Learn the Characteristics of Creative Personalities and Become One

Learn the Characteristics of Creative Personalities and Become One
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Often, we see creative people as intelligent creatures who are highly gifted than us. We even tend to crave for such great talents, so that we may use them to fix life challenges. This way, we start envying them because they are game-changers in their unique way.

Would you like to be creative in how you think and do things? Well, it is in real terms easier than you realize. You just have to rid your mind of the notion that the most creative people in history are mysterious and extra-blessed.


Is Creativity a Sign of Intelligence?

Talking about the link between creativity and intelligence, it is important to know that one major obstacle that could be preventing you from enhancing your creativity is that creativity is a measure of intelligence. Yes, and there is also this other notion that creative people are born.

So, if you are created with that special “gift”, you tend to give up easily, which is the worst move you can make in life.

Research shows that a person can exhibit little creativity despite being a genius, or yet still, have little intelligence and high creativity.

Learn the Characteristics of Creative Personalities and Become One


What are the Traits of a Creative Person?

Creativity is generally not what you are but what you do. Most creative people are created with the “gift”, though it is a learned behavior to a large degree. It is simply how you approach things and your willingness to take chances.

View creativity as a body muscle. It gets stronger with more use. Do you get the idea? Well, to become one of the few creative personalities we have around, you will first of all program your brain to adopt traits of a creative personality. What we mean by this is that you must think and act like creative people if you are to become creative, right? Here are the characteristics of a creative personality.


They are Courageous

Creative people are courageous and are always willing to face new challenges. They don’t fear failure. They know that the world’s most successful people had the guts to try out new things, without fear of being ridiculed or laughed at.

Stay with creative folks and you will start realizing that they develop harebrained ideas bit by bit, and courageously, so that within a given period, the ideas become a big breakthrough. This does not mean that you should constantly push yourself to the deep end of untried things just to measure your courage. Take risks cautiously and at the end of it all, your efforts will certainly pay off.



They are Never Afraid of Losing

This is yet another trait among the best creative genius traits. It suggests that most creative guys have the willingness to compete based on results, and they are never afraid of losing in competitions.

They are never afraid of being wrong because such fears only kill creativity. This way, they know that for them to achieve full life potential and success in whatever they do, they must be willing to open their minds to a market of ideas, by viewing their failures positively.


They Rely On Intuition to Make Intelligent Decisions

One unique thing with creative people is that they don’t listen to gurus but to their guts. They apply logic to make informed decisions that yield excellent results. They take things simple, small and fast, something that many people would view as primitive or ugly.

Because you understand yourself better, it is imperative to rely on your conviction to make intelligent decisions that produce the best ideas. If it is a book you want to write, listen to your guts and not writing gurus out there. Who else understands your story better than you, anyway?

Learn the Characteristics of Creative Personalities and Become One


They Strive to Expand the Boundaries of Possibilities

A few decades ago, the thought of raking in huge profits off the Internet was unheard of. Honestly, no one thought that it would ever be possible. You get the idea, right? Well, as we speak, the Internet is an international business platform, thanks to the thoughts of creative minds.

It is through creativity that e-commerce was birthed. Content creators can now work anywhere across the globe, albeit virtually. Would this be possible had people not tried to expand the boundaries of what is possible? Certainly not.

What this implies is that you should not view things as possible and impossible. Instead, join the league of creative minds by adopting the “tried and untried” mindset as early as now. Have you tried anything yet?


They Like to Lighten Up

There are no better creative acts than playing. We all have work and obligations, but should it be a matter of life and death? No. When you have fun or get humorous, your brain produces endorphins that lift your spirits and brighten up your day. Additionally, your brain relaxes to produce better ideas only. So, you become positive and extremely creative.

Maybe this is the idea you are missing to become one of the few creative personalities around.



They Blend Old Ideas to Produce Great Insights

Creative people jam together old ideas that many of us deem useless, to produce new useful insights.

They make powerful connections that yield great ideas, which often leave us puzzled. Most times, the greatest innovations we wake up to every day are made on ideas that are centuries old.


Creative People Express Themselves, To Be Themselves

The greatest creative writers ever, name them, are a true definition of how being expressive and willing to open up to the world can help you and others to be themselves.

If you can share with people how you feel and what you think, you will without a doubt become yourself.

There are areas into which you can inject your personality. When you play it real, people will respond to your blog pieces, music, poems, etc. emotionally, because after all, humans are emotional creatures.


They Challenge Assumptions to Discover Reality

Learn the Characteristics of Creative Personalities and Become One

If you know something from personal experience or knowledge, then you know it.

Creative people don’t believe in every assumption that is thrown their way. They instead ask hard-hitting questions to unravel life puzzles and discover what is true.

So, if you want to boost your creative power today, you will first of all need to avoid following the rules of thumb and start unearthing the real rules. If you want to wield a lot of creativity, teach yourself to take advice from other people with a grain of salt. Do you understand? Well, it helps to be different from the masses.

As a rule, to achieve high creativity levels, don’t follow nor believe in what people view as real because after all, creative guys have clear life objectives.


They Are Researchers and Critical Thinkers

They analyze confusion critically to find order and hidden meaning. Critical thinking and creativity are almost inseparable because the former is an essential tool for all creative personalities.

Information is to creative people what food is to the stomach. Lack of one results in severe problems, for example, writers who complain about “writer’s block” lack the willingness to dig for fresh content, ridding their brains of meaningful things to say.


They Can Easily Locate Solutions to Challenges

No one has a solution to every life problem, not even the best writers and researchers. Those who claim that they can solve all problems have probably stopped thinking.

A creative personality is a person who directs positive energy and dedication to at least one challenge and tries to find a viable solution. In simple terms, creative people see problems as a new opportunity to learn and produce new things.

Maybe you know this person that quickly provides suggestions and clever answers to a crisis during staff meetings. They are not super-humans nor are they abled differently. It is only that they act creatively.


They Value Intrinsic Motivation Over External Rewards

If you do things for money and external rewards, chances are that you will cease being a fountain of ideas, because money is what drives you.

When you are motivated by tasks, you solve problems that face humans, and as a result, your heart will feel extreme fulfillment. It helps to do something selflessly and passionately, and you will make money along the way.

Do you know Mark Zuckerberg? Well, he spent a lot of time growing his Facebook networking business to unite people through socialization. He served humanity and money came knocking at his door-step.


Begin To Develop Creative Genius Traits

These are the uncommon personality characteristics of a creative child, or we can call them “The main characteristics of creativity”. Now, pick a creative personality you admire and watch how he/she deals with tough situations. Can you handle tough situations cleverly as they do?

As you plan to learn the characteristics of creative personalities, you will truly start becoming like one. There are high chances that your creativity will grow rapidly every day, and you will without a doubt be more successful.


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