Essential Tips To Speed Up Fat Loss

Essential Tips To Speed Up Fat Loss
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Getting rid of those extra pounds can be a very discouraging process, especially when those benches, planking, treadmill runs, and stiff diets seem to be yielding a far from proportionate return. Does it seem as though whenever you lose one pound, you gain two right back? Then there are a number of practices that you most likely haven’t taken into consideration that you most probably should. It is about time that you know your body and how it reacts to changes, as this will greatly enhance the speed with which you lose that unwanted fat.


Hit the gym

You have heard that “nothing good comes easy” and this saying is true for everyone wishing to lose quite a number of pounds, and one sure way to get this done is by hitting the gym more often, consistently, and with a little more enthusiasm. Many overweight individuals are registered with gymnasiums they barely visit but monthly resubscribe to. If you are going to shed that fat, then you need to take the gym as a part-time job with the mindset that when you miss a day at the office you could get queried. So take your time at the gym, get value for your money, and try your best to avoid crash sessions where you get into the gym and have that crazily intense workout, pushing your limit and all that, and then stay away from the gym for a longer period. You will drop a few pounds truly but chances are that by the next time you get to the gym you would have gotten back that fat plus extra.


Cut the carbs

You can just as easily thwart all your efforts at the gym with that next meal. It is very important that for optimal results, you watch what you eat keenly, but cut down on the excess unnecessary carbs and go for more fiber-based meals and veggies. Stay away from consuming so much sugar and instead you could do more fruits. The best feeding habits will make your time at the gym even more effective. Eat as much as five small portions of a meal all through the day as opposed to three very heavy meals. Cut down on junk, go organic, relax after a major meal, and never rush a meal, making these as feeding habits a routine will help increase the rate at which you lose weight.



Sleeping is one of the most underrated means of weight loss. In fact, there are misconceptions about sleep; it is most often insinuated that sleep promotes fat accumulation whereas it actually helps to increase weight loss. Sleep is the best remedy to stress which is a major reason for weight gain in a lot of teenagers and adults. Sleep helps the weight loss process by regulating the hormones and increasing energy levels.

Essential Tips To Speed Up Fat Loss


Get involved in a sport

How many overweight individuals do you see in any sports (except the sumo wrestlers)? That is because being involved in a sport is a fun way to burn fat because every sport has some degree of motion involved in it, but with different intensities, so pick any sport that interests you and take into consideration the fact that you have to be able to cope with the pace of whatever sport you choose to participate in. And who knows, you might evolve from trying to lose weight to trying to win a trophy.



Many see fasting as a religious affair, which might be true if you look at it from one point of view, but wholistically fasting is not just a spiritual exercise. It also is a way to exercise the mind and body. Staying away from certain kinds of food (or every kind of food) for a period of time can be a very useful practice to trim down on all that body fat. The best part about fasting is that it helps you learn the art of self-control. Once you are able to make intermittent fasts a habit, it becomes easier to stay away from food types that are not good for your weight, but you must also understand that there is difference between dieting and fasting. Moreover, if you are going to go on a total fast make sure you are given the go-ahead by a physician.


Work hard and play hard

Having fun is an integral part of socializing as an enormous percentage of fun lovers and thrill-seekers are never found in the overweight category, as having fun reduces the cortisol hormone in the body and also the insulin level, and this serves as an anti-stress agent which in turn reduces the tendencies of depression.



Push your limits (recommended for men)

Maybe you have become too comfortable with your work rate at the gym. Losing weight quicker means you need to step out of your comfort zone. The more you push your limits either via the KGS you lift or the more reps (number of repeated lifts of the same weight), the quicker that fat evolves into muscles. Just try not to push too hard.


Seek professional advice

Its safe to always seek professional advice either in the form of your gym instructor or your dietitians or therapist, as these groups of people have a wealth of knowledge about whatever it is you are trying to achieve, and thus they can help you reach your goals even quicker than you expect. So don’t be paranoid or shy to talk to them now and then.


Positive self-talk

Whether you choose to believe it or not, losing weight takes even much more willpower than actual physical strength, and that is why positive self-talk is important; most times you won’t have anyone to spur you on your journey, and that’s why you have you. So if no one will tell you that you can do it, why don’t you try telling yourself? And the more you reaffirm this, the more strength you have to achieve your weight loss goals. Start speaking positively to yourself from today.



Celebrate your wins

Losing weight is as much a psychological battle as it is emotional, mental, and physical, and that is why it is advisable that you have a progress chart. Keeping records of weight lost and time taken to lose that weight could seem quite inconsequential at the onset, but as you progress diligently these progress reports could serve as a morale boost. Boosting yourself psychologically will help you work more diligently and purposefully, and with these, you stand a great chance to be that way, which you have pictured yourself even quicker.


Stay away from alcohol

Essential Tips To Speed Up Fat Loss

Everyone wants a meal served with a bottle of champagne right next to it, but if you don’t want that sumptuous meal stored in the wrong places (places like your hips, stomach, and thighs) then water is best to wash down that meal. Alcohol slows down the fat-burning process, as studies have shown that people who consume alcohol have a much slower metabolism than non-alcoholics. Cutting down on your alcohol intake will help a great deal in reaching your weight loss goals.


Relax more

Relaxation is a natural weight loss aid. Take time to relax and unwind. You could indulge in a number of relaxation practices, like yoga, or you could get a full body massage to help your body do its bit in helping you lose some of that unwanted fat and also free you up from the weight of all that stress.



This is another practice that helps condition the body and mind. Meditation has been found to help the mind’s focus and so take out some minutes every day, get a quiet place, get into a comfortable position, and begin to clear your mind of all that stressful junk. Give yourself more clarity and direction, focus on your goals, and in no time you will find yourself to have attained those lofty goals.

Essential Tips To Speed Up Fat Loss


Pre-menstrual workout (women alone)

A study has shown that there is a probability of losing more weight just before the end of your menstrual cycle than at the beginning, and this is because the hormones, estrogen, and progesterone informs the body to use fat as a source of energy. So what better time to work out than when it’s most likely to produce astronomical results?


Your gym is everywhere

Why use the stairs when the elevator still works, right? Well, if you are going to burn that fat in record time, then that should be enough reason for you to run up those stairs instead of using the all-too-convenient elevator. Or take a walk down the street to the store instead of taking that cab. You could even choose to cycle your way to work for the next, say, one month. The gym is not the only place where excess fat can be burned; if you want that fat gone in no time then your gym should be everywhere.




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