How To Heal Your Money Mindset To Attract Abundance

How To Heal Your Money Mindset To Attract Abundance
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Have you ever imagined how to become wealthier in life? We all know the positive response is more than likely. Attracting wealth all starts with your mindset, your ability to change your money mindset from scarcity to abundance helps bring forth your awaiting wealth desires, and this isn’t difficult when you know the right strategy.

Money mindset in some circles isn’t new, but if it is the first time you are coming across these words then this is a must-read! The money mindset is the way we perceive money. “Pretty straight forward,” you’ll say, but like many things in life “perceptions birth reception.” How we perceive things determines how we receive them. Take for example any person that happens to have aquaphobia; when he sees any mass of water from a bathtub filled with water or maybe the Indian Ocean, all he sees is the phobia. And even if he knows there is a treasure chest lying in the ruins of some ancient ship in the middle of the ocean he would rather stay on dry land than take a dive to riches. He does this because of his perception when he sees a mass of water. What he sees is his phobia garnished with a good number of excuses why he shouldn’t see differently and trust me, the mindset or perception problem is one of the greatest problems anyone can face. All we are saying is this: A money mindset is how you perceive money. Do you see money as good or evil, a liberator or captor, a friend or an enemy?

How To Heal Your Money Mindset To Attract Abundance


Who can have the money mindset?

Quite frankly everyone has a money mindset (yes, you do too), regardless of race, color, culture, creed, or religion. Whether you are rich or poor you have this money mindset, and it’s the reason you are where you are. So it is your choice to have that positive money mindset that makes you successful and join the bandwagon of entrepreneurs and business people who can afford to have whatever they want.


The abundance mindset

A strong misconception about having an abundance mindset is that you need to have an account with a six- or seven-digit balance. Well, the idea of having an abundance mindset goes beyond the numbers on your bank statement, an enormous house, a luxury holiday, or owning that yacht or private jet. Abundance is a feeling; it has no specific monetary value or tangible comparison. In fact, nothing defines abundance but you. Abundance is what you call it. So take a “Selah” moment and reflect on what abundance is to you. Does it mean generosity or freedom? We live in a world of perception and more often than not what we cast our minds on continually gradually becomes our reality. The Wright brothers had never flown a plane or seen anyone fly, but they had the feeling in their mind that it was possible. And it indeed became possible in 1903, and that was going to go down in history as the groundbreaking moment for the thriving aviation industry.



The scarcity mindset

While making any meaningful progress in your finances, dealing with your mindset first is important. The following are common perceptions which make up the scarcity mindset, and hence finding true healing of your mindset and setting it up for abundance means you need to first accept that you have this shortcoming and then deal with them appropriately (exterminate every one of them from your conscious and subconscious)

Your past determines your future:

Many people tend to have the belief that people with rich folks have the better chance to be rich and so if you have folks that could not afford the good life then you are destined to end up just as they did. Well, if you continue with this mindset then you are setting yourself up for living in scarcity.

“I just want to be humble.”

This is one of the excuses that comes easiest to those who have the scarcity mindset. Being humble isn’t having little, being humble is having so much and still keeping your cool. The real test of humility comes not when you have little but when you have it all. Making excuses which suggests that prosperity increases one’s chances of losing his humility is fallacious. Everyone tends to either subdue or exude their habits and to this end if anyone at any point in time was poor and humble, and all of a sudden becomes rich and narcissistic, it is not a function of the quantity of wealth but of embedded character; he probably subdued his pride till he got rich.

“I hate money.”

“If you hate it, you won’t get it.” This saying stays true of most of life’s circumstances, so don’t expect to live in abundance if you hate the tool that gives you abundance.


One of the major problems is that there are many misconceptions about money and until you take your time to study or read and understand money, you will never really get to that point where you do not misconstrue the concept of money and acquiring it. Money is not abundance in itself; it’s merely a means to an end.

“I hate the rich.”

This is another scarcity mindset that won’t see you step into abundance. Always remember that the rich is a separate entity from his riches; hence, there should be a clear distinction. Never generalize your emotions. Instead, strive to be an example.

How To Heal Your Money Mindset To Attract Abundance


10 things to do to heal your money mindset that attracts abundance

Healing your scarcity mindset and transforming it to an abundance mindset requires very intentional work on your money mindset. It is a gradual process that will inevitably shift that scarcity mindset towards a mindset that attracts abundance. Here are some practical steps to attracting abundance.


1. Educate yourself

Like the saying “knowledge is power,” you will find out on your journey to abundance that “it, most times, takes money to keep power.” So the first thing to do is to get acquainted with money as this will help you handle it more productively. To learn about personal finance, budgeting, saving, and investing as knowledge on these topics will not only broaden your scope and give you clarity on money, but it will also help you multiply it.


2. The future depends on you

Contrary to the scarcity mindset that assumes that your chances at abundance are determined by your past, a money mindset enforces that your future is dependent solely on you and not your childhood or your parent’s financial situation. Take your future into your hands.



3. Mind your words

Negative affirmation is one characteristic of the scarcity mindset that you should overcome, and you are never allowed to be pessimistic, always be optimistic. Stay away from affirmations like “I cannot get that contract” or “I cannot take that vacation” and start making positive affirmations like “I will get that contract” and “I will go on that vacation to…” You become what you speak so henceforth use your words to attract abundance.


4. Network and leverage on relationships

The money mindset is always ready to network, build relationships, and leverage on such relationships to get what they want, when they want it, and you must too. So start making and building relationships with the high-net-worth folks who never miss an opportunity to network.


5. Make specific, positive money affirmations

How To Heal Your Money Mindset To Attract Abundance

We have spoken about letting out the right words, and then you also need to be specific with your words. The rich know exactly what they want, and that’s what they go for, so you need to know exactly what you want. It brings a clarity of vision with it. You don’t want to go around saying “I want some money!” No! Be specific: “I want a million dollars!” That’s more like it.


6. Believe you deserve to be rich

There is a story of a rich guy who felt bad for being a millionaire until he found out that there were many more billionaires. “If you believe it, then you can be it.”


7. Never let a lack of effort be your excuse

Even with a money mindset, you are allowed to fail. It has made us human, but what differentiates someone with a money mindset from someone with a scarcity mindset is the reason for failure. If you are to attract abundance, never let your reason be that you failed to try.


8. Set huge but realistic goals

If you are to attract abundance and overcome the scarcity mindset, then you must learn to set lofty goals. Aim high, and you will soar with the eagles.


9. Be confident

Confidence is never missing with the rich. If you want to be rich then you should act like the rich. Some finance coaches even suggest that you “fake it till you make it.”


10. Be mindful of the long-term

The scarcity mindset is mindful of the now, the present: “What do I eat today? What do I wear today? How do I pay my rent?” The money mindset is mindful of the future, continually making investment plans to get more and more. They understand that a dollar today if properly invested could make a million tomorrow.


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