15 Traits of Indigo Children

15 Traits of Indigo Children
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In the 1970s and 1980s, children with special characters started to be born. Many would confuse the characters with mental disorders or poor parenting. The truth is that these children are unique. They are here to awaken humanity.

An Indigo child is very talented. They possess unique gifts that set them apart from other children. Some indigo child physical traits are unique to them. Although the characteristics are not present in all indigos, most of them will possess one or more of the following;

● Indigo children eyes are green or blue

● Lighter skin and hair

● Some are androgynous

● Some possess physical disabilities

● Some have extra toes or fingers

● Large and visible birthmarks

There are no defined indigo male or indigo female traits. The traits tend to manifest uniformly across both genders. Since indigo children have lived many lives, both in male and female form, they do not like associating with a particular gender, despite having physical gender characteristics.

Parapsychologists have developed a test for indigo children. It is now easier to identify indigo children through the indigo child test.

15 Traits of Indigo Children


Do Indigo Children Exist?

Yes, indigo children exist. Their character and spirituality have set them apart from others. Most people with the characteristics of indigo children are in their teenage and adulthood. The list below comprises of indigo child personality traits that will help the world identify them.


1. They are Very Creative

Every child is creative. Indigo children are not an exception. However, indigo children are using their creativity for the benefit of the world. They communicate through music, art, craft, poetry dancing, writing, painting, drawing, and all forms of creative art.

If you have been keen, you will notice there are new genres of music, poetry, and dance styles to deliver messages to the masses. Spoken word and contemporary dancing are just an example of these kinds of art.

Indigo children use art to express what they feel and what they think. People believe that some messages indigos put across are from the spiritual world.


2. They are Idealistic

Indigo children believe in an ideal world. They expect positive things for themselves and others. It makes them very demanding. They criticize anything they don’t find right. They believe in fairness.

While in the world, where most societies are capitalist, people have no consideration for others. Capitalist policies are not popular with indigo children. They want what is best for themselves without hurting others. This trait makes them empathetic. They have a soft spot for people who need their support. Cruelty, destruction, and violence crushes their hearts.


3. They Are Intelligent

One of the indigo baby traits is that they understand life and humanity from a unique perception. The combination of their old souls, truth-seeking traits, and curiosity makes them so intelligent than their peers. However, they get bored so quickly when others are slow to understand.



4. They are Leaders

Indigos are naturally born leaders. They are not afraid to lead others in the path they feel is right. In schools, they lead their peers in many activities. Most of their childhood leadership is in preparation for their leadership duties in the future. Most of them lead people to the right spiritual path.

Indigos leadership traits include truth and honesty, logical, fair, and up-to-date policies. They always want to make everything better, that is why they find it hard working for, and under other people.


5. They are Non-Conformist

Authoritarian regimes rule the world. Rules are for people to follow. Indigos have a trait of questioning authority, especially when the rules do not make sense to them.

In schools, indigo children are always in trouble with authorities. They do not accept the conventional way of doing things. Authority, to some extent, suppress their freedom to creativity. They are not ready to bow to this.

In many instances, people labeled trouble makers when they intend to point out inequality and unfairness. Older indigos entered the political world have brought many changes in the old laws. The laws now are more inclusive and fair. They have brought significant positive changes to human rights, animal rights, and environmental protection. Nowadays, people listen to the voices of people who were perceived to be a minority.


6. They are Problem Solvers

Due to their higher IQ, indigos like solving problems and challenges. When they grow up, they get to the fields of politics, medicine, science, and law. They spend time in school solving problems and helping others on topics they find challenging.

Toddler indigo babies do not keep their toys intact. They destroy the toys in an attempt to modify them.

15 Traits of Indigo Children


7. They are Loners

Indigos do not have strong interpersonal skills. They are poor at expressing themselves through speech. They feel drained and stressed, talking with people for long hours. Therefore, they spend most of their time alone.

They do not engage in aggressive sports. You will find most of the indigos cycling, skateboarding, and kayaking in the gym and other outdoor sports for personal development. They seem to enjoy solitude more than the company of friends.


8. They Believe in Spirituality as Opposed to Religion

These old souls are so in touch with the spiritual world. Religions put more emphasis on doctrine and messengers, but an indigo child will be more inclined to seeking spiritual truth in the message.

Even when an indigo child is born of non-believer parents, they find their way to spiritual enlightenment.


9. They are Passionate Truth Seekers

From their childhood, indigos exhibit high levels of curiosity. They want to understand why things happen in a particular way.

They are always in pursuit of truth. I separate reality from deception. You’d better hurt them with the truth than tell lies. This urge to seek truth leads them in the right spiritual track that is not flawed by religious dogma.


10. They are Highly Psychic and Telekinetic

Without a deep understanding of the existence of indigo children, it is possible for you to think that indigo is experiencing hallucinations. However, the indigo children can see and hear spiritual beings such as spirits and angels.

In some instances, they can have an out of body experience. They also have a gift of seeing the future through visions and dreams.



11. They Love Animals and the Environment

Indigos have a strong attachment to the environment and nature. Most of them will want to own a pet at an early age. They take good care of animals and involve themselves in environmental protection and conservation courses.

They rescue animals whenever they find one in trouble. Most of the charitable activities they engage in are related to animal and environmental protection.

They are big fans of documentaries as opposed to movies. They yearn to learn about animal behaviors and different sceneries around the world. Due to the love of animals and the environment, they form and participate in many animal rights and environmental activist groups. They believe animal life is as important as human life.


12. They are Mature than Children Their Age

Different age groups behave in a particular way. The indigo child personality trait is always of the upper age group. They become emotionally mature, independent, and freethinkers ahead of their peers. Indigo children cope with situations their peers cannot deal with. The trait makes them feel out of place. In many instances, you will find them hanging out with kids from higher grades.


13. They Have Strong Emotions

15 Traits of Indigo Children

Indigos feel emotions fully. They easily cry when watching a sad scene in a movie, or laugh their hearts out when it is funny. The slightest feeling from within is more potent than in other children. It explains why cold human behaviors easily saddened them. It is also easy to cheer up an indigo child.


14. They Easily Get Despaired

It is very easy for an indigo child to be frustrated by life occurrences and experiences. It is hard for them to understand how everyone else disregards the rules of nature, how people are so greedy to the extent of hurting the masses.

The helplessness starts to develop when they start to be aware of themselves and their surroundings. The cruelty of society makes them struggle to fit in. Indigos rarely form strong relationships because of the difficulty in relating to others. People often find them weird, and it stresses the indigo child.

The feeling of despair disappears once they find a way to impact their surroundings positively. Therefore, they will detest love for material possession, judgment, and gossip, which is the norm. They only engage in constructive activities and discussions.


15. They Struggle with Addictions

Since many parents do not notice the struggles the children go through, or probably they assume they are naughty and disobedient, the indigo child finds a way to drain their sorrows. Many are in drug and substance abuse. Others who have fought the idea of indulging drugs become addicted to the internet or immoral sexual behaviors.


Conclusion on Indigo Children

The above-listed indigo children signs will help you distinguish between children with ADHD and indigo children. The traits of indigo children are so distinguished; they are not easy to ignore. Understanding these traits will help you to treat them with patience and understanding.


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