Discover How Tantra Can Improve Your Love Life

Discover How Tantra Can Improve Your Love Life
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A bunch of people seek new ways to ignite their love life that is dwindling in boredom. They want to improve all aspects of their love life including the sexual aspect; tantric sex could help rekindle the flame with much intensity. Tantra came into existence about 5,000 years ago and it originates from Hinduism. This practice is believed to help intensify the intimacy you feel with your partner. Many people misconstrue tantra to be something difficult and require great effort to practice. It is not the case. Tantra helps you to reconnect with your partner by taking things slowly. This practice can heighten your pleasure and lead to more powerful orgasms. Tantra helps lovers to become more in touch with each other’s feelings, emotions, and build a strong connection between them.

Many people are taking up tantra as a medium to improve their love life, but beyond what people see, “tantra” is a code word for a sexual marathon. Tantra is more encompassing than such an inclination. Tantra is a practice that brings together movement, breath, meditation, and sound to help the energy (chakra) system to open in the body. The opening now allows dormant energy in the body known as Kundalini to move down the pelvis to the spine perfectly. This movement helps to open long time constrictions within the human body that has been there for a long time. After all, channels are free of constrictions then the human body is allowed to communicate freely with others.

Apart from the obvious benefits one enjoy from tantra—sexual benefits—it also helps people to communicate with their partners perfectly without any hindrance within the body. Tantra ecstatic orgasms and the “by yourself or with a partner” do make plenty of people wanting for more. Beginners do not just jump into ecstatic orgasms when you begin tantra. It is a process that moves gradually from easy to complex. We start with the gentle movement and breathing techniques of Qigong, physical control and meditation, followed by the Tantra yoga (this helps to raise energy), which are all enjoyable in their own right, as you journey calmly down the tantric path.

Discover How Tantra Can Improve Your Love Life


If you are not yet in any real or intimate relationship tantra can still help you greatly. Tantra offers a very wonderful benefit to all participants. Over time a bunch of couples claimed that tantric sex was more powerful than a normal orgasm. Tantra will lift your soul to experience the best sexual experience—with tantra you get to understand what you want, how you want it, and an increase sporadically in orgasm will be achieved. I was opportune to meet a couple who are having a really hard time understanding what they want. They still maintain this great affection for each other but their sex life is becoming weak. So, I gave them some basic advice and talked them through the basic process of tantra. Today, they are having a great moment together. They get to understand what they want and lots of hidden things that have been hindering them from having sexual exploration.

Like the popular yoga, tantra is about physical awareness and spiritual creation of oneself. Tantra will make you be more in touch with your partner’s feelings. With tantra, you get to know what gives you pleasure, and this will allow you to pay good attention to your body and it makes you feel fulfilled as a being. Plus, the energies you channel during tantric sex flow throughout your body and can intensify your orgasm.



How tantra can improve your love life

In this section, we have organized a plethora of ways that Tantra can help improve your love life; they are ways that have led to testimonies and fulfillment of participants:

● Take it slow: Many people nowadays think quickies are the best way to satisfy sexual pleasure, but try having it slowly and gently. Give it a good concentration and allow energy to move freely within your body. Slower sessions can actually be more beneficial because when you take it slow, you can be able to digest and expand the quality of sexual pleasure.

● Eye contact: Many experts believes that eye contact during sex can help intensify the levels of intimacy. This non-verbal mode of communication involves prolonging eye contact with our partner. With that, you can open up a new medium of communication.

● Create time for love to flow: Urbanization and industrialization has made life a little bit complex, in a situation whereby couples only have time for themselves after a long stressful day. You should create time for your lovemaking. Have a cool bath together, rub your hands gently on them, take a walk, and get a meal outside so you can let go of the tough day you had earlier. Spend time together before you make love together.

● Be totally present: Many people witness setbacks in their relationship when their soul is not present. Try breathing deeply, allow energy to flow around your body. Let go of any thoughts or stress bothering you, be physically and emotionally alive. This will allow the flow of sexual ecstasy to be alive.



● Allow sounds as they come: The natural sounds that arise during lovemaking should be allowed, a soft moaning will help heighten sexual pleasure. Don’t let how neighbors around you will feel hold you back. If you need to cry, laugh, or say silly words, you should do so. By doing so you will reach a perfect orgasm. You should note that sexual response is linked to all emotional states.

● Love yourself perfectly: Many people have their own unique way of entering into sexual pleasure. With tantra, you should dive into self-pleasure, loving and accepting yourself as you masturbate, and then communicate how this will work best for you when mating with your partner. You will discover that with that you are able to understand yourself perfectly.

● Give equal space to Yin and Yang elements during your love life: The yin represents the feminine while the yang represents the masculine. There will be spaces of hot Yang passion during sex and there will also be opportunities for deep and tender melting into Yin. Lovers should open or give space for sexual union, this will help you to be able to discover a perfect fulfillment. Do not allow only one partner to dominate, try to balance it well in order to have a perfect sexual experience.

Discover How Tantra Can Improve Your Love Life


● Relax, don’t push too fast: Our knowledge from tantric sex is you doing less and experiencing more. When partners are not focusing on climaxing, it helps partners to experience sexual the experience as it is happening. Also, it eases any kind of pressure you and your partner may feel to make orgasm occur. Don’t push really hard on yourself; with time the pleasure will flow perfectly.

● Make use of all senses: You can sprinkle roses all over, light some scented candles, play soft sensual music. Slide your hands gently around yourself or your partner. Stare into their eyes. Rub your lips gently with your partner’s, kiss them affectionately. Engaging all of your senses during your tantra practice will help you feel every pleasurable sensation more fully.

● Explore: You don’t have to stick to the traditional fully. Try something different with the consent of your partner. Explore around their body, stroke your hands around them, and watch each of their reactions. Think outside the box, do not focus on only one sex position—try new things, you won’t regret it.

Discover How Tantra Can Improve Your Love Life

● Try orgasm control: To do this, try to bring yourself to the edge of climaxing, then immediately pull back. Let the orgasmic sensations fill your whole body, then start all over again. You have to do this repeatedly in order to have an explosive—a full body—orgasm.

● Locate the sacred spot: This involves you gently rubbing your partner’s prostate gland or the upper wall of their vagina gently, known as the G-spot. Rubbing that region gently will let out a soft moan of fulfillment. Let the heat build up well as they come close to climaxing. This will make your sexual ordeal memorable.

● Let your partner know what you like: You should note that communication is the key. If you do not allow your partner to know what you like they won’t get to understand you well. When your partner touches and plays with you, do tell them what you are enjoying. Tell them to continue. Also, have your partner do the same. This will allow you both to have a good understanding of each other’s feelings.


Tantra can help rebuild your love life, giving all the necessary information to improve it perfectly. It concentrates more on how couples should understand one another and how pleasure and sexual ecstasy could be achieved perfectly. In this article, we were able to explain in detail what and how tantra can help improve your love life. Practice these today and experience satisfaction to the peak. With Tantra, a better sexual fulfillment can be achieved. Lastly, do not be afraid to ask for help from those who have witnessed a lot of sexual odysseys. Remember, love is the backbone of our existence.


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