Understanding the Differences Between a Medium and a Psychic

Understanding the Differences Between a Medium and a Psychic
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Recently, more people are seeking medium and psychic intervention in their everyday lives. The reasons to seek these services range from connecting with the departed loved ones to finding the truth about the future.

However, many people do not know the difference between psychic and medium. Here, we will elaborate on the differences and similarities of mediums and psychics.



Who is a Psychic?

A psychic is someone who can blend with your energy fields. They use their intuitive skills to tell you about your life from the cradle to the grave. Some psychics will only tell you of events of the past, present, or future. However, others can tell you of all the three. Many people seek psychic readings to know their future and potential.

Psychic readings clarify the sitter’s career, money, relationships, love, and more. It is more centered on the wellbeing of a sitter. Psychics use different methods to blend with a sitter’s energy fields. They may use spirit guides or connect with the Universal source. Some use astrology, scrying, crystal balls, runes, Tarot cards, or any other gadget that helps them connect with you.

Everyone possesses psychic abilities on lighter scales. You can feel about something that is about to happen, or when a mother knows their infant is hungry when far from them. We call this intuition.

Psychic has mastered to fine-tune their intuitions and can have a heart to heart and soul to soul communications with others. A psychic reading will give you a fresh perspective, guidance, and confidence to forge forward. You are also able to devise strategies to face the challenges ahead of you.



How to Enhance Psychic Abilities

Psychic is a Greek word that means ‘of the soul.’ When you are keen to listen to your soul, you will hear a gentle and calm voice. The voice is commonly known as intuition. Ever heard of the phrase “trust your instinct.” That voice is what I am talking about.

To be a psychic, you need to practice to listen to your instinct in a calm place. You will achieve this through meditation. Others achieve this through journaling, mindful walks, and being quiet. When you master connecting with your inner self, you now advance to connecting with the energy fields of other people.


Who is a Medium?

Mediums are psychics who blend with the energy fields of departed loved ones. They deliver messages from the souls in the spirit world to their loved ones. Some people refer to them as medium psychics since they have psychic abilities.

Mediums play an essential role in helping people overcome grief after they lose a loved one. They make people understand that the spirit of their loved one is forever with them.

There are two types of mediums that exist, mental mediums and physical mediums. The intuitive psychic abilities of a mental medium happen in their mind. They can communicate with the departed souls through their minds. A medium hears or feels the emotions of a departed soul-They may also deliver messages telepathically.

The other kind of medium is physical. A medium makes the spirits manifest in our world. Sitters in the room get a chance to see, hear and feel the spirit of their departed loved ones. They can cause paranormal experiences to people in this world.

Mediums are born with their abilities; however, to effectively use their abilities, they have to be aware of and practice the same. The abilities of a medium are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. It means that a medium can see, hear, feel, and know things more clearly than anyone else.

Understanding the Differences Between a Medium and a Psychic


Methods Mediums Use to Contact Spirits

Different mediums have different abilities. It is just like the specializations in the medical field. However, the following methods are common among many mediums.

● Spirit boards

You probably have seen such boards in Hollywood movies. The spirit boards, also known as Ouija boards, are used to ask the spirit some questions. The spirits answer the questions using the same board.

● Trance

In this method, a medium lets the spirits use their bodies as a vessel. The sitter then communicates with a loved one through the body of the medium. In some instances, the medium forgets all the events that happened during trance.

● Séance

Seance is a method used by physical mediums to communicate with departed souls. Séance happens when a medium gathers a group of people to invite the spirit. The medium should be well trained so that they do not agitate the spirit during séance. When the spirit appears, they communicate with their loved ones in this world.

● Channeling

Mental mediums apply the channeling method. It is a light form of trance where a medium communicates with the sitter’s loved ones. The medium enters channeling with their full consciousness. They remember all the events that happen during the light trance. The method allows them to deliver a message from the spirit world instantly.


The Similarities and Differences between Psychic and Medium

The similarity of a psychic and a medium is that they both possess psychic abilities. They can connect with the souls and tell the happenings of one’s life. Both mediums and psychics are not fortune tellers. Beware of people who disguise themselves as mediums and psychics to tell you what to do. We all have a gift of free will; therefore, the readings of psychics or messages of mediums do not bind us.

However, the differences are many, as we will see below.




● A psychic is anyone with the ability to sense spiritual energy and read auras. A medium has extra abilities to sense the spiritual energies of the departed souls.

● All mediums are psychics because they have to sense the spiritual energy to facilitate communication with the other world. On the other hand, a psychic is not necessarily a medium. If they cannot communicate with the other world, they are simply psychic.

● A psychic only communicates information in the physical world. A psychic will tell you about your past, present, and future, on the other hand, a medium will reveal information about the spirit in the other world. They receive information from the spirits and interpret to the living.

● A psychic reads from intuition. Mediums place all their trust in God; therefore, they are not in charge of any message that they deliver.

● A psychic will tell you about your future life events while a medium will deliver messages from the souls of your departed loved

● A medium helps you to overcome grief after losing a loved one. You get closure after you know that the spirit of your loved one is at peace and watching over you — psychic deals with the physical world only. Therefore, we can see mediums bring healing to the people in pain and agony.

● Due to the nature of responsibilities, Mediums have stronger spiritual connections than mediums. Being able to traverse parallel worlds requires intense spirituality and belief in higher beings.


How Do You Decide You Need to Seek Psychic or Medium Help?

Understanding the Differences Between a Medium and a Psychic

The above question lingers in many people’s minds when they want to seek spiritual help. Your needs should guide you on whom to ask for help.

When you lose a loved one, and you find it difficult to get closure, I would recommend you look for a medium. You can ask for referrals from friends or search them over the internet. You should be careful about the information on the internet as it may be flawed. Be keen on the reviews.

Your visit to the medium will make you feel the presence of your loved one. Knowing that your loved ones are at peace in the other world will heal your wounds, and you will be able to move on from grief.

Sometimes, you may feel your life is so meaningless. Your purpose in life may not be clear, or your career journey is difficult, or your love life is full of pain. I would recommend you visit a psychic. They will read your past and present behavior patterns and predict what may happen in the future. They also disclose to you the challenges you are likely to face. With this information, you can strategize on how to overcome future challenges- because you know them already.

A psychic reading can help you change the course of your life by making different life choices. They also give you the confidence of a brighter future.


Now You Know

All mediums are psychics, while not all psychics are mediums. To explain this more practically, we can take an example of a lawyer and a criminal lawyer. The first one is a general term to refer to legal representatives while the latter are specialists in criminal cases.


Medium psychics are best as they offer both the medium and psychic services. However, the services provided will align with your needs. Everyone needs to understand the difference between psychic and medium. It will guide you when you need to seek guidance.


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