8 Ways to Reinforce Your Auric Field

8 Ways to Reinforce Your Auric Field
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Truth be told, everything in this world is energy. You can’t see it but you can feel the energy around you, whether it’s positive or negative. You see, there are energies around us. But it’s also fundamental to know that it’s only through the power of positive energies that you can reinforce your auric field. Positivity can for sure push you forward in your spiritual journey. On the other hand, negativity can only push you down, making your heart and mind toxic.

If you strengthen your aura starting today, you’ll without a doubt develop the ability to fight off any negative energy within and around you. It will also amplify your psychic abilities and then strengthen your inner you. Do you get the idea? Well, we’re going to explore the various ways to strengthen your aura within not time at all. But before that, let’s look at something you should know before you can make a move towards auric field healing.


What Does Human Aura Mean?

The human aura is basically a part of the energy anatomy that all living things have. It works as a very powerful energy within and around the human physical body and it connects the physical human being to the energy of the universe and other realms of life. How does the human aura work? You ask.
The concept of the human aura can be traced back to many religions and indigenous tribes of the world. Typically, your aura is a halo of energy that surrounds you and makes you who you are. Talking about the energy surrounding your body, you may wonder, how many layers does an aura have?

Your aura is colored by four auric field levels, though it’s widely believed that the human aura is made up of seven layers. Each color and layer of the auric field energy have certain unique attributes, which when well understood, can easily reveal the real you.

There are four common layers of the human aura, but the other three act as the overseers of the well-known four. All these layers are also known as auric levels. Look, your auric levels help to communicate data and information about the physical you to the outside world and your higher soul. This is how you receive and process the information in your aura.

Human Aura


The seven auric levels include:


Archetypal Auric Field Layer

This one is often referred to as the “destiny’s navigator” or “divine aura”, and it’s the furthest from your body. It’s the auric layer that includes all other layers to provide an energy map of your aura and life. Literally speaking, the archetypal layer is the “fingerprint” of the physical you-it’s unique and no one else has an aura exactly as yours. Mediums and other interpreters of aura can “see” energy patterns from the physical you and receive data through that process. If you’re a psychic, then you can easily see and interpret the colors of each matrix of your aura.

Many people refer to this auric layer as the seat of God and your subconscious mind. In simpler terms, this is the internal map that acts as your guide through life.


The Spiritual Layer

This is the auric layer that keeps a balance between all other fields. It’s a conduit through which divine energy flows into your body to ensure your spiritual well-being.


Mental Auric Field

This auric layer is sometimes referred to as the “causal body”. It’s the layer that builds your experiences. Or we can say that it’s the mental construction foreman. It works to come up with a plan to help you grow. It helps you to internalize with your destiny map for better life experiences. That being said, it’s imperative to maintain a balance in the auric field if you want your concepts about your life and world to be authentic.



The Emotional Aura

Here we’ve the power that drives your actions and reactions. If you are at peace, this emotion will definitely resonate throughout all the other levels. Yet still, if you’re angry, the anger emotion will move through all your auric levels.


Imaginal Level

This can be said to be the creator of circumstances. Others call it the astral auric field level. It extends about two feet from your body.

Now, let’s look at ways to reinforce your auric field.

Imaginal Level


How to Close Your Aura?

Just like every one of us, you also have an aura, whether you acknowledge it or not. You see, it’s important to first of all acknowledge the presence of an aura within and around you. This is the first step towards expanding aura.


Deal with Negative Ions

Though they sound negative, negative ions can help to erase toxins from your body and aura. Free radicals are found everywhere around our nature. For example, even standing on grass barefoot can infuse your aura with negative ions. You can also find negative ions when you walk in drizzles. Or near waterfalls. Breathe in any negative ion around you and connect with nature.


Focus On Your Higher Self

Truth be told, you’re the creator of your reality. What this means is that if you truly want to see the positive side of you, you may want to focus on that properly. Maybe through physical activities and meditation.

Sit and meditate for, let’s say, 20 minutes and see how your aura forms and becomes stronger within and around you. Visualize it and you can also call on your higher self for comfort and guidance whole doing this.


Expose Yourself to Sun

8 Ways to Reinforce Your Auric Field

Getting a healthy dose of the morning sunlight can not only strengthen your bones (because of the vitamin D), it can also help you build and strengthen your aura. You see, the sun is always transmitting energy to us and nature. In real terms, the sun gives out life or prana energy. While you plan to go out and absorb sun energy, make sure to not stay out longer as you’ll likely get sunburnt.


Embrace Positivity

The importance of keeping your thoughts positive can’t be overemphasized- it’s the only way to succeed in anything you do. You see, negativity weakens your immune system and the aura, which can increase one’s risk of psychic attacks. On the other hand, keeping yourself positive by reading positive materials and hanging around positive people can help in auric field healing.

Avoid doing things that can bring you negativity. You can keep off arguments, or even avoid convincing people. As a rule, start using affirmations such as “everything is going to be fine”. Those are just but a few ways to make your surroundings as positive as possible. Sit back and see the improvements you’re going to achieve.



Even if it means hitting the gym for a few minutes daily or strolling along the streets for 2 minutes, you’ll be doing your aura some good. We all know that exercises can boost our immunities, improve blood flow and help reduce anxieties. Engaging in a physical activity on a daily basis will go a long way to help in alleviating the risk of stress. Plus, it’ll boost your self-esteem as well.



Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking lots of water- you can aim at least eight glasses per day-can help to reset your aura and cleanse your body. More often than not, people send us negative images that cause us to start feeling worn down, and our cellular memories keep a copy of such negativity. But drinking enough water every day can help you to flush out old negativity and keep your aura clear and stronger.


Soaking in Salt Bath

Taking a salt bath can help in ridding your body of any emotional, spiritual and physical negativity that you may have absorbed over time. Simply combine your favorite salts with baking soda and stir together. Soak yourself in the water and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how fast your worries and stress from the previous week will disappear within no time at all. This is yet another way to renew your aura and make your body feel revitalized.



Smudging is yet another popular way to clear any negativity within and around you. You can clean yourself and home by using a smudging stick to deal with the negativity. It is in fact easy as it sounds, and it can help you to maintain a balanced aura. So, how do you smudge?

Light the stick and waft the smoke towards your direction using your hand. Direct the smoke to all sides of your body, working from top to bottom, in a spiral pattern.


Activate Auric Field Protection Today

To this end, you’re already in the know about how to expand your energy field, so you can easily identify any energy drainers in you and deal with them to strengthen your aura. Pay attention to what can leave you drained, but remember to focus more on what can protect your aura. Even if it means carrying this guide everywhere you go!


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