8 Steps: How to Achieve an Out of Body Experience (for Beginners)

8 Steps: How to Achieve an Out of Body Experience (for Beginners)
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Achieving an OBE, or out of the body experience means transcending your body and experiencing life from the outside. When having an out of body experience, some people get to float and look down on their bodies.


Out of body Experience Causes

A lot of OBEs happen by chance, when our consciousness is for some reason altered – for instance, you may have one when you’re about to sleep, on certain medications or drugs, having a close to death experience.

However, if you want to have an out of body experience consciously, there are safe and straightforward methods you can use to stimulate one. But you have to be open-minded.

Here is how to have an out of body experience:

How to Achieve an Out of Body Experience


Early Morning Method


1.    Set a Clear and Positive Aim

Before you try to induce an OBE, you should trust that you will have one. Remind yourself of your goal and do so more repeatedly as you get close to the OBE attempt. This is vital, especially in the last couple of hours before the chosen time.

● You should try going over specific affirmations like, “Tonight, I will deliberately float out this physical body and then come back.”

● For some, OBEs are spiritual or paranormal events; for others, they are a purely physical phenomenon. So, be clear on how you view OBEs before you attempt.


2.    Choose the Time and Location for your Out of Body Experience

Decide on the specific time you’ll take a crack at OBE, and choose a familiar and comfortable practice area. In your first attempt, don’t do it in your regular bed; instead, designate a pleasant and quiet spot where you won’t be distracted.

● For instance, you can decide, “Tomorrow night, I will have an out of body experience, four hours after I have gone to bed” Then, choose your couch as the practice space for the OBE.

● You should go to some other practice area other than your bed. Otherwise, you’ll end up dozing instead of having an out of body experience.

● Look at your chosen spot is a personal exploration space. You can even give that space a special touch by adding decorations. For instance, you can hang crystals in your practice area to create an ethereal vibe.


3.    Set Your Alarm so that it Wakes you Up 4 Hours After Bedtime

First, sleep in your usual bed at your regular bedtime. But before you get into bed, set your clock, phone, or alarm to awaken you after 4 hours of sleep.

● Adjust your alarm, depending on the time you expect to fall asleep. The alarm should wake you up after you have had lots of REM sleep.


4.    As you Fall Asleep in your Regular Bed, Ruminate on your intention

As you doze off, focus your attention on your plan to have an out of body experience. Your OBE intention should be your last conscious thought before your doze off.

● If your thoughts keep drifting, gently return and focus them on your OBE intention.

● Repeating given mantras of phrases affirming your intention can reinforce your experience



5.    After your Alarm Goes Off, Move to the Designated Practice Area

Once the alarm rouses you, it’s time to get out of your bed. Find a comfy chair and sit quietly for 15 minutes. Then, move to your designated OBE practice area, be it your couch or wherever. Focus your attention on your plan to have an out of body experience, and deliberately ignore any other thoughts that may be bubbling in the background.

Ensure there won’t be any interruptions and so mute your phone and close the door so that your family members or pets don’t walk in while you’re in the middle of the OBE experience.


6.    Lie Down and Focus all Your Attention on your OBE intention

Once you’re in your designated practice area, lie facing up in a comfy position. You can place your hands on your chest or at your sides – opt for what feels relaxing to you. Then, silently reiterate your goal to yourself.

● For instance, you can tell yourself, “I’m now sliding out of my body.” Or “I’m now about to have an out of body experience.”


7.    Imagine Floating Out of Your Body and Hovering Around your Home

Once you’ve settled into a comfortable position, close your eyes and quiet your thoughts. Then picture yourself rising from your lying position. Walk around your home, look at everyday items and reexamine specific things. Remain calm and embrace the experience.

● For instance, visualize yourself picking up your favorite book from the shelf, or looking at your wall paintings.

● Ignore your physical body.

● As you immerse yourself into the visualization, attempt to explore beyond your home; for instance, try to walk down the street, or visualize yourself hovering over your neighborhood.


8.    As you Doze off Again, Remain Focused on your intention to have an OBE

As you envision yourself drifting around home and neighborhood, ruminate on your OBE purpose. Consciously, focus on this intention as you slide back to sleep.

In a perfect scenario, you will slide into an OBE state once you drift back to sleep. OBEs that happen as you fall asleep may take the shape of a lucid dream or an out of body experience dream. The goal is to consciously control the experience as you get back to REM sleep.

How to Achieve an Out of Body Experience


Be Patient and Document all your Experiences in your Journal

Your first crack at having an OBE may not be a success, but don’t be frustrated. For you to succeed in having an out of body experience, you need to practice this technique repeatedly. The process is similar to relaxed meditation, so don’t focus too much on results. After each session, record all the details of your experience in a designated journal.

● Journaling helps you analyze and understand the experiences. It also enables you to track your progress more precisely.

If this OBE technique doesn’t suit you, here is a second method:

Visualization Technique

1.    Lie Facing up in a Comfy Position

How to Achieve an Out of Body Experience


Find a tranquil spot where you won’t be bothered by distractions or noise. You can lie down in your bed, your yoga mat, your couch, or even a batch of grass in a homely outdoor spot where there are distractions. Try to calm and clear your mind.

● Rest your hands by your sides or on your chest – choose the most comfortable position.


2.    Picture yourself Rising and then Hovering Above your Floor or Bed

Once you’ve settled into a comfortable position, relax and close your eyes. Envision your body slowly floating upwards and then hovering above you the spot you’re on.

● Focus all your attention on the images you’re seeing and sensations you feel as you float. If your focus shifts, gently bring it back.

This technique is similar to visualization meditation. Learn the basic techniques that undergird visualization to help you perfect the skills needed in out of body experience meditation.



3.    Hold on to the Floating Sensations until you can’t Feel the Surface below You Anymore

As you envision yourself floating, be aware of the sensations. Imagine drifting in the empty air with nothing between you and the ground. Focus on these feelings until you lose touch with the surface beneath you.

You will likely need to focus on the floating visualization for a while before you can no longer feel the surface under you. If your attention wanders, take a deep breath and then draw it back.


4.    Envision Yourself Navigating Around the Room

Once you detach from the solid surface underneath you, picture yourself getting into a standing position. Imagine yourself floating or walking around your space; examine the details and objects that are in your vicinity. Don’t analyze what you see, instead just soak in the experience.

● You may want to look at your body; however, you shouldn’t until you’ve mastered all the stages in the process. If not, you’ll disrupt the out of body experience. Thinking of your physical body will drive you back into it.


5.    Practice this Technique until you Master Each Step

It’ll take a while before you master this visualization based technique, so don’t be put off if you don’t succeed at your first attempt. Practice by focusing on one stage at a time, over time; you’ll get comfortable with the whole process.

● It may take a couple of months of trying to master each step before everything falls in place. For instance, you may first need to focus on envisioning yourself floating before you get to a stage where you can no longer feel the surface under you, and so forth.

Out of the body, experiences entail gaining much more self-awareness than you may be used  –  to the point of detaching from your physical body. It’s something most beginners are not used to, but it’s certainly something that anyone can learn over time.


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