Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money at Home

Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money at Home
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The internet has made it incredibly easy for anyone to make money at home. Whether it’s through working remotely for a company, freelancing, or taking part in surveys, the opportunities are endless. In fact, the number of employees who work remotely in the US alone went up by 115% in 12 years.

In 2005, there were 1.8 million remote workers; by 2017, the number had gone up to 3.9 million. There are many skills and services that businesses need, but there are still many people who are not aware of the many money-making opportunities online.

Why is that?

If you’re struggling to find real ways to make money from home, it’s likely because you haven’t defined your skills and goals. Here are the two critical questions you need to ask yourself:


1. What type of opportunities are suitable for you?

If your priority is flexibility, then you should go for opportunities that allow you to schedule your work time, even though they may not be the highest paying.

Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money at Home


2. What are your interests and talents?

If you’re good at a given skill, you can monetize it; we are good at something. Take time to reflect and figure out what you’re interested in and the skills you’ve perfected.


3. Are you willing to learn new skills?

If you don’t have the time to learn new skills, then you might have to settle for low-skill low-pay jobs. Continually learning and upgrading your skills will help access more lucrative work-from-home job opportunities.


Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home


1. Online Surveys

There are plenty of scams in the survey industry, so you should be vigilant. Avoid companies that demand upfront fees or sensitive information; they are most likely fraudulent.

That said, there are many legitimate survey gigs. You shouldn’t expect to make a full-time income from surveys. They should be side gigs that you take when you have some time in your hands. Some of the websites that offer paid-survey-taking opportunities include:

● MySurvey.com

● SurveySavvy.com

● Survey Junkie

● MyPoints

● Swagbucks Surveys


2. Microtasks

Microtasks include small tasks like data tagging, transcription (short files), typing, etc. You can get such jobs in Amazon’s platform Mechanical Turker or companies like Clickworker.



3. Customer Service Rep

A lot of companies now outsource their customer service to third parties who, in turn, hire home-based workers to take orders and calls. Most customer service rep jobs allow you to set your own hours, which is fantastic if you have a busy family life.

And, although some companies hire independent contractors and don’t offer benefits, some do provide benefits and 401k for staff that work for more than 20 hours per week. Some of the companies that offer virtual call /customer rep jobs include:

● WorkingSolutions.com

● LiveOps.com

● ACDDirect.com

● Arise.com


4. Telemarketing

If you are well-organized, a skillful communicator, and have customer service experience, telemarketing can be a fantastic work-from-home job opportunity for you. A lot of businesses outsource cold-calling to third parties who, in turn, hire remote workers to make the calls.

Typically, telemarketers are paid an hourly rate in addition to incentives and performance-based commissions. But be wary of companies that demand a fee in exchange for leads or information. You can find telemarketing gigs on websites like Indeed and Intrep.com.


5. Editor, Writer, or Proofreader

Are you known for being a fantastic writer, maybe it’s time you start getting paid for it? There is a huge demand for good writing, especially online content. If you’re an excellent writer, editor, or proofreader, you can find freelance gigs in websites like upwork.com, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs.com, and editfast.com.


6. Virtual Assistant

A lot of small business owners and mid-level executives need professional assistance, but they can’t afford permanent staff. So they hire part-time remote virtual assistants to handle some of their administrative work.

As a virtual assistant, you handle administrative duties like correspondence, event planning, travel planning, and other support services remotely through phone or email. If you’re a stay-at-home mum with young kids, virtual assistant positions can fantastic for you as they’re highly flexible. Check websites like virtualassistantjobs.com for opportunities.


7. Online Tutor

Web interface tools like Skype have made face-to-face virtual tutoring easy. If you have teaching skills and a college degree, you can make money at home tutoring science, math, English, or other languages. As an online tutor, you get to plan your schedule. Check out websites like Tutor.com for opportunities.


8. Graphic Designer

Are you good at graphic design? Can you create logos or website designs? Many companies are looking for design talent for their brands – from simple logos to PDF files. You can find a lot of these opportunities online. Check out industry-specific platforms like 99 Designs and freelancing sites like upwork.com for some of these opportunities.

Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money at Home


9. Digital Marketing Manager

A lot of small businesses need help with their social media and digital marketing. If you have some experience targeting and managing ads on search engines like Google and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you can make a decent income helping these businesses navigate digital marketing.

It only takes digital marketing knowledge and a bit of self-promotion. Check out your local small business forums and freelancing platforms like upwork.com for such opportunities.


10. Create a YouTube Channel

If you have an appealing on-camera personality or if you have deep expertise in given fields, you can also start a YouTube channel and monetize it. Your content can be anything from daily vlogs to specific topics like food, crafts, parenting, and more.

Once you gain a following, the opportunities are endless. You can monetize it through Google Ads, you can work directly with brands in your niche, you can create a product and sell it to your audience, and more.



11. Online Translation Services

Are you proficient in a foreign language? You can make money online by translating all sorts of content into English. It could be business items, documents, videos, and more. Check out translation platforms like Rev.com for opportunities.


12. Sign Language Translator

Are you a sign language expert? Can you translate conversations during a live stream? A lot of businesses leverage remote sign language translators to facilitate workplace conversations. Check out industry websites like worldwideinterpreters.com for opportunities.


13. Launch a Podcaster

Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money at Home

Podcasts are now extremely popular with listeners who’re on the go. As such, advertisers are now tapping into podcast audiences. If you have the charm, the radio voice, or niche-specific expertise, you can make money from home through podcasting once you’ve drawn in a substantial audience.


14. SEO for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization is critical for businesses that want to establish an online presence. A lot of small businesses need a bit of help with SEO work. If you’re tech-savvy and good at creating online content, you can make money from home by providing SEO services to local businesses. You can also get clients through freelance websites like upwork.com.


15. Teach Music Lessons

Are you a musician? Would you like to share your skills? Well, you can offer music lessons from home. There are a lot of kids and young adults who are eager to learn to play a musical instrument. From flute to the piano and clarinet, there is always a need for music teachers in every community.

Advertise your services in platforms like craigslist, and soon enough, you’ll be making money sharing your passion and skills right in your home.


16. Be a Personal Trainer

If you’re a gym rat who’s enthusiastic about fitness as well as about inspiring and motivating others to get fit, you can make a fair bit of money from personal training. And, you can use spaces in your home; for instance,  turn your garage or backyard into a training space.


17. Become a Yoga Instructor

Similar to personal training, if yoga is your thing, you can make money teaching it to others. You can set up your yoga studio in your garage or patio and serve your clients right at your home.


18. Become a Travel Planner

Are you big on travel? Do you know a lot of exciting destinations and fun local spots that you would like to share with others? Are you good travel hacking and know how to utilize your miles and points to lower traveling costs?

If so, for a small fee, you can sell travel guides and book cheap flights and hotel rooms for others. You can sell your services on platforms like Fiverr.


How to Find Opportunities and Avoid Scams

There are a lot of scams being touted as make-money-at-home opportunities. Be vigilant, check out the reviews, and do your research before you settle for an opportunity. You should, especially, be wary of over the top claims of potential income and demands that you pay before you’re given access to an opportunity.

Do your due diligence. You need to dig into all aspects of the gigs that interest you. Being knowledgeable about your future gigs can ease your entry into the job.

Look out for local opportunities; it’s easier to find reliable clients in your locality. So join local forums and networks. There are a lot of legitimate ways of making money online; you only need to find suitable opportunities.


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