8 Tips to Find the Love of Your Life

8 Tips to Find the Love of Your Life
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Getting to meet the love of your life isn’t meant to be an easy feat. We all know that, right? You could even spend 10 years, or more, in back-to-back relationships, and 15 more meeting in casual engagements but still fail to find the fulfillment you are craving for.

But should you overtly find the love of your life? No. In real terms, it is not the direct result of searching for it, you know?

“Will I ever find the love of my life?” You wonder. Relax a bit, some people spend the better part of their lives making efforts to find love, but they don’t get anywhere at all. Yet there are some who find love easily even without looking for it. It is apparent that there is some magic in play when it comes to finding love.

And the magic is the tips that this article brings you today. So, if you are wondering whether you will find love again, or you’re asking yourself, ‘’ Why can’t I find the love of my life?’’ this piece is truly your one-stop guide to help you find the love of your life. Good luck.

8 Tips to Find the Love of Your Life


1. Seek Love Out of Love

Today, most people seek relationships out of fear rather than out of love. They want to appease parents’ concerns, conform to the expectations of the society, not feel lonely or left out on the shelf. Others want to feel complete and loved, or want someone they can ‘’show off’’ to peers.

Those are fear-based motivations, and you there are chances that you are likely to attract the wrong people into your life. You end-up engaged to fellow fear-based people, who want to manipulate you, abuse you emotionally and physically, and take you for granted. After a while, you will certainly start feeling safer when you are single than when you are engaged. Do you get the idea?

On the other hand, love-based motivation is when you want to be in a relationship because:

● There’s a high level chemistry between you two.

● You love them for all their strengths and flaws, traits, and oddities as well.

● You feel happier around them.

Unlike fear-based motivations which are founded on scarcity and fear, love-based motivations are founded on the premise of abundance and authenticity.


2. Be Your Real Self, not for Them to Like You

You will meet the love of your life after you’ve learned to be the best version of yourself. Don’t strive to change in an effort to see whether they can love you, right? Well, most people tend to change themselves in an attempt to appeal to other gender, which is very harmful for any relationship. You may have heard shocking tales of partners who turn abusive almost immediately after 5 months into a relationship, yet they came across as the most peace-loving individuals during the first and subsequent dates.

Being ‘’sensitive’’ about whatever you say so as not to ‘’make any wrong move’’ is unsustainable, because it will not take longer before your true colors are discovered. The result is that your potential love will be turned off.

When you restrain or alter yourself in order to get someone, there’s a likelihood that you two will not be compatible. The first step to being your best self is by loving yourself first. Love your skin, look good, excel career wise. But let this be for you and not for others. You can’t afford to project a fake persona when it comes to serious live issues.



3. Let Love Find You Without You Looking for It

Throughout your love journey, you will realize that you can either look for love, or love can come looking for you.

Living your path to the fullest, like-minded people will, without doubt, gravitate towards you. Living your best life will naturally set you up to bump into the right match. When we talk about how to find the love of your life, we should know that our soulmates are like molecules that are out there in the universe. When you stick to your path, you emit a very strong aura, one that attracts souls you can easily match with on that particular path.

So, don’t put yourself out there with countless meetups and dates, but instead pursue your goals and let love find you along the way.


4. Find Love, But Don’t Set It as A Goal

Some of us have such intentions as, “I want to date by 25, so that I’ll be married by 28. This time my career will be stable.” You could be laughing while reading that statement, because it’s true to life. It is wrong to quantify love into a binary goal, or even put a timeline to it. You can’t control when you will meet the love of your life, or even who will fall in love with you. Love isn’t a goal.

Treat it as something that defies space and time. This way, you will soon attract love in it highest form. It all goes down to viewing things with a different lens.

8 Tips to Find the Love of Your Life


5. Don’t Miss the Love Around You

Your parents love you, your friends are supportive and caring, your teachers coached you, and your fellow co-workers are just supportive. While these are not romantic love, you are surrounded with love, at least.

Love is happening around you every time, yeah? Even those kids playing out there in the field, it’s still love in action. Don’t limit your mind to finding romantic love only. The first step to find love is to recognize that love comes in different forms, and you should learn to embrace them all. Write a gratitude note to your boss and tell them that you are indeed thankful for their mentorship and support at work. Or thank your parents for taking good care of your while you were growing.

If you don’t recognize, and embrace the love that is around you already, what makes you expect that the world will throw you more love?


6. Don’t Find Love to Make Yourself Complete

Television shows, books and romantic shows have made most of us to believe that we are incomplete minus love, and this leaves us thinking like we’re missing out on something, which keeps us yearning for love so often, at least for us to be ‘’complete’’.

If you can’t overcome the urge to get out there and seek love, chances are that you’re trying to find yourself, and not love. You could be trying to find love that you’re missing from the outside. To wrap this up, you could be trying to find love in order to fill your inner void.

It helps to solve your voids as soon as possible, before deciding that you want to find the love of your life. By doing so, you will become a complete person with a potential to attract a complete lover.



7. Have Faith That You’re Going to Find the Love of Your Life

For good things to happen in life, let alone getting to find love, you must have faith that it will happen sooner than later. If you are to find love you must learn to believe that you deserve it, and it will start manifesting. That is how having faith returns the favor.

Yes, the world may not give you the love of your life right away, but believing that good things are looking up will become your new reality. It will also become the frequency you will be operating from henceforth.


8. Don’t Get Mad at Your Current Reality

Are you wondering whether you will find love again? Well, that doesn’t mean that the future doesn’t have good things in store for you. Going with the flow means that you should see the grass you’re currently standing on as green. Live in the now, and enjoy life from your current vantage position.


“Where to Find the Love of Your Life”

8 Tips to Find the Love of Your Life

As there are many people looking forward to meeting their soulmates without much effort, you should put yourself out there. Create a real social media profile, preferably dating sites. You might be surprised to bump into the right match in record time.


How do you not lose yourself in love?

When you find the love of your life, it also helps to avoid getting lost in love. You can achieve that by spending some time apart, not compromising yourself too much (ensure the compromises are not one-sided), maintain focus on your goals, don’t give up your hobbies. A healthy relationship will elevate both of you and you won’t feel like you’re paying the price of not being alone.


Meet The Love of Your Life: It is Easier Than You Think

How do you know the love of your life? You ask. You know that you have a future with this person if:

● You love them unconditionally; and you feel energized than ever, 2-20 years into the relationship.

● They have pushed you to grow exponentially throughout the period you’ve been an item. You also feel excited about it.

It all goes down to love and growth. The tips above will go a long way to help you find the love of your life, so try them today.


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