Are You Infusing Your Manifestation With The Right Energy? 4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Are You Infusing Your Manifestation With The Right Energy?   4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself
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In everything we do, we manifest. Energies that flow in and around our body are caused by the thoughts we have, and this produced energy attracts complimentary things. So, if you think you are clumsy, guess what happens—you will become clumsy. Another close example is when you give yourself the “I know it’s going to resolve to this talk” and most times it’s the negative energy we exhume that attracts these bad things. But if you put a stop to the negative thoughts and allow yourself to revel in good thoughts about what you are doing and mostly about yourself, you realize you turn out awesome and more successful. As positive, inspiring energy will always attract positive things. Everything we allow in our minds signals our energy and in doing so, our overall energy will manifest in our experience. You guessed right, our mind is that powerful. Oftentimes, we are the cause of our problems through the various thoughts that will, at the end of the day, make a situation worse. I’m sure we know one or two cynical people that bad things keep happening to; you don’t want to be like that, do you? However, some people understand how powerful thoughts are so they try to infuse their manifestation with the right energy. But they oftentimes focus on the external world than the world that lies inside of them. This later resolves to them not getting the right energy for their manifestation. If you are looking for how to infuse your manifestation with the right energy, here are four crucial questions you need to ask yourself.

Are You Infusing Your Manifestation With The Right Energy


1. Do I get inspired?

What we think, or say, of and to ourselves matters a lot in the kind of energy we manifest. If all you do is doubt yourself and paint a series of negative scenarios in your head about yourself, you will find yourself caged by these negative, uninspiring thoughts that will only make the world pass you by. We are our first motivation so if we don’t push ourselves, the external drive will have little or no effect on us. So ask yourself if all you do is talk yourself down or inspire yourself. The simple truth is, you can’t live above the standard you have created for yourself, so you are your best motivator and worst enemy depending on how you intend to use it. It is not just what we think that inspires us, but what others think. Someone surrounded by people that only see the downside of everything will find it almost impossible to try something new or even do what he/she likes. What you need is quality, not quantity, so when you see that all you gain from some people are negative energies, do well to leave them as this will demotivate you as their energy will greatly affect yours. Moreover, if you seek positive people, you will see yourself basking in a lot of positivity which will also drive you into making good things for yourself.



2. Do I live in my comfort zone?

Don’t be cajoled, the comfort zone is no fun at all. It’s a limitation to both your physical and mental being. Another downside to the comfort zone is that you are not trying anything new, so your energy will be low, making it easy for you to get ill or depressed. If you are the type that does things that is only comfortable and is not ready to go the extra length, it’s high time you stop, as that is a wrong form of energy to infuse to your manifestation. Another thing to note about the comfort zone is that you might not even consider it a comfort zone. If you want to be sure, here are a few questions you can ask yourself: 1. Do I try new things?; 2. Do I have any beliefs that are caging my potential?; 3. Is there a trait or characteristic that doesn’t energize me positively? After putting the answers down, you will write the solutions to the answer you gave on another sheet. Read the solutions very well till you know it by heart, then follow it strictly. You will discover that you will find yourself doing things you have already been scared to do and you will also feel happier and more energetic than before. Also, if there are any misconceptions you have about yourself, it’s best to replace these beliefs with an opposing view. You will be amazed at how what seems like a minor replacement can contribute to giving you the right energy for manifestation.
Are You Infusing Your Manifestation With The Right Energy


3. Do I engage in positive self-talk?

Although most of us might not want to admit this in public, we all talk to ourselves. How we do it is less important. Sometimes we speak internally to ourselves and sometimes we mutter when alone. But the simple truth is we all do it. In fact, if you are wondering, it is perfectly normal to self-talk as it is a perfect platform for you to analyze, access, and review a situation with a diverse mind, so to say. Like we have said earlier, how we engage in self-talk is less important; what is more important is what we say when we do it. We have seen the case of people agreeing to do something a few moments ago and then out of the blue, the confidence is gone and nothing seems capable of bringing it back. Positive self-talk is a very effective way to get you in the right state of mind and also build your confidence for whatever thing you want to do. Affirming good things to yourself every time is good as it can help direct your actions, inaction, and zeal towards anything. Also, whether physical or psychological, affirming positive things to yourself can fill you up with high energy that will see you through anything. Aside from this, it can also protect you from external negative energy. The positive self-talk is so potent that it’s always advised to be said before starting anything.



4. Do I visualize the right energy?


A great man once said, “If you can think it, you can achieve it.” Sometimes when we want to increase our energy for a proper manifestation, the major step we need to take is visualizing ourselves getting energized. By thinking it, our subconscious, who knows we don’t have much energy, will set to work and push us towards the things that would make this mental image possible. This is like the internal version of self-talk. The thoughts that you allow your mind to process is what it will navigate your actions to do. So if you create a mental picture of you gaining more positive energy, you will, without a doubt, find yourself doing things that will definitely improve the right energy that flows within and around you. Creating a visual image in your head of where you want the right energy to manifest becomes very effective if it’s done on a daily basis, as this will become too obvious to your subconscious to neglect to cause it to switch to action quickly. Also, you can go somewhere quiet if your home can’t achieve that. Breathe calmly as you visualize yourself being filled with energy. Your mind would want to hold on to a single thought but don’t allow that to happen, just flow like the kite being blown by the wind for a couple of minutes while you are there. The energy can be viewed in different ways; some see it as a ball of light moving across their body, some visualize it as a golden glow. Whichever works for you is okay, as you need to visualize something that will be a good symbol of energy to you.


There are numerous ways in which you can infuse your manifestation with the right energy. But by asking yourself these four questions, you are not only setting the ball rolling for the right energy to fill you up, but you also have the tools to check yourself from time to time so as to know how far you have gone. There is no better time to start than now, and in case you are wondering, it is never too late to start. It’s never too late to be filled up with positive energy that will immensely contribute to the rate of your positive experience. Ask yourself these four questions today and your life will forever be changed!



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