10 Law Of Attraction Tips To Manifest Abundance

10 Law Of Attraction Tips To Manifest Abundance
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The law of attraction is one of the most powerful laws in the universe. It is just like the gravitational law of attraction; it is beneficial, always in motion. The law is still working in our lives in every moment. You are the creator of your reality; every moment is a series of successive creation of your existence. Every single thought of your mind, either in a conscious or subconscious state of mind, adds up to your reality. Creation never ends and so does reality.

A perfect understanding of the law of attraction enhances a positive life achievement and success. If you are willing to make a change in your life and empower yourself to create an enviable future, you may need to understand the law of attraction and the role it plays in your life.

The spiritual law of attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts of the mind bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life. This belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy and that through the process of energy, a person can improve his/her health, wealth, personal life, and relationships.

This law works for everyone, and whether or not one believes in it, there is so much real-life proof that the law of attraction works among the successful people who are always willing to attract more abundance.

Mastering the principles of the law and knowing how to apply them can enhance an incredible life-changing experience.

 “Our minds become magnetized with the dominating thoughts we hold in our minds and these magnets attract to us the forces, the people, and the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.”

                                                                         NAPOLEON HILL

So many negative things cross our minds every moment, and it is not an easy task to get rid of it. These negative feelings do make a lot people consider some certain decisions that could leave them in a depressed state of mind. People suffering from these negative feelings do confirm the fears that they have. These usually appear to be very bad if given close attention.


How the law works

The law of positive attraction is like a magnet which attracts what you think to you. If you feel excited, happy, passionate, enthusiastic, happy, successful, fulfilled, joyful, appreciative, and abundant about yourself, you are sending out positive streams of energy.

10 Law Of Attraction Tips To Manifest Abundance


But, if you are feeling guilty, sad, depressed, defeated, angry, deprived, stressed out, and resentful, you are sending out a negative stream of energy.

The universe in whole will always respond enthusiastically to these vibrations. Although the response does not decide which one is better for you, it only responds to whatever energy you are creating, and it gives you more of the same. It returns precisely the same energy you put in.

The universe opens itself up to whatever you are thinking at any moment in life. This is simply because your energy vibrations will attract the same amount of energy back to you. So, it is always advisable to think positively in every situation and at every moment in life. Ensure that you are always sending an enormous amount of energy and thoughts of the mind that resonates with whatever you aspire to become, do, and experience in life.

The frequency of your energy should be tuned to whatever you want to attract into your life. If you’re going to create wealth, sound mind, and health, then be willing to tune your vibrational frequencies to wealth, sound mind, and health.


How to use the laws of attraction

Once you have understood the principles behind the laws of attraction, and how it works, you can now begin to make a better life out of yourself consciously and intentionally.

You can decide whether to respond differently to the situations that arise at any moment.

You decide for yourself whether to think differently

You can choose to focus on the things that you want more in your life.

You can decide to gain experience with the things that make you feel good.

The law of attraction will only respond to the type of energy you pour out.



Here are some useful laws of attraction tips to help boost abundance:


1. Always ask the universe exactly what you want precisely and not what you don’t want

Every day in the life, you send requests out to the universe and your subconscious mind in the form of thoughts, whatever you think about, whatever you talk about, and give your attention to. Unfortunately, the things we give our attention to are often random and not deliberate.

Since the law of attraction states that the universe will only give back to you whatever you give your energy, attention, and focus to.

Hence, you are responsible for your thoughts and your feelings. So, you must become deliberate about what you want in life. You need to decide what you want for yourself. If you want to move to another house, move to another place of work, another country or state; make your thoughts align positively with your actions.

The secret to living an abundant life begins with a positive state of mind. Always say positive words of affirmation like:


● I deserve to be wealthy.

● I will be wealthy.

● I am living a life of abundance.

● I am abundantly blessed.

● My life is full of grace.


When you continue to release positive streams of energy into the universe, you are going to get in return the best from the world.

This is an important tool that you can apply from the law of attraction.


2. You can receive what you want from the universe by making yourself a vibrational match for it

For you to receive what you want from life, you can make yourself a vibrational match. This can be done by focusing on and paying attention to the positive emotions of love, satisfaction, abundance, joy, favor, happiness, appreciation, and gratitude throughout. These emotions can be created through the thoughts of your mind. Your thoughts are the creators of your feelings at all times. So, it is very important that you take note of your emotions when they go negative and turn them into positive ones.

10 Law Of Attraction Tips To Manifest Abundance


3. Believe that you will surely get what you desire, then take action

To believe that you will get what you want means that you have to maintain a positive expectation while going about your day with complete certainty, knowing fully that you have committed your aspirations to the hands of supernatural powers that are greater than you.

Many people have doubts over these beliefs, which tend to limit them from achieving a life filled with abundance and happiness.

For you to achieve this abundance, you have to make changes to your limiting beliefs and doubtful thoughts. You should always believe that you deserve nothing less than abundance and happiness.

4. The law of attractions in wealth creation

If you desire to make financial abundance, focus, and direct your energy towards living a life of wealth and affluence, focus more on prosperity and the money will continue to flow in all directions.

Make visions of money entering your account; make declarations that you are already living a wealthy life. Meet wealthy people, talk to them, and share ideas.

Always remember to cease a moment to be thankful for the things you have and the ones yet to come your way. Focus your thoughts on positivity.



5. The laws of attraction in abundant health

If you desire to maintain stable health, all you have to do is to focus your thoughts and energy on healthy living. Create time for regular excises. Meditate on positive words. Stay calm and listen to your heartbeats. Make sure you eat healthy foods, do not give room for toxic foods, and always pray for sound health.

Since the universe will only return the energy you send to it, always fill your thoughts with positive and healthy thoughts. This will enrich your body, mind, and soul.


6. The law of attraction towards a fulfilled life

Law Of Attraction tips

Life is not a race, and it is a market where everyone comes to buy or sell and lastly return home. Life can be beautiful if you make use of its resources properly. If you want to achieve a fulfilled life, always channel your thoughts towards positive thoughts of yourself living a life full of purpose.

Ensure the energy you expel every day is towards making your life a purposeful one.


7. The law of attraction to love

Focus on love, if you want to create an abundance of love. Make sure you are the love you want to attract.

When you become more loving and caring to yourself and the people around you, you’re subconsciously creating the vibration of love and you will automatically attract more love to your life.


8. The law of attraction to your career

Our careers require an extreme amount of time and the effort we put in. Most times we pay less attention to this aspect of our lives; we do what we do because of our mental strength. That is not the case. We can improve our career by focusing our energy towards attaining the peak of our career and set the limits. Having a successful career starts if we start to believe that we are destined for greatness. With all these positive thoughts, the universe will attract us to success.


9. The law of attraction to relationships

Our relationships are the things that often inspire us every morning we get out of bed. Seeing our partner each day with a beautiful smile can put us on the right course for the day.

Lousy relationships also exist, and these are the results of the negative thoughts that we allow to take over our lives. For us to overcome a bitter relationship, we need to focus our energy towards building relationships that will last forever. We need to say positive things to each other at all times. Even in bad situations, we should always stick to our partners.


10. The law of attraction to meditation

We need to take some time to stay away from the noise. We need to dedicate some time to a still and calmness of the mind; this will help focus our body and soul towards a positive direction. Spiritual growth is vital to achieving anything significant in life.

We need this time to know who we are and where we are going. Personal truth lies in a calm mind and soul.


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