Finding Your Celestial Twin Flame: What To Look For

Finding Your Celestial Twin Flame: What To Look For
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Humans are designed in such a way that we appreciate pleasure in our reality while neglecting pain—as it impedes our happiness. Have you ever wondered why you make some decisions within split seconds? We live to regret the ones that will haunt us, we admire the beautiful ones. The twin flame relationship came into existence when consciousness made a decision that will completely transform into what is generally called the celestial twin flame. The “soul mate” or “better half” is what I personally perceive to be the lower level of the celestial twin. When this soul spark settled into a new expression of duality, a twin flame connection was born. In essence, every human is endowed to its own half; masculine and feminine that complement a single whole. When these twins come together, they form a perfect complete whole—complementing one another. The germane reason is for each of the halves to learn about oneself through the mirror (the other half).

A twin flame relationship possesses passion, great connection, reliability, consistency, faith, loyalty, and powerful affinity. It is the most powerful and chaotic relationship in the universe because of the great connection and energy present. It is said that when twin flames get in contact with each other, the vibration of the unity consciousness grid rises up, even more; the reason being that the two splinted souls are transformed back to unity, the energy level becomeing magnificent. It is wonderful to see yourself through your celestial twin flame. A terrifying odyssey that is exhilarating and overwhelming. The good thing about finding your twin flame is that nothing in the whole universe can stop them from loving you unconditionally—the bond is unbreakable, except in the best interest of you both. The bond shared by a celestial twin is stronger than steel, durable and everlasting. Your flaws and nightmares are perfections for your twin flame.

Finding Your Celestial Twin Flame: What To Look For


The main reason for a twin flame is for you both to witness the different faces of the coin and still remain unconditionally loved. This sort of relationship involves partners walking through the different facets of life, learning the language of love, an exciting relationship. The beauty of a celestial twin relationship is that both of you will help each other move through the torrent of life, the freaky smile of depression, the unclad body of love, the painful nightmare of yesterday, the dark secret in your closets…and still you will remain loved by them.



Finding your celestial twin involves great devotion, letting go of your wounds, taking up the mantle of libration. You should note the twin flame can be in the form of your familial relationship, student-lecturer, coworker; it doesn’t necessarily mean it should be an intimate relationship. I have heard of some twin flames who just met at one point in their life but left based on mutual agreement for the edification of both partners—personal growth or for the two parties to be independent. You know, it might be that their soul mate is having more to teach them than their twin. This is encountered by a plethora of people who claimed that they had met their Celestial Twin at one point in their life and destiny separated them both based on mutual agreement and conditions of life. To avoid contradiction and obscurity, you should understand that twin flame does not connote your soul mate—it is the higher level that resides within the decision of consciousness.

I met my twin flame when I was 23; what does a young lady of my age want from divinity? We met during a festival of art in Singapore. The energy grew so strong that it swept me off my feet. There is this feeling that runs down my spine at his touch, his eyes flip off the cover of my heart, he is always on my mind. I have never felt such a propensity of affection for anyone before. We spend nights together whispering love. He perfectly complements my flaws, he loves me for who I am. At one point I thought I was playing too stupid because of the energy I encountered in him. I tried building my defense lines to avoid being stupid. He crushed them down, breaking down my strategies. I was like a toddler who thirsts for breast milk; I threw my tears to his heart and I wrapped myself round his love. We both passed through painful times together. We share our regrets but we always came out happy and triumphed. Today, our fairytale is blessed with kids. Although, that was my personal experience which is not necessarily the case.


What to look for when finding your celestial twin flame

To recognize your twin flame we have organized for you a plethora of things that the universe left for us to observe when finding our celestial twin flame.



● There is always irresistible energy perceived: There is this strong energy you feel, a connection that is different from what you ever experienced in your entire lifetime. You feel fulfilled, as a great sensation of energy is perceived from your celestial twin flame that can sweep you off your feet at their stare.

● You create dreams with your celestial twin: You know, it is not everyone we meet in our life we created dreams and aspirations with. Your celestial twin flame create hopes, dreams, and aspirations with you. You have a vision of them, some might have a sketch mental image of them—and once sighted, you’re attached to one another.

Finding Your Celestial Twin Flame: What To Look For

● You both will share this great telepathic connection: You will understand each other’s feelings, pains, and love. You have almost the same thoughts, or sometimes you both might end up saying the same words or sentence, unwittingly. That shows that your souls are attached.

● It might look difficult to secure your celestial twin’s attention: It is likely that at the time you met one another, one of you might be in a relationship or not ready for any attention at that point. With time the bond will be stronger in good faith.

● Hard times create a stronger bond: The relationship between you both will grow stronger throughout every page of hardship. You both will discover that each time you resolve any issue, your bond will become stronger. Both of you will draw out a lesson from your mistakes. Your goals are similar, your dreams alike and true.

● Separation is uncomfortable: You both are best when together. Your twin flame feels natural and real when in close range, and most times there is always a moment of separation before coming together again. It will look like you’re not complete when your twin flame is not within.

● You both grow together; stronger: With your twin flame, you both help each other to grow stronger, help achieve your long dreams. At the time you meet your celestial twin flame, the rate at which you grow will be increased; at a good desirable level.

● You both learn lessons at different phases of life: Twin Flames help you to realize lessons and to experience life at its sweetest peak, most effective and with incredible vibration. They take you to the depths of your soul; with this, you see the world from a different angle.

● You see unconditional love: At this point, you love your celestial twin no matter their habits or traits that look unappealing. You consider their flaws as strengths—you encourage your partner, helping them in their area of weakness, which defines true growth.

● You experience an indescribable feeling calling back past memories: This happens when you have met this person before. The first feeling you experience is a strong sensation of sweet past memories you share with this person. It gladdens your heart at the sight of this partner because of your history and beautiful times with them.

● You both compliment each other: The beauty of this is that both of you complement one another in your area of weakness, then perfection is achieved.

● You pay significant attention to them: You give great attention to your celestial twin flame; no matter how hard you try to get them off your mind, their image will always pop up to the walls of your heart.

● They seem flawless within their flaws: This means that your celestial twin flame might see themselves within their flaws but you will never see them within that. That gives them a unique glorification in your reality.

Finding Your Celestial Twin Flame: What To Look For


Finally, you should take note that twin flame relationships occur naturally—at divine excellent timing. You don’t rush into this relationship, it happens without much pressure on both parties. At one point or the other, fate might drift you and people, apart; certainly, divinity will unify you both. Please for no reason should you feel depressed and think your celestial twin flame has abandoned you or left you for the beyond. If you haven’t met them, life will bring you together someday. In my own case it happened that we stayed really good together, and during tough times, we shared and traded wonderful stories. You should note that it is only when it is in your highest and good interest will your twin flame appear, or leave. The information provided in this article is to help you find your celestial twin flame, so look deep within your current or upcoming relationships. I pray you to find the celestial twin flame that will help you grow well and love you unconditionally.


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