The Ancient Art of Scrying and What to Learn from It

The Ancient Art of Scrying and What to Learn from It
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You may be wondering, “What the hell is the art of scrying? Well, let’s start by looking at the general history of this ancient art.

Scrying is basically an ancient art that is mostly used for purposes of revelation. It is also known as oculomancy, or hydromancy. Others know it as crystal gazing. Traditionally, scrying has always been portrayed through the famous image of that psychic woman gazing over a crystal ball. Just like other esoteric methods of revelation, scrying isn’t all about seeing what the future holds for a person or the world. Look, and truth be told, no one can see into the future- future can’t be seen. You can only speculate about something depending on the information you’ve about the present, right?

So, where does the term “scrying” come from? Well, you may have heard about “descry”, an English word which means “to reveal”. Therefore, scrying involves the use of our second sight to see the unseen by bare eyes. What is this second sight we’re talking about? It’s the capacity to “see” things that can’t be ordinarily be “seen” through the use of our five senses.

Although Christianity and the mainstream religions have criticized scrying as “devil’s work” for centuries, almost every indigenous culture has used some kind of scrying. In real terms, the art of scrying has been a popular ancient practice among the North Americans, Asian, and many African indigenous tribes (for example the Egyptians).

The Ancient Art of Scrying and What to Learn from It


What is the Purpose of Scrying?

Ideally, scrying is used as an art for receiving information about many realms of life. Just like shamanism and other ancient spiritual practices, scrying helps to bridge the gap between the physical world and the spiritual world.

Scrying is usually achieved by gazing upon a reflective surface or crystal object and then allowing the eyes to relax a bit, to allow for the inner second eye to receive packets of information about the unseen future. This way, you’re able to receive the desired information and visions about the future. The information received may be in the form of images, motion pictures, words, scenes, symbols, etc. In real terms, the power of achieving scrying lies in the mind of the scryer and not in the reflective object used in the art. The crystal tool used actually acts to relax the physical eyes and free the second or third eye.

Scrying processes the desired information using the right side of the human brain. Generally, scrying serves two purposes- looking into the future and looking into the past. To be able to look into the past, fill a bowl with crystal-clear water and gaze into it. Think of and relive special moments of your past. Tune into emotions, feelings, tastes, fragrances, and images of your past self. For sure, images will start appearing in your brain’s third eye. Now, focus on those images of your past and relive all the special moments that you can recall. This is all about helping your younger self. You see, some of the images you’ll receive about your past will certainly make you wish you’d done something differently. This way, scrying will help you to assist your younger you.



How about predicting your future?

When predicting what your future will look like, you may want to choose a specific timeframe for which you want to make a prediction. For example, you may ask yourself such questions as, “when will I meet the love of my life?” “When will I secure a new job?” or “Will I get a male child in future?”

You’ll start seeing images of your future in the water in the bowl. Focus on those clues and see what you can expect of your future. To find finer details such as the exact places and time, pay attention to details, for example, you focus on how old you look. However, it’s fundamental to work with what you have been given, not what you expect, right?

We’ve already talked about using reflective surfaces such as clear water in a bowl, or using crystals. You already know about water but you probably don’t know anything about crystals, probably. If you know about them, then there are chances that you’re wondering what is the best crystal for scrying. So, what is the best crystal for scrying?

Although most people can receive information by just gazing into a bowl with water or into flames, the clear quartz ball remains the most effective method for scrying. What we’re saying here is that the most genuine crystal balls you hear of are made of quartz.

And clear quartz in that matter. But there are many other reflective crystal balls you can use for divinatory purposes, but then it boils down to individual tastes, preferences and capacity. One of these popular crystal balls is obsidian (Nostradamus preferred this crystal ball for his divination work). No matter the object you use for your scrying purposes, the visions you get can be crystal clear. Actually, it’s very much possible to scry with flat-surfaced objects as long as they don’t have scratches which may shift your focus from the inside of the ball.

The reason as to why different people use different objects for scrying yet again boils down to an individual’s inherent abilities to look into the future. Some people will see symbols and others scenes. Others need to practice for many years before they can begin seeing anything at all.

Now let’s look at the various scrying symbols in the art of scrying.

The Ancient Art of Scrying and What to Learn from It


Scrying Symbols


Probably the most ancient symbol of scrying, fire symbols emanating from candles or bonfires are interpreted to give insight into the future.



Acorn at the top means gain or success. When viewed at the bottom, it means good health.



Obviously, you know that planes are meant for journeys. If it is broken, it may mean that there’s danger of accident.




At the top, it may mean constancy and stability; at the bottom means inconstancy or clouded.



This may mean transformation or transition. Or the butterfly effect.



You’ll find your answers through writings. If the book is open, that’s a sign of good news. If the book is closed…



Alchemy of better health and time consciousness.



What else could you have expected of a dagger alchemy? Obviously danger from others.



This means you’ve hidden enemies or a broken friendship is inevitable. Investigate something.



Computer or theft.



When you see sun in the crystal ball or water, know that happiness, power, or success are going to come your way sooner than later.

That being said, let’s now look at the various


Types of scrying

The Ancient Art of Scrying and What to Learn from It

The Art of Black Mirror Scrying

This one is pretty common, and it’s just an improved version of water scrying. It involves a mirror made of polished brass, tin, or copper. The size doesn’t matter at all, but the mirror should have a silver backing, simply because it is somehow linked to the moon. To make a black mirror (most seers prefer this), take out the glass and paint black.


Oil Scrying

Also called lychnomancy or lampadomancy, oil scrying involves a seer reading divination messages from the flames of an oil lamp.

This method of divination was very popular among the Egyptians, where seers would perform it in dimly-lit rooms during the day. There are various types of oil scrying, but one of the most popular ones is the “Princess if the cup”. In this one, sesame oil was rubbed on the inside of a cup, after which the concave surface was used to magnify the candle light for more clarity.


Scrying Candle

If you use a candle for scrying, then it is as simple as you can hear it sound. Allow the flames of the candle to draw your attention. Listen to the flames, crackling of the flames, sizzling, hissing. After the flames are burnt out completely, you can also use look for answers in the ashes.


Blood Scrying

You need a needle, water, and a bowl. This type of scrying is very personal and extremely powerful. Add a few drops of your blood to the water and stir three times. Let it sit before reading the message someone wants to pass to you.


Pendulum Scrying

This one involves the use of a pendant tied to a chain to scry. As a rule, use your dominant hand to do the swinging. Make sure that the pendant is dangling about a foot or half foot ahead of you. Now, chat with your pendulum. Ask it which of the way it swings is the “yes”. Next, ask it to confirm the “no” side.

Get a wedding ring a spiritual pendulum for this “experiment”.


Patience and Practice Pays

It may take you some time to become an experienced scryer, but remember to be a bit patient and practice more and more. This guide will go a long way to help you understand scrying much better. By now, you already know about the different types of the art of scrying. Also, the various scrying symbols will help you to know what to learn from scrying. But always remember that what works for another person must not necessarily work for you. That said, go for the techniques that appeal to you.


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