to shape it. Knowing the possible future occurrences, you may pick a specific path to avert an unwanted scenario.

Interpreting The Art Of Palmistry and How It Affects Your Life


Palm Reading Basics

Palm reading for beginners focuses on the basics to help you get ground on this pseudoscience topic. Your palm reading guide will inform you that the palm is the crucial element when it comes to this art. When you have the palm in front of you, it is like having a book with you only that the writings are different.

The shape and the lines on the surface are what lead you to come up with a conclusive report on a person.  Below are some of the basics to serve in orienting you to palmistry for beginners.


● The Shape Of The Palm

Interpreting The Art Of Palmistry and How It Affects Your Life

Once you have the palm in your hand, you need to take note of characteristics such as texture, signs of manicured fingers and many more. They all help in giving the conclusive definition of your respondent. An important part is the shape of the hand. The shape of the hand places the respondent into four personality class types depending on the size of the palm and fingers.  The four classes take on the earth elements where we have air, earth, water and fire personalities.

The air shape comes in the form of square palms and long fingers and has a skinny or bony appearance. The knuckles may also be protruding. The air personality types are curious individuals and have attention problems. They lose interest quickly and become very anxious or edgy.

Square palms and short fingers describe the earth’s personality type. The hands are solid and maybe fleshy and firm. Such individuals usually are logical and practical thinkers and are hard to sway by using myths. However, at times they get so deep in this belief until they lose themselves while at it.

Fire hands have the characteristic of a long palm and short fingers. The hands may have creases or wrinkles to a certain extent. They are passionate people with a decent amount of confidence. However, if it is not their day, they may replace the passion with lack of empathy. Water hands have long palms and long fingers. They are sensitive and have a high level of emotional tolerance. This makes them easily susceptible to getting their feelings hurt.


● Which Palm Is Read For Females?

The basic here, is which palm to read, the left or right. There are different thoughts when it comes to this subject with some putting across that the right hand is for females while the left is for males. Both hands come into play to give the best results; hence it is advisable to use both of them. The left represents what gifts you were born with, and the right indicates what you are to achieve.



● The Lines

The palm reading lines are the creases or lines across your palm. They give a deeper definition to the art, as well as you as a person. There is the lifeline, which comes from the base of the palm near the wrist and extends towards your thumb. This line represents your energy level and path in life.

The headline comes just above the lifeline, and it speaks more of our intellectual capabilities. The heart line is just above it and is the palm reading love line with a focus on our emotions and relations to others.

The vertical line running towards the small finger is the sun line, and it represents your public image and aspects of fame. The fate line is the central crease and reveals our destiny focusing on influences out of our control.


Which Line In Hand Is For Money?

The money lines are small lines under the little finger and ring finger, and they spell out your chain when it comes to fortunes.

There are also the mounts on the palm, seven in number and take the names of Greek Gods such as Mars, Jupiter, Luna and Saturn. They represent your different characters.


Interpret Palmistry More

The art of palmistry has been present for ages, and at the moment it is gaining much mainstream appeal with people trying to connect their destinies. By looking at your palm, an expert can tell your character and your future, the same to your energy flow. It is a discipline you may learn if you have the interest, and this article gives you a head start on the basics of this ancient pseudoscience age.


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