5 Steps to Raise Your Vibration Frequency and Attract Good Your Way

5 Steps to Raise Your Vibration Frequency and Attract Good Your Way
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The universe is made of energy. Everything, from your feelings and thoughts to the foods you eat, vibrates at a given frequency. Love, happiness, and most of what we desire in life vibrate at a higher frequency. This brings as to the question, “How do you raise vibration frequency?”


How does Your Life Change When You Raise Your Vibration

Operating at higher vibration enables you to be your best self. Your body, mind, and spirit balance, and as a result, you feel terrific; your wellbeing is vastly enhanced.

Here are the signs that you’re operating functioning at a higher vibration:

● You have a more definite sense of purpose

● You experience a steady flow of fantastic ideas and thoughts

● You discover new spiritual gifts

● You find it easy to take actions towards your desires and goals

● You manifest opportunities and blessings with little effort

Clearly, raising your vibration frequency comes with immense benefits. But, in your quest to increase your vibration frequency, don’t put too much pressure on yourself – it’s not realistic or productive. You don’t need to radiate positive vibes 24/7 for you to get the above benefits.

Life sometimes throws you curveballs, and that’s fine. So be kind to yourself; after all, you’re human. Those unwelcome experiences allow you to grow and manifest the opposite.

5 Steps to Raise Your Vibration Frequency and Attract Good Your Way


So, here is how to raise your vibration frequency:


1.    Cleanse your Mind

For you to increase your vibration, a mental cleanse is vital. Your mind is the central place where energy is lowered or zapped. This can be through over-thinking, being pessimistic about your ability to thrive, or negative thoughts.

If your mind keeps cycling back to the past in painful or regrettable incidents, you need to free yourself from that past by forgiving yourself. For the sake of your mental wellbeing, you need to forgive others too.

You don’t have or need to carry the burden of mentally replaying past events that you’re not experiencing physically anymore. Purge your mind of the unpleasant past and start, and you’ll raise your vibrational frequency fast.

For you to thoroughly cleanse your mind, you need to understand that whatever you focus on is magnified. And whatever you give attention to either lowers or increases your vibrations and energy. This realization can be triggering to anyone angry, sad, or fearful of what’s going on in the world.

It’s true; many undesirable things are happening in the world. But, you can’t make a change on a global scale before you’ve made certain personal changes. How can you help transform the world when you’re continually projecting hopelessness, negativity, and fear? You’re responsible for your energy state and vibration frequency and how they impact the collective. Once you’re aligned to the energy of love and peace, you can then be able to offer solutions on a global scale.

With this understanding in mind, start evaluating how you’re currently utilizing your mental resources. Do you continually gravitate toward drama? How do you spend your spare time? Do you engage in self-improvement and personal development?

The direction your life takes is hinged on how you use your energy. Feed your mind with things that enthrall and give you joy. Be forgiving and kind to yourself. Enjoy music that resonates with your soul. Have conversations with others and with yourself. Do what energizes and makes you happy.



2.    Have a Clear Vision of what you want to Manifest

Start by articulating your ideal day. This is key because it enables you to clarify and visualize what you hope to attract.

Let’s imagine you want to attract a romantic relationship. Visualize you and your dream mate, spending a lovely day together. Now take out your journal and articulate the happenings of that day. What activities do you engage in together? How are you dressed? Picture yourself going on a date or taking a walk while holding hands, bringing out as many specifics as possible.

Through this visualization, you’re able to take part in writing the script of your life actively. You don’t need to know the precise person you want to attract (that’s for the universe to decide, but you can clarify how you want that experience to be and how you want to feel.

For long-term goals, you should create a dream board or vision board. Vision boards are fantastic because they enable you to visualize your possibilities. A vision board is a collection of quotes and pictures that visually represent your goals.

Articulating your dreams will elevate your vibrations. This is because you get to see your dreams literally; this influences your mind into thinking it can achieve those things.

For instance, to attract a romantic partner, you can collect images of travel destinations you’d like to visit together, quotes about love, and images of happy couples.


3.    Support your Vision by Creating Empowering Affirmations

Once you’re clear on what you want, craft mantras and affirmations – that you can reflect on and repeat – that articulate your desired goals. Repeating empowering affirmations trains your mind to seek and spot opportunities that’ll help you achieve your dreams.

What you focus on is magnified. So, the more you cultivate positive thoughts, the more you attract positive experiences. For instance, if you’re hoping to find a new mate, you can go with affirmations like, “I’m worthy of love, I’m ready for love, or I attract and radiate love.” Write these affirmations in your journal daily or post them around your workspace and house as reminders.



4.    Practice Gratitude

5 Steps to Raise Your Vibration Frequency and Attract Good Your Way

Appreciating what you have is the perfect way of attracting good your way. Every day, take a couple of minutes to focus on experiences, things, and people you’re thankful for and then jot them down in your journal. The list can count to 10, 20, or any number. What’s important is to signal the universe that you want more blessings by being grateful.

If your wish is to attract a romantic partner, write what you’ll be thankful for when your mate shows up, but ensure you write in the present tense. For instance, “I’m grateful for the delicious meal I’ve just shared with my wife.”


5.    Laugh and Be Present

One of the best ways to raise your vibration frequency is simply being happy. When you’re having fun, and you’re happy, you don’t get to think much about what you lack. You can even get yourself to be happy by changing our physiology and smiling, or by watching a comedy show or funny cat videos online.

Happiness attracts more happiness. People gravitate toward happy people because they lift their spirits. Going with our recurring example, if you want to attract a mate, the best thing to do is be happy and kind. Hold doors, say hello to those you meet or wish that girl at the reception a good day. These small acts of kindness can lead to the relationship you’re seeking.

Another key way to raise your vibration frequency is through practicing being in the present moment. This means having a grasp of your thoughts and actions. We all have impulses that take over when we’re not fully conscious. They sort of rise and overwhelm us.

For instance, if you’re inclined to react angrily, and if you are not aware of your typical angry reactions, you’ll keep on responding to issues with anger. But if you’re conscious of your anger, it’s easier to change your response to something positive and effective.

You get a negative outlook into a positive one by reframing your perspective, focus on the positive actions instead of criticizing, look for the silver lining instead of complaining, and accept instead of hating.

So living in the present moment is vital. This means being focused and alert and reacting to the happenings around you consciously rather than in a conditioned and unconscious way. Be mindful and intentional instead of being blindly on autopilot.

5 Steps to Raise Your Vibration Frequency and Attract Good Your Way


Foods that Raise Vibration Frequency


1. Green Leafy vegetables – collard greens, kale, chard, arugula, etc., are packed with highly vibrant energy. Eat as many varieties and as much as you can.

2. Spices – Since ancient times, humans have been using spices to raise vibration frequency. Garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, turmeric, all have powerful therapeutic properties and raise your vibrations.

3. Sprouts – Sprouts are protein-rich and boost your health.

4. Fresh berries – Fresh fruits are generally high vibration foods, but berries top the list. This is because they have low levels of sugar, and they’re super-rich in antioxidants, which reduce inflammation and boost your immunity.

Other foods that raise vibration frequency include:

1. Fresh herbs

2. Legumes and beans

3. Blue-green algae

4. Fermented foods

5. Nuts and seeds

6. Teas

For you to attract good your way, you need to align your energy levels with your goals. Adopting these five steps will raise your vibrational frequency fast and help you attract what you desire by teaching your subconscious to spot opportunities. It will also indicate to the universe what your desires are, and your openness to those aspirations.


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