7 Ways to Find and Listen to Your Spirit Animal

7 Ways to Find and Listen to Your Spirit Animal
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How do I find my spirit animal? Your spirit animal reflects who you are and reminds you of your innate wisdom. Spirit animals embody archetypal energies, classical traits brought to life by a given creature. The spirit animals act as our protectors, teachers, guides, and allies.

When a spirit animal shows up in your life, it’s because it wants to convey an essential message to you, which is why you should learn how to find your spirit animal.


How Spirit Animals Influence Your Life

When your spirit animal comes into your life, it fills you with vision and wisdom to lead a better life. Spirit animals help us live with the strength of emotions and purity of intentions. But how you reach your spiritual goals varies depending on the animal spirit in your life.

You should integrate your animal spirit with all your daily ventures. That way, you’ll get guidance at all times. When your spirit guide is a central part of your life, you get to internalize the traits that your spirit animal represents.

As such, you’re able to oscillate between physical and spiritual lanes with ease. You need to reach this level if you’re to embody the confidence and peace required to succeed in life.



How to Find Your Spirit Animal

Animal spirits belong to different categories depending on their personality and the kind of environment they occupy.

An animal spirit guide usually enters your life when you’re desperate for help. It chooses to help you, and it makes itself visible through vivid dreams.

Your spirit animal can also manifest itself through evident sightings as you navigate or move around your environment.

Some spirit guides get into their subject’s life through compelling visions. You should also note that it’s within your power to reach out to your spirit animal whenever you need help.

Regardless of how you find your spirit animal, it’s there to help you during hard times. It conveys a powerful message to you on how to navigate out on any of your predicaments.

Conversely, your spirit guide may enter your life earlier, but only assert their presence when you desperately need guidance.

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Here are a few methods to find your spirit animal:


Focus on Your Dreams

Our dreams are closely linked to our waken existence. So every time an animal appears in your nocturnal life, jot it down the next morning. If a given animal keeps reappearing, that’s likely your spirit animal.


Think About Past Dalliance with Particular Animals

Your spirit animal might be an animal you loved during childhood, your favorite pet, or just a wild animal that captured your imagination or that you often saw in your younger years.


Journal About Animals that you Find Fascinating

Sit down, relax, and meditate for 5 minutes and embrace your intuition. Then, think of a given animal that you find significant and fascinating. Ask yourself, “Suppose this animal is my animal spirit guide, what insights might it be trying to convey to me about my inner strength and power?” Spend a couple of minutes writing down your answer.

When you find and communicate with a spirit animal, you cultivate the following:

● Courage to cut off toxic relationships, go to college or ask for a pay raise, or confront any other challenge you’ve been avoiding out of fear.

● It Bolsters your ability to speak your truth boldly and effectively.

● It provides a path into your intuitive or psychic self.

● Strength to find joy and kick addictions, depression, and other struggles that are weighing you down

● Wisdom to make a difficult decision

We all have moments in life when we need a helping hand. Your spirit animal comes to your aid when you’re in the following situations:

● Fearful – It’s easier to be courageous when you know your Tiger spirit animal is by your side, guiding you.

● Sad – It’s easier to find joy even in bleak situations when you know your jokey Otter spirit animal is by your side.

● Angry – Your calm Panda spirit can help you restrain your anger or remain calm even when you’re being pushed to the edge.

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After the Identification, you need to learn how to listen to your spirit animal. Here is how to communicate with your animal spirit:


1. Listen to Your Mind and Body

For you to establish a communication with your spirit animal, you ought to first believe that they exist, and they’re there for you. Think back to the times in your life when you were helped, saved, or redirected by a mysterious force.

Your guide will connect with us in various ways. Pay attention to your spirit, body, and mind. It’s during moments of serenity, that your spirit animal talks to you.

It can be through a feeling, a scent, an inner voice, or imagery in your mind. Document these experiences – what you hear, feel, or smell – because these are messages from your spirit animal.


2. Clear your Chakras

To boost your ability to communicate with your spirit animal, you should clear your chakras. This means affirming your identity in multiple dimensions and engaging in meditation.

If you use natural stones in your meditation, place them squarely on your brow; this will instantaneously strengthen spiritual connectivity with nature.

You will, therefore, be elevated to higher planes of consciousness; this will Bolster your intuition create a direct window to your animal spirit guide.



3. Interact with Nature

You will feel closest to your spirit animal when you’re outside in nature. Spending time in nature is palliative and healing, and it allows you to connect with the planet’s vibrations.

If you choose to go out into the woods, that’s even better. There you can relax, close your eyes and listen to the sounds of chirping birds, wind, and creek.

To invite your spirit animal, place your right hand on your chest. Sit or lean on a tree. And then allow yourself to feel sensations that indicate their presence. Your spirit animal, based on his nature, will show you that he is around.


4. Ask your Spirit Animal to Appear

During your quiet moments, like during meditation or hiking, ask your animal guide to show their face.

While you’re alone and in serene surroundings, say this to yourself: “Loving animal guide, show your face to me. I want to connect with you. And I thank you for protecting me.”

Over the next couple of days, immerse your thoughts on this massage. Your spirit animal may appear in your dreams.


5.    Journal your Memories

7 Ways to Find and Listen to Your Spirit Animal

As you strengthen your bond with your spirit guide, document all your experiences. Write down the feelings, messages, or insights that creep into your awareness.

For instance, you may have spotted a butterfly during your walk but didn’t think much about it. But a week later, you read somewhere that butterflies symbolize endurance and transformation.

Maybe during that period, you were having struggles linked to that symbolism. Clearly, that’s a message conveyed to you from the animal spirit guide.  So, journal all your experiences to uncover messages and insights.


6. Try Out Automatic Writing

You can mindfully channel your spirit animal through automatic writing. Doing this is easy. Close your eyes, relax, meditate, and then slowly drift into your subconscious. When you open your eyes, take out your journal and pen and write whatever comes to mind.

While at it, keenly analyze what you’ve written. Has your handwriting changed? Regardless, you’ll glean out hidden messages.


7. Use Your Third Eye

Your third eye, in a spiritual sense, enables you to see what’s hidden. You don’t need to meditate to tap into this metaphorical endowment.

You being aware of the sensations in your body, prayer and reading can help you cultivate this supernatural ability.

You spirit animals can reveal themselves in various ways. But for you to hear them, you should be aware and open to their existence.


What to Do After You Find Your Spirit Animal

Once you connect with your spirit animal, learn to incorporate their teaching into your life. This can be a bit scary and confusing, but it’s at the same time exciting. It also helps if you understand Biomimicry. Biomimicry is a methodology through which humans create sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s proven patterns and strategies.

Put simply; we should study nature and mimic its systems if we are to live sustainable and happier lives.

For instance, are you a firefighter, police officer, or a solder? Does your occupation entail navigating stealthily through potentially dangerous situations? Then learn to mimic the cheetah’s lightning-fast, decisive, but cautious movements.

Are you an athlete in a sports team who needs to learn to aim more precisely? Then learn about the hawk’s sharp eyesight and precise movements.

Do you work with kids in a care center, and you want to improve how you corral the kids after their recess? Then learn how multiple horses manage to travel as a single unit.

Your spirit guide plays a vital role in how your life turns out. They reveal and reinforce your abilities. They make you aware of what’s going on in your environment. In this manner, they enable you to gain mastery over your life. So strive to find your spirit animal.


How to Discover and Listen to Your Spirit Animal


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