Are you a Clairvoyant? 8 Signs To Look Out For

Are you a Clairvoyant? 8 Signs To Look Out For
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The world is an intriguing place with many wonders to take in. There are special people in the world with gifts and among such offerings is being a clairvoyant. You may have the question on who is a clairvoyant.

They are gifted individuals who have extrasensory perception, which is also referred to as the sixth sense. If you have clairvoyance, you have the power to sense some attributes such as colors, patterns writing and even place perception through the mind. The word actually has a French background meaning clear vision.

Throughout history, many people have claimed to possess this power though some are just a sham. Many saints from biblical times also could use their mind as a perception tool.

So are you a clairvoyant or how do you know you are one? If you have these questions in a bid to know your capabilities, then stick on as we take you through signs you are a clairvoyant as highlighted below.


1. Hints Of Photographic Memory

One of the signs that can direct you on how to know you are a clairvoyant is having a photographic memory. With this type of mind, a single exposure to anything leaves its footprints on your brain, and you are able to picture it perfectly. Having such a memory shows that a considerable part of your brain is functional and can go an extra mile in putting you in the clairvoyance bracket.

One thing with this ability is the level of accuracy that comes with it. The accuracy concept applies to being a clairvoyant as you are able to tell more about something, and it comes as real as your interpretation.

Hints Of Photographic Memory


2. Numbers, Symbols And Colors Decorate Your Mind

People with the gift of extrasensory perception have an affinity to symbols, colors, numbers and other figures. One sign to answer the question on your natural ability is when you perceive such figures a lot on your mind. The grasp of the figures or colors comes in handy when it comes to their detection even when you cannot see them. In short, your mind’s affinity to them helps you recognize them once you get a hint of their presence.


3. Psychic Flashes

Clairvoyance is a gift customarily associated with the divine world, and at times, if you possess this ability, it is as if you have a direct spiritual link. To act as your clairvoyant guide while on earth, you may experience psychic flashes. Such an experience draws you from this dimension to another, and it may strike you the same way a beam of light hits you when asleep.

You may notice various colors, figures, shapes or numbers, and it is one of the signs that you have this rare ability. When you have the psychic flashes, try and be calm as overreacting can lead to dizziness and less appreciation of the skill that is on your hands.



4. Strange Dreams

For a long time, dreams have had an association with the spiritual realm, and when you have the power of extrasensory perception, you may have a hint from your dreams. Dreaming is a compelling aspect of human beings and is mostly seen as the gateway to other realms or sort of a communication channel.

If you are a clairvoyant, you may experience strange dreams that take you to weird places and see similarly strange things. They may include orbs, light flashes, prominent figures in history among many more. Through these dreams, you may also get accustomed to various shapes, and numbers that kind of have symbolism to your destiny here on earth.

Another standout fact is that when you get the awareness of your clairvoyance strength, you may experience lucid dreams. In such a dream state, you are aware that you are dreaming and at times you have the control of the characters dotting this state of consciousness. You know how to talk, how to act and manipulate some aspects as you slumber. It is one of the ways to help you take note of your destiny in regards to the ability you have.


5. You Have An Impressive Sign Of Direction

When you think you are a clairvoyant, one element that should stand out to point out the gift is your sense of bearing. Having your sense of direction at all times is a sign of incredible mental power and is mostly associated with the sixth sense that is our subject.

Most people call this sense the natural GPRS system and comes in handy to demonstrate the level of your prowess relating to your perception level. When testing for clairvoyance, most experts will try and see how good you are in identifying your position in a place like a dark room or a foreign place. The sense of bearing is, at times associated with diving guidance.

Are you a Clairvoyant? 8 Signs To Look Out For


6. A Penchant For An Alone Time

Having alone time is essential for your mental development and also in achieving a sense of independence. If you have this extrasensory perception gift, then you will have an adoration for alone times. When alone, you have the opportunity to ponder on a lot of things that you may have encountered courtesy of your gift. As earlier hinted, when you are a clairvoyant, you come across particular visions and dreams that are not on the normal scope.

When you are alone, you learn more about this skill and how to use it for your betterment. It is also a common thought that when you are in a solitary situation, you have the chance to get deeper to your spiritual self. It is possible through meditation and gives you a moment to sink into another realm to provide you with an in-depth understanding of yourself and also the powers you have.

If you love being by yourself and crowds sort of drain your energy levels, do not underestimate yourself as beneath may be a powerful mental and sensory ability.



7. Improved Sensory Function

When looking at this super ability, the sensory aspect of the body comes into play as the principal body system. One sign of having this ability is improved sensory function. You might be the one in the room that notices the mild scent or even see the furthest in your group, still with a clear vision.

The gift comes with boosted senses with an additional one that is referred to as the sixth one. If you feel that this body system functions better than your counterpart’s then it can be an indicator of you having special skills.

The increased sensitivity comes from the top-notch mental system and relays this advantage to your sensory centers and ultimately to your nerves. It is one way to make you alert and highly conscious of the vibrations in the environment. It is one way of spiritual communication as you may notice sounds or feel some presence around you that others cannot discern.


8. A Sense Of Foresight


Many who have the clairvoyant abilities earn respect as prophets. It is due to the sense of foresight that they possess that makes them able to predict events to happen and demonstrate absolute accuracy while at it. As earlier hinted, several prominent biblical figures were said to be clairvoyants and foreseeing occasions was a contributing factor to earning this tag.

When you predict certain events before they happen, demonstrating accuracy and constant frequency, then it may be a pointer that you have extrasensory skills. Try it randomly, and if there is a sustained frequency, then there is a chance that you lie in the clairvoyance circle.


The Clairvoyant Guide

If you experience some of these signs, then there is a high possibility that you are a clairvoyant. They go a long way in helping to answer the question, are you a clairvoyant? One of the means of identifying clairvoyants is by bringing a foreign item that they do not have prior exposure to. They are then blindfolded and told to determine the color or the items imprinted on the object. Just a slight touch ad they give the right information of the object.

It is a rare ability that makes you unique if you possess it. However, you need a clairvoyant guide to lead you on the right path to use your extrasensory skills. An essential way of use is not to use it for vain or just for the pleasure of it as it amounts to selfishness. Also, be on the path to explore more on how you may put it into better use for both you and those around you.


Final Remarks on Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is one present to humankind that only the chosen few get the opportunity to have. With such a capability, you are able to perceive events or items that are far from space and time. The above signs are some to bank on how to know you are a clairvoyant. Be keen on them if you think you have the knack and see how to use it for your overall betterment, more so with a focus on your spiritual side.


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