8 Essential Oils That Will Help You Transition Into Spirituality

8 Essential Oils That Will Help You Transition Into Spirituality
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Can essential oil help in spiritual matters? Essential oils have been applied in spiritual practices over the years. Aromatic herbs, among other commonly used ingredients, have also not been left behind. Many cultures and religions use different essential oils in healing events, ceremonies, and rituals. The aromatic features in these spiritual oils have the power to give us emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental benefits.

Do you want to refresh and realign your mind or body? You need the right kind of essential oil that can give you spiritual and meditative benefits. Some spiritual essential oils have, however, superior benefits when you compare them to others. That’s in terms of meditative practices and spiritual awakening. It might also take you crucial steps to realize the benefits. Here are 8 essential oils for spiritual cleansing and awakening.

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1. Cedarwood Essential Oil

This essential oil is used for spiritual purification and enhancement. It’s also among the most suitable spiritual essential oils that are being used in spiritual awakening. Using this oil purifies your spirit and gives the user supernatural healing.

Cedarwood essential oil is also known for removing aura from the body while energizing it. This oil will purify you emotionally by detoxifying negative thoughts, worries, energies, fears, and anxieties. Besides, you’ll have a refreshing feeling inside and outside once the oil effects take place.


The Science Behind

Similar to other essential oils, cedarwood benefits both the body and the mind. It has medicinal values that can assist with a wide range of benefits, from emotional to hair loss issues. The following are part of the beneficial features related to cedarwood essential oil:

● Antifungal

● Anti-seborrheic

● Antiseptic

● Astringent

● Anti-inflammatory

● Antispasmodic

Cedarwood essential oil assists you in managing microbial infections, regulating the menstrual cycle, reducing blemishes and pain, boosting mental balance, and clearing toxins.


Using Cedarwood Essential Oil

The oil is a special addition to other aromatherapy blends. It includes a woodsy and a calming scent that makes you feel comfortable and warm. It will thus assist you in boosting mood, relieve anxiety and stress, and getting an emotional and mental balance.


2. Rosemary Essential Oil

This essential oil is mainly used for edification. The oil has a refreshing and reviving smell that will lift you. It also comes with a sweet, herbaceous, fresh, and slightly medicinal fragrance.

The oil is mainly applied for consecration, peace, and cleansing in sacred rituals. You can use it to turn aside spiritual and psychic blocks during purification functions. It additionally offers protection, psychic development, and good luck.


The Science Behind

Unlike other oils, rosemary essential oil has multiple parts that offer a wide range of benefits. The chemical compounds include 1,8-cineole, which forms more than 30% of the oil. This compound in rosemary oil helps you to boost your memory.

The oil has several other compounds that exist in smaller amounts. The compounds operate jointly giving the rosemary essential oil numerous benefits, including:

● Fighting harmful microbes

● Supporting cognitive function

● Improving the immune system

● Managing pain

● Reducing inflammation

● Improving digestion

● Repelling insects


Using Rosemary Essential Oil

The oil is easy to use. It’s herbaceous, and the citrusy scent makes it unique. You can diffuse or add it to bath or room spray, but those are only a few ways of using it. This oil is widely applicable in aromatherapy practices and meditative rituals.



3. Ylangylang Essential Oil

Do you want to thank the mother earth or the whole universe? Ylang is the ideal essential oil to use. This originates from the blossoms of the ylang tree, “Perfume Tree.” Its fragrance is intoxicating and stunning, making it highly valuable for oil enthusiasts and perfumists. It’s characterized by the floral, sweet, fresh, fragrant, slightly fruity and delicate aromatic profile.

Some of the emotional benefits of this oil include relieving stress, worries, palpitations, depression, anxieties, frigidity, and hypertension. Ylang essential oil is extraordinary for meditative purposes, deep fragrance, and calming features. It will help you to get into a relaxed and calmer state and minimize blood pressure. Besides, its chemical compounds will offer you soothing effects.

Linalool is the main compound that comprises 28% of the oil. The component is valuable and can boost blood flow, reduce stress, uplift mood, and aid in sustaining level-headedness and relaxation.


Utilizing Ylang Essential Oil

The oil has a charming flowery aroma, and you can be used with other essential oils. It has great values in aromatherapy blends that you can apply when meditating.

