Understanding The Process Of Using an Astrological Natal Chart

Understanding The Process Of Using an Astrological Natal Chart
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Humans have for long been intrigued by life, its meaning, and its essence. It has brought the element of vibrations and energy and their connection to our daily lives. When focusing on energy levels, space seems to have answers for us. Through studying stars and their effect on life on earth, there is the astrological natal chart.

The chart, as its name indicates, puts emphasis on heavenly bodies such as stars and looks at their configuration and how they affect us. You may have come across horoscopes in your daily papers, applications or many more. The horoscopes take on a similar arrangement as an astrological natal chart. The stars are set according to the number of months that a year has. Each month has its specific star, that’s why you will come across someone saying that they are one star or the other. When speaking so, the star they talk about represents their birth month and date.


What Is The Purpose Of A Natal Chart?

Using an astrological natal chart is usually the challenging part once you have it with you. To be able to use it, you first of all need to know its purpose. So what is the use of the chart? There are many uses of the map as we can see below.

Natal Chart


● Know About Your Personality

The natal chart consists of twelve zodiac stars that represent each month of the year. Each of the zodiac signs symbolizes a particular trait and also depends on the year you were born. The chart is an excellent tool of self-realization as it points out your various characteristics and the vibrations that you possess. Your star sign symbolizes your energy level, and with a good interpreter, you are in a position to understand your personality focusing on strengths and weaknesses.



● Know Your Destiny

When reading an astrological natal chart once you fully understand to interpret it can give you a hint of your destiny. It is widely used for this purpose with people visiting astrological experts to provide them with an indication of what their signs indicate with a focus on the future. Though at times there may be accuracy issues, it is highly dependent on the interpreter.

When you want to know if you will get a job, spouse or even strike that massive deal, such interpretations can give a hint of the bearing of your goals.


● Have An Idea Of  Your Connection To The Universe

We have a link to the world in one way or another; that is why heavenly bodies have some influence on our lives. The natal chart helps us know of our connection to the world and also your level of energy. It is vital as you get to appreciate the universe as a whole entity.

Have An Idea Of  Your Connection To The Universe


Using The Astrological natal chart

You now have an idea of what the astrological chart is and its purposes. When it comes to its use, things get a little bit complicated as the natal diagram is complex and contains a lot of information you need to keep up with.

To orient you on how to use this chart, you need to understand its parts and what each means. The diagram takes on a circular orientation almost similar to a pie though it has many divisions on it, each representing a specific aspect of your life.

The innermost part has twelve subdivisions, and they represent the zodiac signs. As indicated earlier, the zodiac symbols represent the twelve months of the year. The divisions are the houses, and each has a corresponding number starting at the ascendant point. The numbers appreciate as you go counterclockwise on the astrological representation.

On the outer edge of the chart are the zodiac symbols. Each month has its symbol that you identify with, there are the same that we use in horoscopes, so if you have experience with horoscopes, the astrological natal chart reading won’t be much of a hassle.

Also take note that the chart is 360-degrees like a perfect circle is mathematical, each house takes a 30-degree portion of the table. An advanced astrology chart will have the degrees indicated for easy reading and interpretation.


Elements Of The Astrological Chart

Aside from the divisions, there are also vital parts of the graph that provide an in-depth insight into your star sign. The horizon line runs from left to right across the diameter of the astrological pie, with the left part being the ascendant and the descendant to the right. The ascendant sign is the sign at the eastern horizon during the time of your birth.

The ascendant sign is also known as the Rising sign and reflects on your personality cloak. It is the personality many associate you with; the most outward character. It holds the definitive key to aspects such as looks, temperament, style, and overall self-image. The descendant sign, on the other hand, is your persona when it comes to relating to others.

There is also the meridian, which runs from top to bottom and across the diameter, crossing the horizon at the center of the natal pie. At the upper extreme of the meridian is the mid-heaven or Medium Coeli; while at the bottom is the Imum Coeli. The mid-heaven sign symbolizes your career life and all you put into achieving your life’s ambitions. It also looks at your public image and persona.

The Imum Coeli is the inner you. It is your inner personality looking at your emotions and mental processes. Once you know your zodiac sign, you have the opportunity to get immersed in this chart to understand yourself at a deeper level. You also need to know of the planets concerning your signs same as the effects of the sun and moon


How Can I Study Astrology?

Understanding The Process Of Using an Astrological Natal Chart

We have had a look at how to study the astrological natal chart, and it is easy to conclude that it is not something easy to tackle. To be more proficient when it comes to reading the astrological natal chart, you need to study it and understand its basics. This situation leads us to the question, how can I study astrology?

The crucial thing when you have such a question is whether you have the interest. If the answer is yes, then you have the willingness and right attitude to use the resources at your exposure to boost your knowledge of this field of pseudoscience.

The following are some of the paths to look at when you seek to study astrology.


● Astrology Schools

There are several astrology schools, which have the dedication to impart the knowledge of this field and answer life’s many questions. Try and look up for them, and you may get into a good one that will give you an impressive head start in understanding this field. Most are run by experienced astrologers who are gifted and have a deeper understanding of various life’s facets.

Get one that you are able to pay for comfortably and get on the mission to expand your mind. Some offer online classes, and you still can get the information that you need more conveniently and adaptively.


● The Internet

The internet holds the key to a lot of information and can give you’re the proper guide to astrology. Try and look for suitable sites that talk about astrology, and you have the right backing as you dig deeper. Sites such as YouTube are some of the best free natal chart interpretation tools. The video tutorials on the platform guide you step by step on how to get the interpretation right.

Applications may also come to your aid to help you in astrological natal chart free exposure, focusing on studying and even reading it.



● Get The Right Literature

The library should be your buddy when it comes to seeking information.  There are a lot of books, magazines and other forms of publication that touch on astrology. They are the right resources to introduce you to advanced astrology chart structures and their explications. Look for bookstores that specialize in the field, and you are sure to get the right material to expand your knowledge.


● Apprenticeship

Finally, you may bank on the old ways of acquiring knowledge which was through apprenticeship. Here you look for an expert in the field, and you learn from him or her through observation and demonstration. They can guide you correctly on various aspects of the topic and even make you an expert while at it.


Conclusion Understanding the Astrological Natal Chart

Astrology is one field that is as old as humanity and comes through to help us in having an in-depth understanding of ourselves. One of the tools of astrology is the astrological natal chart that helps us know our connection to the universe. Using this diagram, you are in a position to have a better understanding of yourself from your personality to your energy. It gives an insight into where we are from and also our destiny.

If interested in learning this complex discipline, this article shows you some of the paths to follow to become an expert. Try and learn more about astrology to have a more comprehensive understanding of life, the same as the appreciation of the universe.


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