How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You
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One thing you may have noticed is that only a very small section of the human population can apply the famous law of attraction to get results? Well, for the remaining percentage, this law works for them occasionally. Yet for others, it doesn’t work at all. In order to understand how to apply the law of attraction,  you first of all need to first of all overcome the obstacles to this law.

For example, you need to overcome the fear that you aren’t powerful enough to achieve what you want. Besides this, you also need to align your goals- make sure that what you want and what you expect are aligned. And then, strive to achieve what you desire and focus on the concept of abundance- most people have no idea about how to focus on abundance after they get what they desire. Overcoming these obstacles is the first step towards making the law of attraction work for you.


How Do You Do the Law of Attraction?

In simpler terms, we’re talking about knowing how to make the law of attraction work for you, or how to overcome the obstacles that hinder you from getting what you want. You may be wondering, “Is the law of attraction real?” Well, in real terms, it could be real or not. You see, it all depends on how your ability to make things work, and work in your favor. It’s also important to know that the belief that the law of attraction isn’t real is yet another obstacle.

Now, on to how to make the law of attraction work for you.

Law of Attraction


Believe in Your Power to Create

Truth be told, there are times in our lives when we develop the fear that we’re not powerful enough to achieve what we want. Believe it or not, you’re also going to meet people who throw t you damaging messages that you can’t achieve this or that, that’s a fact. Think about the number of times when you’ve heard that life is entirely difficult and that you’ve to be lucky if you’re to succeed.

Or, you’ve to work extra hard to get what you desire. Or, the rich get richer as the poor get poorer. These beliefs pull us back by making us believe that the world and the finer things in life are meant for the rich, hard workers, and the lucky ones. Yet in reality, such types of people are always focusing on what they want to get out of life. That way, they definitely achieve their goals with ease. You also have the power.



Let Your Soul Be Your Driver

It’s true that desire emanates from the soul. Your ego can try to shield you from disappointments by lowering your expectations. In order for your expectations and desire to be on the same line, you need to first of all listen to your soul and then the ego follows. What this means is that you shouldn’t let your ego derail your expectations at all costs.

So, find ways to deal with the damaging voices in your head that keep telling you that you’re not powerful enough or you don’t deserve something. When your soul becomes your driver, you’ll without a doubt begin to focus on your desires rather than your fearful ego.

How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You


Figure Out What You Really Want

When was the last time you sat down and thought about what you really want out of life? You see, the law of attraction can’t work for you if you don’t know your desires. Literally, you can expect to land anywhere when you head out for a destination you aren’t sure of, right?

Unfortunately, most people have already given up on their dreams and aren’t even sure about their wants anymore. Now, to achieve your soul’s desires, play with your mind a bit- it’s important. Even if it calls for a few minutes of meditation, give yourself some time to think about your wants and why you want them and why you want them. Once you have a rough idea of the things you want, now pay attention to how they feel. If they feel good to think about, you’re headed in the right direction.



Visualize Your Desires

How do you manifest anything you want?

If you want to enhance your power of manifestation, start visualizing your desires in their exact detail. That is what is known as guided manifestation. If you follow the first two tips to manifest anything you want, you’ll realize that your desires will be brought closer to you within no time at all.

Use guided meditations to infuse your mind and soul with images. This way, you’ll be on a journey in your mind, which will help you to manifest anything you want in life. Ideally, if you want something to happen in life, you first of all need to think about it in the mind. For example, if you want a new car, you see yourself walking into a car sales yard, picture yourself driving home through the streets, and dusting it on weekend. You see it in the mind, and you also feel the emotion of driving a new ride in town. This rings true for all desires, so you may want to first of all figure it in your mind before it can become a reality.


Pay Attention to Your Inner Dialogue

How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

What you think about every time will definitely impact your daily actions. Infuse your thoughts with your desires, and it will change your emotions for that day and above all, the way you act. Also, when you infuse your mind with your desires, your unconscious mind will begin to look for ways to make what you want a reality.

What this means is that from now henceforth, you should change the way you do your inner dialogue. How can you achieve that? Well, you can choose to always use positive affirmations- a sure great way to bring new thoughts your way. And remember, one positive thought can yield a hundred or more positive thoughts. When you learn to think positively, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how this will bring along positive energy into your life. Also, you’ll attract like-minded people.


Ask Yourself Better Questions for Better Answers

Think about such questions as, “why do I fail in whatever I do?” or “how can I better myself?”

Asking yourself these and many other good questions will cause your unconscious brain  to automatically start the search for the answers almost immediately. The result is that you’ll get to think about more creative ways to make your life better.

Note: the importance of asking yourself only positive questions can’t be overemphasized. So, make sure to find a way to turn around negative questions to make them outcome-focused and more positive.


Let It Go

Desires can be best described as a butterfly- hold on it tightly and you’ll kill it, hold too lightly and you’ll live to see it. What you can do is to hope that your desires will become a reality one day, but don’t hold on too tightly. Once you’ve set your wants in motion, now it’s time to let go. Do you get the idea?



Practice the Art of Gratitude

This is yet another great way to infuse your thoughts with positivity. Always be grateful for what you’ve been blessed with in life. This is also another way to manifest anything you want out of your life.

It’s fundamental to do it with a good heart rather than as a routine. Practice gratitude with passion and love.


Law of Attraction Money

When given the opportunity, we all would want to become wealthier and live a full life. However, and truth be told, most of us find it difficult manifesting money and wealth into our lives. The thing is, financial prosperity starts in the mind. With that in mind, you can leverage on the power of the law of attraction as a sure great way to open you up to financial freedom. Deal with limiting beliefs that keep holding you back. Visualize your wealth, and nature will bring it your way.


Law of Attraction Love

Sometimes, you may begin to think that everyone knows how to keep relationships and that you’re the only one who can’t find your love. Fortunately, knowing how to make the law of attraction work for you can help you manifest love. For example, you will know how to give more love in return of love. Create a vision of the love off your life and start living like you’re already in love. Then remember to spread love around your hood and everywhere you go.


The Law of Attraction: Is It Real?

The law of attraction is that simple. Making it working for you is also as simple as that. Now that you’re already in the know, start to change the pictures that you don’t like. You see, you’re always in control of your life. Act now!


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