10 Signs That Your Deceased Relative Is Communicating With You

10 Signs That Your Deceased Relative Is Communicating With You
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Can you communicate with the dead? Yes, it’s possible and there are many signs that show that your deceased loved one could be reaching out to communicate with you. Though it looks like a far fetched idea, many people start noticing when they know what to expect. You only need to understand the signs. This happens through physical visitations and at times spiritually.

It is possible to encounter such visitation signs anywhere and during any time. The signs are most familiar to those who are alert and waiting and mostly when they’re alone. Experts advise that one needs to stay alert in case the deceased relatives visit. You may get a sign(s) when you are conscious or when in deep sleep in dreams. The following are 10 signs that your departed person is visiting you.


1. Visitations in Dreams

It’s not hard to know when communicating with dead relatives in dreams. This is one of the conventional methods that spirits attend to their living people in this world. Unlike regular dreams, these visitations are profound and clearer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re experienced in this area of visitation or not, you’ll clearly know you are in touch with the dead.

In spirit appearance dreams, you get visited by the deceased loved one usually with some kind of light surrounding them. In such cases, you’ll experience great peace after waking up. These kinds of dreams often take place only a few weeks after the passing of a friend or family member. Visitations can, however, continue for several more weeks or months afterward.

Fortunately, the visitation dreams you experience are soothing. The dead person you loved will try to communicate with you or even request you pass a message to your friends and family. The great peace that accompanies such visits is an indication that everything is well and at peace. It’s also a way of saying they crossed the other side comfortably.

Visitations in Dreams


2. Sensing Their Presence

Many people sense the spirit of loved ones in the house. You start seeing some unusual changes whenever they’re around. For instance, you’ll witness a change of energy or actual air movement.

You might also feel the presence of somebody sitting alongside you during the night when resting or reading a book. Sensing their power during these visits is also a common phenomenon especially if you were close to them and knew the feel of their power and presence before they departed

Did you sense the presence of someone before they passed away, but they’re currently visiting you? You can still feel their presence whenever they visit as you did before. An individual will portray the same characteristics as they used to even after departing.


3. Feeling Their Touch

The deceased communicating with you will embrace, hold your hand, gently touch your back, or brush your hair. These kinds of visitations are more witnessed by those who enjoy quality time alone. The touch of a departed person isn’t much different from that of a living one.

Most people witness such visitation activities during the early morning hours. The sense of touch can likewise manifest in feelings and not just in the form of real touch. You may feel objects near you; for instance, you might sense them lying or sitting near you.



4. Smelling Their Fragrance

The capability to sense the fragrance of a dead person is called clairalience. Such visitations are usually reported as scents of cooking, flowers, perfume, cigar smoke, or cigarette.

There are those moments you can go back home and find that your home smells like your grandma. At other times, your house may smell the same substance, such as cigarettes that they used to smoke.

Your deceased loved one is just saying hello and confirming that everything is alright. Are you missing a friend or family member? Use lamenting candles and scents to remember them. You can even enjoy cooking with some of the ingredients and spices that the deceased used to show you still love them.

Smelling Their Fragrance


5. Hearing Their Voice

You can internally listen to the voice of a dead person because they’re able to address you while you’re in this world. Some of the ways you may hear them communicate are through transference and thoughts.

Many people have reported the communication of their deceased friends and family members using this kind of internal dialogue. It’s a similar way mediums report connecting with your friends and family members.

Inward clairaudience is widely recognized as a way people listen from those who departed since communication takes place through the mind. “Those in Spirit” don’t have a voice box, and that’s why they aren’t able to make the external noise we experience here on earth. However, that doesn’t mean that it is not feasible.

There’re many cases you’ll “hear” the deceased relative communicating with you. Sometimes, they can mention your name, or call someone in your home. They’re also those who report communicating with the departed person as they carry out ordinary chores during the day.

It all depends within the communication vibration at that moment as some even hear multiple voices that they can identify with the deceased friend.


6. Unforeseen Electrical Action

We all use energy to operate various electrical gadgets and equipment at home. The majority of people who departed from this world can easily manipulate the energy in electrical devices. Thus, it isn’t uncommon to see the spirit of your dead relative controlling lights, TV, and toys just to grab your attention.

They can change channels, turn things on & off, or cause something to move. You might also hear your favorite songs on the radio. It’s an electrical wave the people in the other world use to deliver their messages. They ensure their loved ones on earth listen to what they want them to hear. Note that the song may coincidentally come at the very moment you just think about it.


7. Getting a Phone Call

There are several instances where the people in this world received phone calls from those who departed. The strange phone calls come from unknown numbers via which the deceased relative try to reach you.

Since phone calls use electric systems, it’s not difficult for people who crossed in the other world to manipulate and use the gadgets. The sign is known to be common after the first few weeks of the deceased death.



8. Getting a Synchronistic Message, Coincidence, or Sign

Deceased Relative

The departed loved one keeps communicating back, informing you that you’re still one. If you ask for a tangible sign, you’ll most likely get it. However, we’re not always alert or ready enough to identify the deceased relative communication or the message they’re passing to us.

But those in spirit give us signs that we can’t overlook. If you start getting specific signs on numerous occasions, you will know it’s the deceased relative communicating with you. The physical signs that your loved one sends may appear in different forms.

To assist in filtering the meaning of the message, you may ask for a sign from your departed person and get prepared to see it. The relayed message can come in the form of a sign or an unexpected event. They’re all sorts of meaningful signs from the spirit world you shouldn’t overlook. Such can include small items like coins, feathers, flowers, animal messengers, and stones.


9. Moving or Falling Of Objects

There are times when people may notice falling or moving objects as those in the spiritual world are trying to get attention. Do you find the same object, such as a framed photo in the house that keeps falling? Or, do you notice there’s that misplaced item on several occasions? That could be your deceased loved one. This form of communication is of benefit to the following kind of people:

● Lamenting people who find it challenging to cope with the loss circumstance

● Individuals that don’t give attention to spiritual matters

● Those who’ve been tough and doubtful towards the Spirit World

The idea behind these movements is to trigger noise that then grabs your attention. For instance, they can slide items across tabletops, drop canvases from dividers, or push things off racks. Doing this can wake you from sleep or draw your attention to understand what they are trying to say.


10. Viewing an Apparition

This form of communication may entail seeing a flat photo or a hologram when you’re awake, and your eyes are open. It is one of the most effective forms of communication by the dead due to their shocking value. It’s a rare method but still a powerful way for those who departed trying to talk with their people.

There are frequent sightings, particularly during the evening or night when the outdoor lighting is less immersing in the optical field. During these moments, it’s always easy to view the influence of subtle energies. The deceased relative may not necessarily appear in full form, and they can as well use other methods of communication we’ve discussed above.

The above ten signs are common for your deceased relative to communicate with you. The signs are usually witnessed during the first few days, weeks, and also months after their death. In some instances, communications from the deceased continue for years or even decades. Stay woke!


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