7 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Into You

7 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Into You
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Trying to figure out if someone likes you can sometimes be challenging and tricky. Even if you met on a dating site, at a nightclub, or a party, you could never say outrightly that someone is into you.

People’s intentions can be quite deceiving or confusing. Probably because the both of you spent so much time talking together about different things, or the both of you danced together at a party, or the both of you had sex at a party does not have an actual bearing that the person likes you or wants to date you. They might feel both of you are having fun anyway.

In a real sense, romantic love is quite difficult to find and very difficult to maintain. But when you find yourself in a situation, when you are sweating your pants wondering if someone likes you or not, may transform you into that baby that you once were. Often, most adults turn to babies when it comes to confronting their fears as regards to whether someone likes them or not. They run up to their friends to bring up the situation, or bring it up as a joke, to get away without it being obvious.

The growing tension and the stress which arises from trying to figure out if someone likes you or not is enough to make you run in an entirely different direction. Although some people have a high sense of confidence, they can walk up to the person and get an immediate answer, while some people are not born with such a sense of confidence. People with this low sense of confidence tend to hide their feelings, and it becomes difficult to predict whether the person is sending a love signal or not. This leaves you in a situation where you try everything possible to know the person’s feelings while it is difficult for you to ask. Situations like this may occur in different conditions. Maybe you have been friends with this person for a very long time, and you do not want to ruin the relationship that exists between the both you. You may find yourself trapped in such an uncomfortable situation.

However, people will have to grow up, and it’s time for everybody to grow up at this point. Trying to find out if someone likes you can also be straightforward. You do not need to approach this person or even ask at all. It is pretty much impossible to hide your feelings from someone, even if you do not say much about your feelings, you must understand that the signs will tell. The way you act, the things you do and say around that person will be done carefully, considering their presence.

You might also be wondering what all the eye contact, body language, and flirting is all about. But believe me, they are signs that you are about to discover or meet the love of your life, someone who is genuinely into you and is probably dreaming of you all day long.

7 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Into You


Here are some useful tips on how to tell if someone likes you, so you can start planning to make moves:


1. Exchange of eye contact from time to time

If you notice your glances are met with theirs, and your eyes get locked on a regular basis, it is either there is something wrong with your face, and they probably do not know how to tell you, or it could be that they like you.

If you are someone with low self-esteem, probably because you have got yourself burned before, you may find it hard imagining someone is interested in you.

If you find yourself in a situation where you continue to make eye contact with that person regularly, with a smile on your face and exchange of glances between the both of you, you may get embarrassed by the number of times you have made contact with one another. Then, you must know that they are as much into you as you are into them as well.

All you need to do is to increase the mutual gaze by simply maintaining eye contacts as you swiftly turn your head to break the gaze. If you notice the person keeps the eye contact, then you have proven that they are into you. All you have to do is find something that may connect both of you. You can even engage yourself in a conversation with that person.



2. They make themselves free around you

People will introduce physical barriers in their way to hide from the people that they don’t want around them. They will try everything possible to get away from such a person, and they do not mind telling lies about their schedules or locations.

But, when someone is into you, they are more likely to spread wide their body comfortably and make sure they feel welcome around you. If someone sits beside you without crossing their arms, this may be that they have disarmed themselves and they feel free and welcomed whenever they are with you. This also means they are into you. They do not feel insecure around you anymore.

Here are some tips on body language that indicate someone likes you:

● A crossed arm may indicate a person is trying to be defensive when around you. But a loose arm may indicate they are free with you.

● When people stick their hands at their back, this translates they are probably feeling bored around you.

● People fidgeting during a conversation with you may translate they are bored.

● When they maintain an open posture, this translates friendliness and feelings of being welcomed.

7 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Into You


3. They laugh at the things you say

When someone likes you, they see you as the funniest person, even if you are not.

This character is mostly exhibited by the girls. When a girl likes you a lot, they try to make you feel important, and they want you around them for a long time. They tend to smile or laugh at whatever you say, even if it is not funny. We humans have the sense of trying to make the people we like feel important and acknowledged. We love them so much that we end up making ourselves look silly so that they are motivated.

If you are still wondering if a person likes you, why don’t you engage that person into a conversation, try to crack some jokes and see how they react.



4. They will subconsciously lean in

When someone picks interest in whatever you want to say, they tend to move closer and lean in towards you. This is a subconscious action, which reveals a person likes you.

They may subconsciously move their body closer to yours, without even realizing what they just did. Sometimes, such people may even end up wrapping their arm around your hands.


Tell If Someone Is Into You

5. They get touchy-feely with you

It is a common understanding that people often touch the person that they like.

Women, most notably, may lightly touch the person they talk to. This light touch can be interpreted as an invitation to a sexual encounter with them. It indicates that they like you.

Another touchy-feely sign that a girl likes you is if she starts to preen you. Preening is a way of showing one’s interest subconsciously and encouraging you to increase the seduction, and she starts to pick lint off your clothes. If you notice this behavior, try to give her a light touch as well. Take note of her reaction. If she withdraws herself swiftly, then she is not comfortable with you, but it does not translate she does not like you; this depends on how touchy-feely she is naturally.

If she is a nervous type of person, she may take some time to get comfortable with you touching her.


6. The person will blush

If you notice a person blushing or try to turn their face away so that you don’t see them blushing, then you count your chickens before they hatch.

This is a sign that they are deeply into you, especially if their body has a physiological reaction whenever they notice your presence. Both males and females do blush. It is something uncontrollable.

You may have to be careful in order to not make hasty conclusions. They may be blushing at other people as well, so make careful observations before concluding.


7. They start to tell you personal details about their life

This is a vital sign to determine if someone likes you. It is an excellent sign, as they see you as a trustee. When people invest their trust in you, that means they love you so much. They may even go further to discussing their plans with you.


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