10 Reasons a Low-Carb Diet Is Not Helping You Lose Weight

10 Reasons a Low-Carb Diet Is Not Helping You Lose Weight
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On your path to healthy living, one major hurdle you may encounter is excessive weight gain. Being overweight is not favorable for your body image and also presents the risks of diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. As such, you should deal with the weight issue before it goes out of hand.

One of the ways to go in losing excessive weight is checking on your diet. Many dieticians will come up with the recommendation of a low-carbohydrate diet. Carbohydrates are the class of energy giving foods and are essential nutrients for the body. The downside with carbs is that they have a high-calorie value, and if irresponsibly consumed, you may get yourself in the trap of excessive body weight.

Looking at the high-calorie situation, it is a worthy move to go on a low carb meal. All might go well until you find yourself in a case of low carb diet not helping to lose weight. It is a heartbreaking situation that thwarts your efforts of having the right body mass.

10 Reasons a Low-Carb Diet Is Not Helping You Lose Weight


Why Would You Not Lose Weight On Low Carb Diet?

The situation where the low carb diet isn’t working is an expectation at times, and there are several pointers behind its flop. When you realize you can’t lose weight on a low carb diet, you need to look at several factors that are the hurdle to your weight loss campaign.

Below are some of the reasons why the low-carb diet is not working for you in gaining the right body weight.


1. Stacking Up the Wrong Carbs

When you have the concern of I’m not losing weight on a low carb diet, you need to look at the carbs you are consuming. If you have had a consultation with your dietician, he or she probably recommended you to go down on carbs rather than abandoning them entirely. When you tone down on the energy-giving meal, you need to compose the remainder with the right carbs.

The right carbs have a low-calorie level and may come with additional nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Conversely, the wrong carbs have a high-calorie value and will work against your plan of losing weight. Among the right carbs to have as part of your diet include oatmeal, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes among many more.


2. Lack Of Discipline In Your Diet Plan

Dieting is hard, especially if your goal is to go down on your body weight. One important attribute you need to possess to pull your dieting plan successfully is to have discipline. With such a quality, you keep firm to your plan with minimal chances of veering off and indulging in unhealthy eating habits.

When not losing weight low carb diet, the issue of not being true to your goals is one of the most probable pointers to you coming short. As being strict on yourself is quite hard sometimes, a partner can come in handy to act as a guide to you getting the proper body mass.



3. Overlooking Exercising

Exercise is a significant part of your weight loss program. It helps in burning excess calories by utilizing them in energy production for the activities you engage in. It would be best if you incorporated some hours of work out to help burn the reserve body fat that you get from consuming too many carbs.

You may go low on carbs, but without utilizing the little carbs finding their way to your system, frustration on not losing weight is an expectation. Have your diet or fitness expert advice you on the proper regimen to follow to help get you in shape. A partner in your workout stint can help give you the right push.


4. Lack of Sleep

When you notice that your low carb diet is not working, try having a look at your physiological behavior, more so your sleeping habits. Sleep is an essential physiological process that allows your body to get some rest and be ready to tackle other processes in the body. Sleeping has your mind in the right integrity to influence key body takings, one of the digestion.

With proper digestion, you are sure to have all the carbs appropriately digested in the body with minimal contribution to body fat. Studies also point to decreased sleep or an irregular slumber pattern to poor eating habits such as binge eating and cravings. The two practices can act against your plan to shed some weight even on a low carb diet.


5. Underlying Medical Conditions

Another pointer on why not losing weight on a low carb diet condition can be an underlying medical condition. Several conditions can affect your metabolism and make you gain weight even if you bank on a low-calorie diet. The option is to visit your doctor and run tests to rule them out. If you have the conditions, your physician and diet expert can come up with a solution to help you cut off weight.

Some of the conditions include Cushing’s syndrome, hypothyroidism, and tumors. At times, supplements may help you deal with the conditions and meet your goal in mass loss.

10 Reasons a Low-Carb Diet Is Not Helping You Lose Weight


6. Poor Dieting Habit

As much as you may eliminate carbs from your diet, you may still be doing it all wrong when it comes to your dieting. One thing you need to note is that carbs, though prominent, are not the only high-calorie foods. So you may be in a situation where a low carbohydrate diet describes your dinner table, but you are still stacking up the calories from other meals.

You need to know which meals can contribute to an excess body weight aside from carbohydrates. Among the foods to keep an eye on including cultivated dairy products, unprocessed red meats, and fatty fish among many more. Bank on responsible eating and get out of the trap where you can’t lose weight on a low carb diet.


7. Poor Gut Health

10 Reasons a Low-Carb Diet Is Not Helping You Lose Weight

Your hut health should be a significant point of concern if you are looking to get rid of some bodyweight. Gut health focuses on the integrity of the digestive tract and its constituents, the healthy bacteria.

With an excellent digestive system, you are sure of ample food processing maximizing on integration; hence little goes to the body as reserve fat. A poor state of your gut is one of the reasons for not losing weight on a low carb diet. Your general practitioner can guide you on how to maintain proper gut health in order to lose weight successfully.


8. Stress and Depression Characterize Your Days

Your mental health determines your overall body health and psychological problems, such as stress can make you overweight. It usually goes down to how you react to the stressors. For some, while in stressful situations, they resort to binge eating to help them overcome the state they are in.

Binge eating can lead to a high-calorie intake as most of the time; you are not conscious of what you are consuming.

For others, sleep is their remedy. While sleep is good, too much inactivity leads to a buildup of reserve body fat. In such an event, getting overweight is something to be on the lookout.  The weak mental state can lead to conditions such as ulcers that most of the time, leads to poor eating habits.



9. Impatience

Do you think that your low carb diet is not achieving its supposed goals? Even after pulling everything right out of the dietician’s book? Well at times the problem is not the diet, rather your expectation to gain fast results. The timeline for observing the changes is somewhere from three weeks, and for some, it may take an upper limit of six months clawing up.

So after toning down your carb intake, do not expect to have your results in a week or two. Be patient and continue with your meal plan. If there is no tangible result in maybe like a month or two, then consult your diet expert.


10. Alcohol Is a Friend

Alcohol is a popular drink whose side effects are apparent. Several alcoholic beverages pack tons of calories and may also affect your health. A common disorder brought about by consuming alcohol is liver damage, a condition that can affect your body’s metabolism and lead gain you too much weight.

Take a little alcohol and avoid binge drinking. If possible, avoid it altogether.


Now You Know!

Losing weight is a critical priority for a healthy life. You must keep a lot of conditions to attain a fit body shape. One of the moves towards getting decent body weight is by cutting down on carbohydrates due to their high-calorie levels.

While it is a good move, you may find yourself in a low carb diet that’s not helping you lose weight situation. It is a disheartening place to be as it undermines your progress towards achieving your desired weight.

Above are some of the probable pointers behind the stagnation despite a low carb diet. Look at what you have been doing wrong and get on the right path. It also does not hurt to consult your dietician or physician on the best move to go about when the low carb diet is not working.


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