How to Use Gemstones to Attract Good Your Way

How to Use Gemstones to Attract Good Your Way
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What stones attract positive energy? People have been using gemstones since the old times due to their various health benefits. In modern times, gems are commonly used for ornamental purposes, and there’s also a belief that you can get health benefits from particular gems and minerals.

You can likewise use gemstones for spiritual purposes to gain peace, restore energy, and to promote protection and love. Within some belief systems, gemstones are put on particular body areas “chakras” to quicken the healing. They’ve also been used widely in shifting our feelings, vibration, and thoughts.

You can thus use specific gems to get rid of negative thinking and bad luck energy. Nearly everyone has had lucky streak experiences. Good luck can come in various ways, including excelling in business, getting a good job, increasing your financial abundance, and meeting the love of your life. The following are 15 good luck gemstones that can bring you luck.


1. Rose Quartz

This is a well-known pink-shaded gemstone that will help you to get rid of sorrows. Firmly connected with affection, the rose quartz appears to have mitigating and gentle energy that can cool your emotions when you’re disturbed. For maximum benefits, the user should wear the gem on a pendant around their neck. This enables the stone to lie next to your heart. It also helps in promoting self-love, emotional wounds, and opening your heart for positive relationships. A gift of rose quartz can be a wonderful message to someone going through divorce, breakup, family estrangement, or struggling with loneliness and lack of inner peace.

This gem has also been widely used to heal heartaches. The gemstone closely associates with love and appears to have a gentle and soothing energy that can soothe an upset wearer. Do you want a gem of genuine love? Get ready to get yourself Rose quartz. The precious stone is said to open the heart chakra of the user. It also reminds us to forgive those who wrong us, especially ourselves. You can utilize the chakra stone to nurture but also support your journey into finding self-love.


2. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is among the best gems for good health and offers you optimum protection. It will shield you against unwanted negative energy. To aid with identifying and letting go of stale, clingy beliefs, and patterns that are keeping you down, you can meditate while grasping this gem. Vivaciously speaking, getting rid of this old energy will assist in clearing space for more and new positive energy.



3. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is among the most well-known good luck gemstones that are around us for good reasons. Antiquated civilizations have used it for a long time to clear the mind and balance the body. The gem has a clear color, which implies; it can be applied in different situations and scenarios. Thus, it’s an incredible stone, especially for the total newbies who want to join the universe of precious stone healing.


4. Garnet

The perfect, profound shades of red in this gem are said to stimulate wearers and also assist them in managing medical problems. Wearing the garnet will give the entire system a boost, renew your body, or enhance your emotional well-being. The stone is additionally said to protect its wearers from bad and evil karma. Every time you wear the garnet, ensure you put it close to the heart. It is at this place that you’ll realize optimum benefits.


5. Amethyst

A superb purple gem, the amethyst brings peace, courage, and strength to the wearer. The benefits should help you in your healing. The stone has tranquil properties and calming energy that can increase creativity.

The tranquil features in the stone make it an extraordinary gift for anybody experiencing nervousness, addictions, and mood disorders. You can put it in any part of your body to promote your physical and spiritual health.

The precious amethyst stone is an outstandingly spiritual gem that is thought to assist in opening the third eye and interfacing individuals with their instinct. It’s additionally connected with clairvoyant capacities and mental clarity.

Find a good spot where you can sit holding this gem and wait for the new insights to come your way.

How to Use Gemstones to Attract Good Your Way


6. Pearl

Pearl is a lovely gem that naturally occurs inside an oyster, and you can get it in numerous shades, sizes, and shapes. The gemstone can change your whole body and bring about positive and cheerful sentiments to the wearer.

For years, the gems have been applied for treating heart problems, fertility issues, and digestive systems in the customary Asian medicinal pearls. Today, the gem’s uses have increased to include cosmetics. Some believe the gem can be utilized to cure multiple skin disorders such as rosacea.


7. Moonstone

The impressively white, clear, rainbow-hued, and beautiful moonstone is said to assist wearers with obtaining body balance, especially females. Since the old days, voyagers have utilized this gemstone as a defensive charm.

Moonstone gems have been utilized to ease tension, sorrow, sleeping disorder, and boosting creativity. Some individuals use it to heal childhood and old age ailments.


8. Amber

This is an amazing gem that you should think about. Some people consider this yellow, red, or brown shaded amber as a ground-breaking gem that you cannot overlook. Its applications range from treating stress and headaches to boosting self-expression. The gemstone is said to promote purification and cleansing, which assists with bringing sicknesses out of the body. If you want to alleviate pain from the body, search for amber.


9. Citrine

How to Use Gemstones to Attract Good Your Way

Citrine is among the gemstones to attract wealth, emotional prosperity, and positive energy. Some people believe this gem can assist with sleep problems, digestive ailments, hearing difficulties, inflammation management, and relieving pain.

Citrine is generally said to bring light, joy, and satisfaction. Do you want to appreciate the world and become keener? Search for the citrine.

It’s a beautiful manifestation gem that motivates us to think beyond practical boundaries, sustain a positive perspective, and walk the life journey with appreciation.


10. Aquamarine

You’ll recognize this glittering gem due to its ocean color. It’s among the most beautiful gems that you can purchase. There are numerous old convictions associated with this pearl. Aquamarine is said to aid with teeth, eye, and digestive issues. In the ancient days, mariners utilized this gem to bring them karma adrift. Some still utilize the gem for protection.

The gemstone has a positive power that brings happiness to its wearer and can assist you during the process of grieving. Other individuals trust that the aquamarine boosts healing energy, minimizes fear of water, and has the power to bring back your wayward lover. Some of the shamans used it for meditative purposes.



11. Turquoise

Turquoise is otherwise called the master healer and recognized as a lively scaffold between paradise and earth. Since the old times, the shocking blue stone has been intensely respected for its fortunate and protective attributes. Turquoise is also referred to as a communication stone. It’s one of the excellent luck gemstones that can assist individuals with speaking issues.

Are you experiencing difficulty putting words to your perspective or emotions? Seek for this gemstone. Regardless of whether it’s given as a gift, the gem is believed to have extensive benefits.


12. Celestite

The name Celestine comes from the Latin term “caelestis,” that means celestial. The heavenly blue gem assists in boosting the kind of happiness and peace that we get after gazing at the sky during a clear day.

It’s a perfect gem that you can put in your room to bring peace, a harmonious energy field and bring about restful sleep.


13. Carnelian

Carnelian is an incredible stone for innovative individuals. As one of the gemstones to attract good, it removes blocks that make us feel stuck, burned out, and uninspired. Just taking a gander at its lively orange color invigorates energy, inspiration, joy, and confidence.



14. Aventurine

Aventurine will help you to overcome sentiments of self-uncertainty. Similar to rose quartz, it’s said to open the heart’s energy. Whenever you’re outraged, take a couple of full breaths while grasping this gem to cool down.


15. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is an incredible energizer, and getting it can assist you in remaining roused as you develop towards your objectives. Did you hit a professional or personal deadlock, but you need to refocus? Go for this gem. Place it on a home altar or workspace to boost your sense of enthusiasm and to increase your drive.


Good Luck With Your Gemstones!

We should know that gems originate from the earth, and whenever we operate with them, they can interface us to the earth’s energy and healing power. Every precious stone has a specific purpose and benefits. What gemstones go well together? For instance, there are gemstones to attract true love, while others help in attracting money. Good luck!

Even though the precious stones are amazing assets, you don’t allow them to work alone. But you need to apply some effort, knowledge, and patience. But if you’re following after every step to invite more happiness, peace, and joy, the gems mentioned above can give you the desire of your heart!


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