8 Ways To Make Your Vibrations Align With The Universe

8 Ways To Make Your Vibrations Align With The Universe
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Vibration simply means the entire state of being. And like every other thing in the universe, we have energy vibrating at different frequencies. Although as human beings we are made up of the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental energy levels that have their own distinct frequencies. These put together are your overall vibration. Vibration exists on two levels around us. It could operate low when something not entirely good is happening to you. When you are faced with this, all you have to do is make an assessment of yourself to get the precise thing that is wrong and then make corrections on it. Sometimes, it might not be something wrong with you, but where you are. You thought right, being surrounded by negative people can make your vibration operate low. On the other hand, if your vibration is high, it means you are doing great. Things are going well with you and you are surrounded by things or people that inspire you. One thing about having your vibration high is that it is aligned with the universe. This will make your life seem easy to people and you might even be considered a lucky person. But we both know it’s not luck. All you did was raise your vibration and things began to look good for you. “How do I raise my vibration to align with the universe?” you might ask. Well,  here are eight simple ways to get you going.

8 Ways To Make Your Vibrations Align With The Universe


1. Know your thoughts

We are what we think and there is no action performed by man that has not being processed by your mind. This in itself is enough for you to become very aware of the things that you think about as they can either reduce or increase the frequency of your vibration. Also, most of the things we get ourselves worked up by are the scenarios or situations created by our thoughts through overthinking and pessimism. For clarity, what we are not insinuating is you don’t access any situation objectively, but you should learn to forgo negative thoughts that are far-fetched and dangerous for your vibration. Candidly, we cannot be filled with positive thoughts all the time, so when the negative thoughts come, acknowledge them instead of expending your energy on dismissing them. Then, after doing this, find the silver lining or make a positive comeback on it.



2. Practice meditation

Meditation is a very effective way to become aware or make connections between your body and mind. By meditating, you tend to gain control of yourself through calmness and reflection. This will thereby allow you to treat any situation in a more coordinated and efficient way. As we are often in the midst of external noise, finding your own voice can help make life easier by easing your anxiety, calming your spirit, and giving you peace of mind. Any type of meditation you choose is capable of giving you the peace of mind you want. Sitting on a chair for a couple of minutes daily can achieve the same thing as striking a yoga pose or sitting on the mat. The good side of meditation is as little as ten minutes daily can make a noteworthy improvement in making your vibration align with the universe.


3. Always be grateful

Gratitude holds a lot of positive energy as it moves your thoughts from what you lack to seeing what you have, as well as the privilege you enjoy and the good things you have. And if you are thinking of what you should be grateful for, how about you get a blank sheet and a pen to put down all the things, starting from being alive. Now you see, you have a lot to be grateful for; you are just not aware of it. Another way you can better express gratitude is by keeping a little gratitude journal. Every day before you sleep write at least ten things you are grateful for that day. And anytime you feel down, read your gratitude journal. There is no wrong way of doing this and starting might seem hard at first, but you don’t have to go into details, and you don’t have to think hard about it. Let it flow freely from you and you will do just fine. Furthermore, make it habit to do it before going to bed and read it before starting your day. This will ensure you stay positive for the rest of the day, and that in itself will raise your vibration frequency.



4. Become aware of your home vicinity

Home is our place of comfort, and how it looks and what’s in it greatly affects our vibration. From the flower facing the sun rays to the pictures on the wall to the furniture arrangement, everything contributes to the flow of energy around you in your home. This thereby causes us to make arrangements for our home to encourage high vibration frequency. In addition, you can change the outlook to complement the current season, as this could make you feel closer to nature. Aside from this, make your home yours by filling it with things you love; if you love bright flowers, decorate your home with them, get lovely pictures of yourself and your inner circle hanging on the wall to brighten your mood anytime you are home. Also, using an act of feng shui can turn your home into one giant abode of being a high-frequency producer.


5. Be conscious of people’s vibration

8 Ways To Make Your Vibrations Align With The Universe

You know what they say about birds of a feather, right? The same applies here. The vibration of the people you choose to spend your time or surround yourself with can either make or mar your vibration. If by any chance you hang out with families and friends that operate on low vibration and are also giving out negative energy, it will be nearly impossible for you to raise your own vibration. Through their aura and your communication with them, you get discouraged and fed lots of negative things that will be processed by your subconscious. Instead, surround yourself with positive people that will motivate and inspire you. The least you can do for yourself is to have people that cherish you around you, and that’s what you are going to do.


6. Be kind

It takes a good person to be good. By practicing kindness, either by giving without expecting a return or helping someone with a thing or two, you increase your vibration frequency. Kindness and abundance have vast positive energy that will help the frequency of your vibration; so by doing this, you tap into that energy. Also, you don’t have to be immensely rich or financially independent to be kind or give. As little as giving a homeless person money to providing shelters with clothes you are no longer wearing will do the trick. I know when we do things like this, we want to be appreciated, but don’t expect this because you could get disappointed. Instead, do it for yourself and your vibration.


7. Practice forgiveness

When offended, a part of you (and even your subconscious) keeps this malice, and that is negative energy because you will want revenge to please your eating heart. However, letting go by forgiving all transgressions done to you will not only free you from malice but it also gives you freedom from the offender’s hold on your mood and emotions. Learn to forgive people as quickly as they offend you, even if they don’t ask for forgiveness. Do yourself a favor—forgive!

8 Ways To Make Your Vibrations Align With The Universe


8. Be aware of the message in your music

Music holds a lot of power. Lyrics already contain a message or two in which will be withheld by our subconscious. So, be conscious of the kind of music you listen to. Music that has lyrics of hate, betrayal, pain, and sadness will only dampen your soul and reduce the frequency of your vibration—while loving songs enhance one’s mood.

We have little to no control over all that happens in the world, so why worry? But we have total control of how we deal with happenings, and that is what we need to work on as individuals to lead a high vibration life that will expose us to limitless potentials and opportunities. Adopt this to your life and see things fall in line for you. The universe is your friend.


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