How to Tell That a Girl Is Checking You Out

How to Tell That a Girl Is Checking You Out
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How to tell that a woman is attracted to you? Well, women’s brains have been a total mystery to men, and truth be told, it’s almost impossible to unriddle female gestures and thoughts.

The girl checking you out is yet another mystery, right? Now, a woman can love you without your knowledge, and there are chances that it may remain a closely-guarded secret. But you should know that experts have it that the secret lies in her eyes. It sounds great though until you realize most men are not skillful enough to detect what her eyes are hiding. If you’re among this lot, don’t despair.

This article brings along some secret signs a girl is checking you out. It will show you several signs to look out for if you are to know that she is attracted to you. Read on.


1. Where are Her Feet Pointed?

If there is a body part that tells a whole lot of information about a person’s interest, it has to be the feet. Does that sound strange? Well, this is because most people often learn ways to control facial emotions, forgetting that they could be communicating something with the feet.

Maybe you have realized that naturally, you often point your legs in towards a person you are interested in. And the opposite is also true. Now, you realize that she points her feet at you when you are together, she has, without doubt, been checking on you and she is certainly interested in you.

Where are Her Feet Pointed


2. She Looks at You (In The Right Way)

This is also true for a girl who has met you for the first time. You know that whenever you stare at a random girl deliberately or unintentionally, she will look away. That is natural. Regardless of whether you are a ‘model’ or unattractive, the point is, whichever direction she looks while looking away from you, it communicates a lot about the attraction she has towards you. If she looks down, she is interested in you. If she looks to the sides, she is unsure yet. And if she looks up, my brother it’s the highest time you hit the road, as she’s not interested in you.

That also applies if she rolls eyes at you. Don’t take that gesture too harshly. There’s a possibility that she has a boyfriend she madly loves.

Guys, check out that whenever you bump into her. You know, girls will rarely realize that they communicate subconsciously, but it’s an automatic, instinctual part of their behavior.


3. She’s Attention-Seeking 

Maybe you have heard about this sign, but you can’t believe that it exists. It does, and it is even one of the most common signs a girl is checking you out. She might walk briskly past you, swinging her hips, and walking as if she has a purpose as if she’s somewhere to go or be. Finally, when you are an item, she will confess to you thus, “that strange walk was all about you”. It all goes down to her seeking your attention. Alternatively, she could also decide to talk louder than she has to, especially when she is with her pals.

There are other ways a girl could seek your attention, including…



4. Using a Sexy Body Language

If you are to be an expert in reading the brains of these ladies, you must be great at reading and interpreting their body language. Because the fact is, much of a girl’s expressions are through her body language. Have you ever watched a girl stroke a glass up and down? Or sensually circle it with a finger? Chances are that she was horny at this very moment.

You know, when you are talking with her and things start getting hotter, she will subconsciously start caressing her hair, inanimate things such as the glass, etc. You are now in the know, yeah?


5. She Gives You Time

If a girl likes you, she’ll give you time with her. Brother, if this happens, know that you already have your foot in the door. You know, girls are ninjas when it comes to blocking attempts to woo them with unwanted attention. If she gives you time and an opportunity to pursue her, she is considering you, at least.

If she throws you a date, she is considering you even more, or yet still, she has decided to like you.

Tip: Remember that this, and every other sign in this list, is valid only if she’s not being forced. For example, if she’s employed to serve you at the shopping mall, don’t necessarily look at her gestures as being a sign of something better to come. It is her job to serve you in the best way possible. Her job demands that she spends time with you. In this case, you can look out for signs that go beyond her call of duty.

She Gives You Time


6. She Stands Close to You

You wonder, ‘’How do I tell if a girl is interested in me?’’. If she is interested in you, she will want to see you more easily. What this means is that if she is standing closer to you when you are talking, there’s a likelihood that she has been checking you out. This could also suggest that she wants you to talk to her especially if this sign is accompanied by other signs of interest.


7. She Adjusts When She Sees You

Every one of us wants to look good and attractive, especially to our crushes more than anyone else. A girl checking a guy out would want to look appealing when she’s around him. This means that if you realize that she is trying to adjust her appearance when at your site, then there’s a possibility that she would check you out as well.

Catching a girl checking you out is, in real terms, easier than you may realize. Does she take off her coat? Does she adjust her lipstick? Does she adjust her hair? Even her trying to adjust her posture is yet another sign of interest.



8. Her Pupils Get Dilated When She’s Around You

This is yet another common sign that a woman is attracted to you. It is pretty obvious that whenever you look at a person you are interested in, it causes the release of oxytocin, the love chemical. As a result, her pupils become dilated. This means that if you notice that she has very dilated pupils in the very moment she is with you, then this suggests that she is attracted to you big time and that she may have been checking you out.


9. She Gets Anxious When You’re Around Other Girls

How to Tell That a Girl Is Checking You Out

This is also quite obvious, that if she is interested in you, she will feel bad to see you around other girls. If she wants you, she would want you to talk to her more than you will with other girls. You know, in this situation, she will certainly be worried at the chance of your liking another girl instead of her.

You will notice signs such as:

● Rubbing her arms, face, neck, and legs.

● A dry mouth or dry coughing.

● Tapping her fingers. Or feet.

● Sticking around you when other girls are around.

● Wringing the hands.


10. She Checks You out More

often than not, a girl checking a guy out may get away with it, right? Well, this is simply because girls have a uniquely peripheral vision as compared to guys. It may seem quite obvious but you will know that a girl is checking you out if she keeps throwing your secret looks. After a while, you should realize that they are looking at you up and down, but the attention is secretive. She studies and tries to figure you out. What a fantastic way to catch a girl checking you out?


Bonus Tips:


She Stalks You On Social Media

You will notice that a girl is interested in you if she actively follows you on social. She is always ready to comment and ‘like’ your Instagram selfie. She could also be stalking you secretly. If you’re keen enough, you will certainly detect that.


She Interacts with You Differently

See how she interacts with other people and also check if she exhibits a different body language when she is with you. If changes in her body language are noticeable, know that she’s interested in you.


What to Do When a Girl is Checking You Out

It may be difficult to overcome the urge to act weird after you realize that a woman is attracted to you. Before you can make any move on her, say by approaching her or asking her out, it is imperative to give her just a smile. A genuine smile. Avoid showing all your dentures, yeah?

There’s more to a girl checking a guy out than the signs above. For example, for you two to be compatible, there must be chemistry and shared visions, etc. Remember that she could be the one attracted to you, and you could be surprised to learn that you don’t like her. Her liking you doesn’t necessarily translate to your liking her.


7 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Into You


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