Utilizing Ylang Essential Oil


4. Lemon Essential Oil

This oil is energizing, refreshing, and cleansing. Its brilliant and fragrant smell can assist in getting off anxiety, nervousness, exhaustion, and feelings of tension. Whenever you’re stressed or in the middle of negative emotions, the lemon essential oil will aid in uplifting your spirit.

The oil can likewise aid in improving your concentration, which in turn heightens the level of efficiency. It’s mainly used during a soothing meditation session, when studying for your exam when handling a report or busy in a project, and much more.


The Science Behind

The lemon essential oil is useful if you want to boost the health of your spirit, body, and mind. It comprises powerful compounds that make it viable for a number of applications.


Utilizing Lemon Essential Oil

Since this oil is highly valuable for both mind and body, it can assist you to attain the physical and mental balance. You will also enjoy its aromatherapy effects or apply it around your home for cleansing or for promoting good thoughts.



5. Tea Tree Essential Oil

This essential oil is recognized for its purifying and recuperating effects. Indigenous Australians utilize tea tree leaves for a number of uses, including therapeutic purposes, treating skin ailments, colds, sore throat, and disinfecting wounds.

Use this essential oil to clean your spirit and body. It’s also a vital element in ritual purification and can be used to clean places where sick people reside. You can use it with a diffuser, or dilute and spray the mixture around the targeted area.


The Science Behind

Like other spiritual essential oils, tea tree oil takes pride in chemical compounds that furnish it with a wide range of features. The oil mainly includes γ-Terpinene and Terpinen-4-ol.

It has various compounds that give it multiple benefits. The antioxidant and antiseptic properties are, on the other hand, noticeable and can assist in treating different conditions and illnesses.


Utilizing Tea Tree Essential Oil

As a result of its medicinal features, the oil is incredible for body cleansing just as your space.

In meditative sessions and aromatherapy, you can mix tea tree with different oils. You can use the solution to stop infections, relieve pain, clear skin, and much more.


6. Patchouli Essential Oil

8 Essential Oils That Will Help You Transition Into Spirituality

This essential oil is recognized for its powerful spiritual features and earthy aroma. It has numerous flexible uses in skin care medications, sensual romantic blends, emotional balancing, spiritual awakening, and meditation. Likewise, the oil has a sweet-smelling base that gives it an extraordinary feature.

When using it in aromatherapy, you’ll realize its grounding and calming effect. The essential oil is likewise applicable in prayer and meditation blends. You can easily diffuse it to ease fatigue and stress.


The Science Behind

There are many reasons this essential oil is among the best for spiritual awakening. Sesquiterpene hydrocarbons are chemical compounds that comprise about 50% of the components that make up the oil. You can use sesquiterpenes to remove bacteria, reduce inflammation, and furnish patchouli with its unique odor.


Utilizing Patchouli Essential Oil

You can use patchouli essential oil for spiritual and meditative purposes. When used for meditation benefits, you feel relaxed, protected, and grounded.


7. Frankincense

Frankincense is the “King of Oils.” It’s the sap from a tree that originates in Somalia and is well-known spiritual oil. The essential oil will help in opening your third eye and connecting with one’s instinct.

It is a defender, thus protecting users from antagonism. Being immaculate, it mitigates worry for stress so you can concentrate on your inward work. It enables us to discharge the lower vibrations and uncover the inner truth.


8. Sandalwood

This is customarily considered as the devotion oil. Mala beads are conventionally made of sandalwood, and for that reason, it’s viewed as a sacred tree. Sandalwood will assist you in reflecting on your spiritual matters. The tree assists you to dedicate your needs to a higher supreme being, whatever that implies to you.

It is remarkably “quieting and focusing”, and thus ideal for reflection and meditation. It will help you in calming the mind to help us listen to what’s said in the spiritual realm. It offers you a great way to connect with the belief systems and to keep your spirit always upgraded.

On winding up, the above eight spiritual essential oils will help you in leading healthier, happier, and more satisfying lives. Thus, you don’t have to rely on synthetic or chemical drugs all the time. If you can adequately find out about essential oils, you will realize that most medicines are synthetic options of herb and plant components that make essential oils.


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