10 Signs That Your Angel Is Watching Over You

10 Signs That Your Angel Is Watching Over You
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It is a thought among the spiritual that each one of us has a guardian angel. They are heavenly entities assigned to us to guide us during our time on earth. It means that your guardian angel is watching over you and, at times, may help you out of dire situations.

While it may be quite hard to believe, especially if you want proof, the thing is that you need to have faith. Believe in your spiritual presence, and you will appreciate the entities from the spiritual realm that do not need a sense of physicality for them to be your guide.

The question of their presence is one that many try to feel and seek out various ways to have it. Most even think that angels may take the form of a creature to be closer to us. Is this true, yes there is some truth in it.


Are Butterflies A Sign Of Angels?

One of the signs of an angel watching over you is when some creatures show interest in you. That is, they hang around you flowing gracefully. One of the animals that you may notice and act as a sign of your guardian angel watching over you is butterflies.

They come closer, and if you are gentle enough, they may land on your fingers, forehead, nose tip, or even shoulder for a moment. Some suggestions point to butterflies being the deceased that were close to you, and their souls come in this form.

10 Signs That Your Angel Is Watching Over You


How Do You Know If You Have A Guardian Angel?

Focusing on signs such as the one above on butterflies, what are more that point to an angel having your back? Here is how to know if you angels are talking to you and ultimately guiding you through your path on earth.


1. Strange Dreams

When talking of strange dreams, the reference point is not the sweat-inducing nightmares. Instead, they are the ones that you seem to have a connection to, but you cannot precisely point out what it is. Dreams work like the door to the spiritual realm, and during our calm moments when we sleep, the angel visits at night. They may try to communicate with us, and one way is through dreams.

Sleep is, therefore, essential, and you need to get enough of it for you to have a moment with your guardian angel. During your dream, a flash of light or a bright light source is one of the signs that your spirit guide has their eyes on you. There can also be a glimmering orb or something of that sort that indicates you have a watcher.


2. A Sudden Flash Of Light

Angels have an association with light, and even in artistic impressions, most have a glowing environment around them.  When detecting their presence, you may notice a sudden flash of light. Do not confuse it with a lightning flash as this occurrence is localized in your home. It is a spiritual communication from the angels, and only you will notice it. It is more prominent in the dark, and at times it may come as a blinding flash lasting for some seconds, then it disappears. It can wake you up from slumber and even leave you confused, trying to figure out whether it was a dream or a real occurrence. Even if it was a dream, it still is one of the signs an angel is watching over you.



3. Close Shaves

Have you experienced those moments where a slight delay has a significant effect on your day or life in general? Picture this, you are supposed to carpool every day with your neighbor, but on this particular day, your electricity goes off. The result is you delay. You get mad at the missed opportunity until you hear that the car got involved in an accident without any passenger surviving. The close shave is your angel speaking to you.

If the rubs with death or unmanageable situations become so pronounced, know that your spiritual guide is with you. They may be trying to prepare you for something bigger coming.


4. Seeing Repeating Numbers

It is a common occurrence where once a while, you see the same numbers at a consistent frequency. 111, 222, 666, 999, 000, and many other number combinations in various places should it be book pages, tags, or even your clock. When you notice a particular number combination for long, then it is a sign that your spiritual overseer has your back.

The numbers, especially the ones coming in the triple are referred to as angel numbers. The angel signs numbers try to tell you something is going on in your life. A good number’s expert can help you interpret the numbers you see frequently.

So the next time you wake up and see a set of numbers, and you, later on, see it in a price tag, do not brush it off. It is not a coincidence; it is a bigger divine sibling watching over you.

Seeing Repeating Numbers


5. Your Baby Sees Something You Cannot See

It is a belief that babies have a gift that wears off as they grow. When they are still little, they can see things that most of us are unable to notice. The same applies when there is an angelic presence in your house. If you have a baby, you may notice them pointing at something, maybe smiling or murmuring at it. However, the intriguing thing is that you won’t see the object of their distraction. It is one of the indicators to answer the question of signs of angels in my house.

Pay attention to such developments as you may catch a thing or two about your destiny.


6. Unexplained Presence Of Feathers

White feathers have for long been associated with every kind of good omen in our lives. They indicate abundance, good health, wealth, and many more. Angels get the portrayal of having wings, and a white feather in your house may be one way of indicating that they have their eyes on you. It usually comes as a sign of hope, more so when you are going through a difficult time in your life. Coming across, it indicates that everything will be better, be patient.



7. The Feeling Of Somebody’s Presence

There are those moments when you are all alone, but you feel as if there is somebody next to you. You may have the feeling of someone watching you or, at times, hugging you when there is no one else around. While you may think it is something psychological or such, at times, you do not have to overthink it and accept that there is an angelic presence with you.

At times you may notice some pleasant scent that has a nostalgic feeling to it. It may be a scent that you associate with some wonderful times growing up or someone you miss a lot. Temperature changes are also another indicator that your guardian angel is watching over you. It may come as a feeling of warmth or tingling chilliness, especially during the day.


8. Visits By Animals

10 Signs That Your Angel Is Watching Over You

Animals, at times, act as messengers between our realm and the spiritual side. They may come to watch over us as per instructions from the spiritual side and the angels may assume the figure of animals.

When in sorrow or going through a hard time, you may notice a graceful dove or pigeon flying to your window and resting for a while. Do not chase it immediately, pay attention to it, and if you make eye contact, you may feel some sparks of connection. That is one of the signs an angel is watching over you. As earlier indicated, you may also notice butterflies and other animals that have a liking to you, such as rabbits or even bees that won’t sting you.


9. Look At The Clouds

The clouds have, for long, been touted as the gates to heaven. While not proven, the clouds may indicate the presence of an angelic guardian watching over you. There may be halos present or even the figure of a person or your spirit animal.

Sometimes after a massive storm, the clouds may clear up, taking away the gloomy presence with the sun rays focusing on you. It is one of the pointers of a heavenly being watching over you.


10. Stumbling Upon Coins

Coins are a sign of fortune and when you stumble upon them, especially in unusual places. Some may have value, and others don’t, but the important thing is that it is one of the signs that there is divine presence watching over you.


Closing Thoughts

We have angels who watch over us and ensure that we have a fulfilling stay while on earth. As they are from the spiritual realm, it is hard for us to see them with our naked eyes. The only way to notice their presence is by taking note of signs, as explained above. Be keen with such occurrences, and it tells you a thing or two of how worthy you are and that there is someone concerned with your well-being. Sorrowful moments are like asking angels for signs. They will show up eventually via the highlighted indications.


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